Monday, December 11, 2006

The contrite post

Eric doing his Neil Gaiman imitation while autographing CDs at the Chris Harford/Ween show on Friday

Yet another example of why I need to read the manual that came with my digital camera...I had no idea I was taking an avi and can be heard to exclaim "What the hell?" while I was trying to take photos of my son, Ween, Chris Harford, etc. They all sat at a really long table after the show for a meet and greet autograph session like it was a Rolling Stones press conference or something -- so freaking cool -- and I had to wait in a long line to say Hi to my own son (where I was also a major dork, bought a Chris Harford t-shirt, and made everyone autograph it)

So yeah, this is called the contrite post because I feel kind of bad I dissed the chick who is winning the Best of Blog, Diarist right now...especially as yesterday she really did post a pic of her naked tits in the shower. I mean, who can or wants to compete with that, no wonder she's got a lot of readers. I know half of you are rushing right now to go click on her site...go ahead...I'm not going to make it easy for you by posting a direct link...but um, you can find her site by clicking on the Finalist Best of Weblog logo below and voting for me, where you will find links to her and all of the finalists.

The 2006 Weblog Awards

So that's enough out of me on that subject...I am officially letting it go and prefer to carry on with other stuff.

Daughter Julie and I did in fact get a hotel in New York City this coming Saturday night so we're gonna hang out all day, have the New York Christmas experience, shop here and here among other cool places, and then later in the evening we'll go and see Eric bang on the drums with Fugazi's Joe Lally at the Lit Lounge. So yeah, sounds like an awesome weekend. Julie and I have made it a yearly tradition to hang out for the weekend in NYC at Christmas every year, and if you want to read about one of our more insane experiences, you can find it in my archives -- here's Part I and here's Part II.

Let's see. What else. Oh yeah, over at the Adrian Belew store you can order new t-shirts with the Side 1 cover on front and Ade's name at the bottom:

That's the cover, and it's a long sleeved black t-shirt. Oh, and while there, you can also order a bunch of Belew CDs for Christmas...right now you are listening to "Asleep", from his brilliant "Side 2".

Speaking of that, the most amazing thing happened. Rena Fay, Ade's most diehard fan, sent my family the greatest Christmas present yesterday. For me, a handmade Belew of four that exist in the world, one of which is owned by Rena herself, one of which is owned by Martha Belew, and the other of which is owned by daughter Julie. So now I'm in the exclusive club and yep, I feel special.

Oh, and she also included the most incredible chocolates and a funny, photoshopped picture of Gary.

I was going to take a pic of the chocolates but I turned my back for ten minutes to look for the camera and it seems they'd already been eaten. Too bad. They were really pretty, too.

But I will take a photo of the shirt when I wear it to New York on Saturday.

In other news, I've added some new permanent links on the right side here...Your Drum, which I've been meaning to do for a while because I love it and not just because yesterday they featured me; Jon Swift, who is also a weblog finalist in the Humor Department (and please vote for him!), writer David O'Neal, author Frank Daniels who is on a mission to change the world and I totally adore him; and also, The Publishing Spot/Jason Boog, who did that wonderful interview of Susan Henderson last week. All required daily reading for sure...lots of fun and good stuff.

And not one is naked in the shower. Imagine that.

Oh well. Today I must be "normal mom" and bake massive amounts of Christmas cookies with Julie and then go out on a hunt to find tins large enough to accomodate mailing them all across the universe (why oh why do I forget about buying tins every year and then the only ones left are the tiny ones at the dollar store in which you are lucky if you can fit six cookies...and since I don't have the tins, so far we've eaten every batch of cookies we've made ourselves because they are just too damn good and too damn easy to get to just piled on trays); in a perfect world we'll also do the family tree-trimming thing tonight -- we bought a beautiful Balsam yesterday that is way too big for our house but who cares; and then naturally no one was home to decorate it -- Eric had a gig; Julie had a date, so I drank a bottle of wine and re-read the revisions to my new novel for like the twenty thousandth time this month and maybe, just maybe, it will finally be done this week.

Okay, I've got to go. The television is blasting VH1 Classic (it wasn't me who put this had to be Eric before he went to bed!) and God help me, they've got an Aerosmith song playing. I've got to jump up and change the channel before I suffer serious and permanent brain damage.



