Saturday, November 11, 2006

Time, Time, Time, See What's Become of Me...While I Looked Around...For My Possibilities

Photo of Julie Slick on stage at Slim's in San Francisco, courtesy of Daryl Darko


Title of this post courtesy of Simon & Garfunkle (not the Bangles, damn it!)...and it's my theme song today because I really can't screw around blogging today; I need to work on my novel(s) as while I continue to miss my family like you would not believe, they will be home Thursday and this current state of loneliness is therefore prime writing time for me.

And truth to tell (ha), Gary laid so much stuff on me about events that occurred at the Adrian Belew Power Trio show in San Francisco Thursday evening my head is spinning but then he followed it up with "You can't report any of this stuff I'm telling you in your blog..."

All I can say is, what he told me is mind boggling, exciting, and I'm not saying another word because I believe in the "jinx factor". So I leave you now with a You Tube someone posted of the San Diego show...just a little taste of what these guys sound like in concert:

I do want to copy a blurb I read on DGM Live, though:

“I just returned from the Adrian show at Slim’s in San Francisco.


Some Side One and Three, some older stuff, some Crimson stuff, a stunning version of George Harrison’s Within You Without You. All in all, a great evening of great music.

I’m a law student at a school about ten blocks from Slim’s, and I had to miss the opening act to attend Torts class. Luckily, I got to the venue about five minutes before Adrian and the Slick rhythm section (a TRIUMPHANT musical family) hit the stage.

One of the most impressive things about the performance was Julie Slick tapping out Tony’s parts on Elephant Talk on a Fender Jazz. As something of a bassist myself in my pre-law school days, I was mightily impressed.

If Adrian’s tour comes to your town, GO!!!!”

The rest of Ade’s live schedule is as follows

● 11/11 - The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA

● 11/13 - McDonald Theatre - Eugene, OR

● 11/14 - Triple Door - Seattle, WA

● 11/15 - Aladdin Theater - Portland, OR

Oh, one final thing. For my writer pals out there...Frank Daniels has written one of the most gut wrenching, emotional pieces about what's it's really like to be a writer over at Lit Park today. It moved my soul so much that I really do refuse to do anything but write today...oh, other than have dinner out tonight with another amazing writer...Deb, if you are reading this, click on Frank's piece...I can guarantee you will sit at your computer and weep like I am weeping...but I think Frank's piece should be a required read for authors and wannabe authors everywhere.