Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My New Website and a New Song by SZ3

Yeah, baby. Tonight marks the launch of my revamped website.

The site's logo is designed by Julie after I took a digital photo of Times Square in New York City and a photo of Julie in my living room eating an apple. Julie then photoshopped and layered the two pics and I know I'm prejudiced because Julie is my daughter but she is just so freaking creative...anyway, I think the result is pretty cool that I showed it to my publisher as a possible idea for the new book cover for Three Days in New York City and they're working on that as we speak, though whether they will use any part of it I have no idea. But even if they don't, I love it for my website so what the hell. My new webmistress, who is just awesome, tweaked it further on my website and added the white edging, and let me take this opportunity to introduce her because she's incredible... Josephine Piraneo of Glass Slipper Web Design. I love the name Glass Slipper...but then again, I adored Cinderella as a fact, I'm still waiting for my fairy godmother to appear and sprinkle something magical on me. (And no, I'm not talking about mushrooms. Repeat after me. Those days are over. Right.)

Anyway, the MySpace I posted earlier today for SZ3, a/k/a the Sarah Zimmerman Trio, wasn't functioning properly so Sarah went in and fixed it, and I'm totally in love with this song -- Fire -- and not just because Julie wrote it. She's also bassist for the band, Eric is on drums and the amazing, amazing, Sarah Zimmermann is on guitar and vocals...also Julie recorded and mixed it in her new studio. And on this particular cut, Eric is actually playing electric mandolin as the song begins and simultaneously playing the drums with his feet. Yeah, I know, I know, I'm overdoing it with the parental pride here but today is the first day I'm home alone for the next two weeks and I miss my family already. So here's the new link and I hope you think it's as awesome as I do.

Sarah has this to say in the trio's MySpace blog:

"Wednesday, November 01, 2006

1st song is up!

yooo the first song is up! we had some trouble there, but i (sarah) came to the resuce and solved the problem because I'm amazing. woooo. thats why they call me Handy Sarah. now, remember its a rough take and sarah's vocals sound like a mouse, BUT it'll do for now. just don't be hatin on us!

also an update, eric and julie left today for a west coast tour with Adrian Belew! so i'm definitely gonna miss them...two weeks with out my slicks..i don't know how i'm going to survive! when they come back I PROMISE we'll have some new better recorded stuff..we just kinda threw this one together to get it out there.

so give a little listen, a little love, and if you're on the west coast check out for eric and julie's tour dates!!


Ha. She'll hate me for this, but Sarah is really cute, isn't she?

Speaking of Adrian Belew, I know I posted this earlier today, too, but just a reminder that J&E did a podcast over at Krimson News and the interview also includes them joining Jon Anderson of Yes for Heart of the Sunrise -- and you can find that cut as well as some other pretty cool stuff on the Rock School soundtrack.

Finally, today's Gaiman moment comes courtesy of Blog Critics and it's a very interesting/inspiring post - especially if you are a writer. Or hope to be one, anyway.



katrina said...

Your website is gorgeous and your latest book sounds hot hot hot!


Ellen said...

Love the new site, Rob!

RobinSlick said...

Hi, Kat! Hi, Ellen!

And thank you. I'm glad you like the site. I wanted something cool and funky but not so over the top people would forget I'm hawking my books (ha) and I think my new webmistress delivered exactly what I had in mind. She's awesome. Hey, she'd have to be to put up with my insanity.

And of course I'm also in love with Julie's logo. But then again, I would be.

So the family is gone and what's the first thing I come downstairs to this morning. A mouse. I'm ready to pack my bags and get a hotel for 2 weeks. Why, why, why, do those things terrify me so much?

Intellectually I know they can't hurt me and they are part of living in a very old house in the city.

But oh my god, right now I'm trying to work up the nerve to get myself a cup of tea in the kitchen.

Note to self: Despite your fears of poisons and such, call an exterminator today and tell him/her it's an emergency.


Myfanwy Collins said...

Your web site is EXCELLENT! I love it.

Susan Henderson said...

I forgot to come back after I clicked on the links. The new site and the graphic is great, and I just loved the song on the MySpace site! Now, time for you to finish that novel and get a great big book deal.

I'm not signing back on to my computer until I've met my goal today for my novel. Race you!

katrina said...

Keep us updated on the mouse--but try not to allow the little critter to sully your precious time alone.

I think calling pest control is a good idea.

Susan Henderson said...

No pest control. Just name him Herman and then he's a pet.

Done with my novel goal for the day! A world record: two days in a row of me staying on-task.

pete franke said...

Hey Robin, its Pete Franke. Just to be clear, you are HOT! Oh, wait, I meant your website. Sorry


Hope all is well with the family. Looking forward to seeing you again in Philly. Thats it. Oh, and next time I will bring this kick ass camera that I recently got and take alot of pics and shoot some video as well (as long as Adrian is cool with it, of course) I cannot wait to see the power trio again. Recently saw The Rolling Stones, Roger Waters and Dweezil Zappa, and my experience at the Cafe is still the most fun I have had at a gig.

peace to you!


RobinSlick said...

Thanks, Myf! And Kat, you are so, so right. The "little mouse" actually ate the label off a bottle of imported olive oil I had sitting on my counter. I woke up in a fog and went into the kitchen to make coffee and there's this whole pile of shredded paper next to the coffee pot. I was dumbfounded...then looked over at the olive oil bottle, and promptly got so faint I had to walk back into the living room and put my head between my legs and take deep breaths. I'm sorry, but this calls for serious poison via a visit from an exterminator...I don't think mice are cute and they spread disease.

But Sue, actually, if I were to name him...and oh god, I wish it were only a "him" but mice never travel solo and they procreate like crazy so god knows what's going on in my house right now (shudder shudder shudder)...Herman would be a perfect name...Herman Gott..I mean, never mind...that would be the name of my snake if they didn't terrify me as well.

Hi, Pete! I'm waiting to hear from Julie and Eric about last night's show in Austin -- apparently there was a very special guest(s) in the audience...bah!'s keeping from making a post this morning because I want to talk to J&E first. But just so you know, Eric is also doing a mini-tour with Project Object performing the music of Frank Zappa from December 28-January 14 starring Zappa great Ike Willis and they will be playing at the World Cafe Live on January 9. Tickets are already on sale and if you've never seen P/O, they are really, really incredible.

I don't know the exact timeline for P/O but I know Ike was with Zappa in the seventies and Adrian Belew played with him in 1977 prior to joining David Bowie's band so I wonder if Belew was Ike's replacement...I could easily find out on line but I think I'll wait and let Eric the music historian lay it out for me when we talk on the phone.

Oh, and Sue and anyone else who went to the SZtrio MySpace -- thank you!!


RobinSlick said...

Oh, Pete, that would be the "I don't know the exact timeline for Frank Zappa", not P/O.


Arghh...I hear rustling in my kitchen. God damn it. I knew this was going to happen the minute my family left me alone here. God forbid I should actually be able to relax and enjoy the down time. Oh well. I'm going to put on headphones and listen to music LOUD while I write today.

WaLL-eYeD said...

use anything of mine you want.
your kids are awesome artists.
keep in touch.

Susan Henderson said...

I just realized you're giving me good luck on my novel so I'm posting today that I won't be back until I finish my goal for the day.

Free Herman!

RobinSlick said...

I'm bringing Herman to your house, Susan, and his evil siblings, too.

Of course I'm bringing you good luck...and may we both write many chapters today and for the entire month of November and beyond.

Hey hey, Todd - we've already talked and you rock! My blog post today is in tribute...

Susan Henderson said...

Phew, today was hard work.

Now I get to read your blog post as a treat.