Susan Henderson said...

I keep clicking away to vote and then forgetting to comment. I'm sorry you're up against Dooce because I adore her, too, but I'll always choose Robin.

I clicked on the other blogs and it confirms something I already thought: If you get an award of any kind, the haters come out in droves. I can't believe the nasty comments getting posted on everyone's sites.

I'm psyched about Fugazi. I may possibly come out of my typical winter hibernation to see them.

We'll see. I got a note from R and C with the date for the annual Christmas/Hannukah/psychics party and saying they have to re-stock the whiskey bar for me. (What are they saying?) So I'm not sure if I can do two big outings in one week. Will see.

Okay, I gave myself a goal on my novel today and am determined to hit it.

lisaannette145 said...

I thought you were making a killing in the ratings in Erotica (aka, soft-core porn)at Fictionwise, nude pictures aside.

Anyway, like you said, you should consider it an honor just being nominated.

All my best.


Daryl Darko said...

i was waiting for the video of Eric to show him launching into a diatribe on the meaning of life (or something poetic), but no, just being plain ol' Neil Gaiman-like! very amusing. now i expect it won't be long before we start to see mini home movies on here?! hint-hint, nudge-nudge!

RobinSlick said...

Yeah, this whole thing has become kind of a major drag, but it's brought some new people to my blog and I've had some fun emails.

The Fugazi gig is turning out interesting. Special guests...and get this...Joe Lally decided he wants Eric on bongos, not drums. Luckily Eric is an awesome bongo player, but weird, huh. So it's not Fugazi per se, it's Joe Lally, their former bassist, Eric, and god knows who else. The ad at the Lit Lounge now just says "Joe Lally" instead of Joe Lally and Friends, so's going to be a blast no matter what and I still can't believe my luck in finding a hotel last minute on a Saturday night in NYC during the holiday season.

Yeah, Lisa, I was top erotica writer at Fictionwise for over two months and am up for some writing awards, so that's what really matters, not a blog thing where my competition posts naked pics of herself. I'm not dissing her anymore - it's her blog, and she's obviously got a lot of readers. The end.

Ha ha Daryl - I'm gonna be dangerous with that camera now. Nah, I meant Eric's got the Gaiman hair and at the end of the clip, someone gave him a CD to sign and he turned on the charm...just like Neil at a signing if you've had the pleasure. And just like at a Gaiman signing, Eric had his swooning female fans spanning all generations.

Speaking of short clips, I caught the Three of a Perfect Pair You Tube you posted...oh man, I wish there were more of that! You killed me! But I'm gonna post it here anyway.

dennis mahagin said...

Joe Lally, OMG!

No way he quit Fugazi.
Did he?

Say it ain't so, Robin.

I haven't been keeping up with those boys lately. I have every single record they've ever made, but I've been lax in my fanatical Fugazi Fealty, lately.

Anyway, let me know how that gig goes--because I'm sure it will be nothing short of amazing.


RobinSlick said...

Yeah, I think Fugazi has disbanded at least temporarily, Dennis, or that Joe Lally has gone off to do some solo work...not sure...not even sure who the other musicians are going to be Saturday night other than my son...but it should be one hell of a night. I was listening to Joe Lally's solo stuff last night with Eric (the kid just listens once and he learns the songs) and really liked what I heard. Sounded kind of mellow, which is good...last time I went to a show from that era I ended up getting moshed and oh god, I can't even talk about that without going into a full fledged anxiety attack.

I don't know what's worse - the feeling of being lifted and passed through the air and being touched by many strange fingers or being worried that I weigh too much and they were going to drop me.


Robin! Stop what you're doing right now and READ that manual. Do not do anything else. I did somethng similar in San Francisco, but never again. I knew I was taking video. I just didn't know how to find it on the camera. And fuck! Now the lame sound gets explained....there's a volume setting I was supposed to use, as well as a video output selection. Oh well. Now I know.

Thanks for you kind words about the shirt and chocolates. It's intense when only the best will do! HA Oh, and did ya notice that I made yours long-sleeved? Better for the season and the east coast. And speaking of shirts... I've ordered a handful from Adrian Belew Presents. Gifts for myself and friends!

Good luck with trying to go 'normal' and have a great weekend in NY with Julie! I would love watching Eric play anything in any band! :)