Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm freaking terrified....

Okay, at 7:00 a.m. this morning Gary and I are headed for court in the State of New Jersey to fight the ticket he got for speeding six weeks ago when we went to see Julie and Eric play a gig at the Asbury Lanes.

I am freaking terrified.

I know we are innocent - we had our Jeep on cruise control at 65 mph.

Gary has been driving for over thirty years and has never gotten a speeding ticket. In my former life, I worked as a personal injury paralegal for two decades and looked at horrible automobile crash photographs on a daily basis. There is just no way we are guilty.

So we are going up against "The Man" right before Christmas...I'm afraid of everything from thousands of dollars worth of fines, ending up in jail, or having a major panic attack in the courtroom and ending up in the emergency room.

Wish us luck.

I will be back later to report on what happened, and also, I've gotten some really incredible supportive and funny mail lately, some to do with the Weblog awards, some from pals who are emailing their yearly Christmas letters, and some that are just plain hilarious having to do with a multitude of things. So I'm really looking forward to posting excerpts and sharing them.

Assuming I'm not in jail.

Or in the hospital.

So in the meantime, here's the dreaded case I come back home from court a broken woman and destitute (due to paying the fines) right before Christmas, at least let me have a lock on fifth place in the Best of Blog Awards. So please do the daily click thing and vote for me as best diarist. Okay? Okay!

The 2006 Weblog Awards

Later...I hope,


Myfanwy Collins said...

What is it about these situations that makes us feel guilty even though we're not? It's that whole balance of power thing.

Good luck to you and Gary!!!

I'm off to vote again! :)

lisaannette145 said...

WOW, paralegal, huh? I think you mentioned that a time or two in the past. So you should also know a thing or 2 about Libel Law 101, correct?

I do.

I hold a degree in Journalism & have worked for many publishers, including a newspaper, a magazine & a book publisher that happens to publish phone books.

Hey, I truly wish you luck in court & hope we're not hearing of your booking later today.

BTW, if you haven't left the house yet, you MIGHT want to take a copy of 1996'S "Op Zop Too Wah" along for the drive.

Just a thought.

Take care.


Ellen said...

I wish you had told me before you went. I think I could have calmed you down as I was in traffic court pretty recently.

Chances are a DA will offer you a deal for reduced fine and reduced points and you'll never have to see a judge. Of course, if you really WANT to fight it all the way, you can. But bleh.

Sending good luck wishes your way!


HA! Gary won't sweat it! Just leave him in the driver's seat.

Steve Luckett said...

Hey Rob,

Can I have your Laptop if you get sent down?