Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Adrian Belew Trio: Live in Austin...and I mean, LIVE!

Adrian Belew on stage Thursday night in Austin, TX

Okay. I am totally stoked. I found someone who did an awesome review of Thursday night's show but more importantly, he put up some video! (It's a little blurry but I miss Julie and Eric so much that even seeing them play Big Electric Cat with Adrian on this You Tube is causing me to get all teary-eyed which isn't helping things)

Also, Google blog stalking has unearthed a review of the show last night in New Mexico written last night by someone who visits this blog occasionally - here's the link...thanks, Richard!

More later,


Richard said...

For the Santa Fe gig, my girlfriend Dawn wrote those concert notes and then posted them as my guest-blogger. For someone who was fairly unfamiliar with Adrian Belew, she has become a true convert due to the pure genius she experienced last night. Adrian kicked ass with his guitar while Eric totally owned the percussion, and Julie was on fire with bass. I truly wish I had the musical background to do an official review, but I will say it was one of the best shows I have ever seen anywhere. The crowd was totally into this performance, and you should be very proud of your rockin' kids. There was so much electricity in the air that I blame that for killing my digital camera (I got one pic of the empty stage and then it went inexplicably dead.) It was an evening no one will ever forget, however, as it was forever burned into our minds. --Richard

RobinSlick said...

Oh thank you, Richard - you're very kind. Did you get a chance to introduce yourself to J&E and meet Adrian after the show?

Sigh...I knew I shouldn't have stayed home...just watching the You Tubes is making me cry.

Richard said...

I can understand why you'd want to be at every show--it must be a party every night! What fun! Unfortunately, we couldn't locate Julie or Eric anywhere in sight after the show (darn it!), and the room got a bit claustrophobic for us with all those fans milling around with glasses of pale ale. We were on the small balcony for the entire concert, and it's an intimate venue, so we had a great bird's eye view. Maybe someday we'll get another chance to meet them, I hope.