Sunday, October 08, 2006

You Must Be The Mother

Eric Slick shocked us all by coming home with the above new haircut on Friday...I absolutely love it and if you are a daily reader of this blog, you probably already know what I'm going to say in that regard.

Anyway, that's Eric last night following the Projekct 6 show at the Keswick Theater in Glenside. We had dinner at Athena Restaurant across the street and it was one of the best Greek/Mediterranean dining experiences I've had in the Philadelphia area. Five stars, especially their vegetarian appetizer combo platter for good we inhaled one and ordered a second.

But you don't want to hear about the food. Let's talk music. Projekct 6 is OUTSTANDING! Adrian was kind enough to provide us with tickets and backstage passes and yes, yes, we got to meet Robert Fripp after the show.

It was one of the more interesting concerts I've attended in the recent past. Kind of disconcerting to see Adrian behind the drums at first but he's one of those musicians who is magnificent at whatever instrument he picks up (or sits behind as the case may be) and I was sucked right in. He was brilliant! Robert Fripp is a fucking genius. Just an amazing, amazing guitarist. They walked out on stage together, sat down, and started to play music which was startlingly unique -- sometimes haunting and beautifully melancholy, other times rocking and hard-to-sit-still-in-your-seat stuff -- certainly nothing like I've ever heard before. Both musicians made their instruments sound otherworldly.

They didn't speak to the audience, simply played their set, stood up, and took a bow together. Extremely classy. There was a strict no camera policy at the venue so I'm sorry to disappoint with no photos of the event and I wasn't about to pester Robert and Adrian backstage...I was bad enough babbling to them about Julie's cake, thereby once again doing what I try to avoid most...coming off like a pushy obnoxious stage mother. Ack! But it's love that makes me do it and I can't help it. I'm just so insanely proud of both Julie and Eric that sometimes when I'm in their presence with musicians such as Belew and Fripp I turn into a gushing, blubbering idiot.

Oh alright. I'm always a gushing blubbering idiot but most of the time I manage to keep it within the confines of my family.

Anyway, about Julie's cake. So if you do read this blog, you'll know that while on tour with Adrian this summer, Julie baked him a peach cobbler, and if you haven't read my rather comprehensive report about that, here's the applicable blogpost where I told the whole insane story.

In furtherance of the peach cobbler episode, Julie wanted to bring Adrian a special dessert to the P6 show last night and even though he'd flipped over her peach cobbler, she wanted to do something different but couldn't decide on just what to bake. I thought about it and after also coming up blank, said, "Let me write to Sid Smith over at DGM Live and see what Robert enjoys in the sweets department." So I did that and Sid was kind enough to humor me with an email that told me anything with chocolate.

Since Julie is famous for the world's most decadent brownies, which are really not brownies at all but more like dense gooey fudge squares, it was a no-brainer. And as it turned out, they were a huge hit with not only Adrian but everyone else backstage, too. I took a pic before we left the house for the show but it doesn't do them justice:

Anyway, Adrian introduced us to Robert backstage (he's a good looking guy. Love the way he dresses...Robert and Ade both)...Robert was extremely cordial and smiled at Julie and Eric and then I had to start the above mentioned brownie babbling...but not before Robert looked at me and said in his lovely, lovely accent:

"You must be the mother. I've seen your blog."

Oh god oh god oh god.

I also met Porcupine Tree backstage -- they were great but alas we could not stay for their show because Julie wasn't feeling well -- we've a head cold running through the family -- and all she really wanted was to go somewhere and have a bowl of soup (for those interested, white bean vegetarian at that fabulous Athena...she swooned). Julie had a fun conversation with their guitarist who plays barefoot just like she does - they talked about the benefits (pedals and laughingly joking about feeling "grounded" in an organic sort of way).

Anyway, Robert had old friends visiting him backstage so he took off and it was extremely cool to hang out with Adrian and see and hear how psyched he is about the upcoming tour with Julie and Eric (I can't believe they leave for the west coast in three weeks!) as well as just joking around with him and making small talk -- he's just a terrific, terrific human being and my kids are so incredibly lucky to be in his band I continue to pinch myself daily. But what's even nicer is that it's pretty apparent Adrian feels the same way about them.

Have I mentioned how much I love my life?


Okay, I can't stand it. I have to say something. With his new haircut, my son is now a dead ringer for Neil Gaiman.



Susan Henderson said...

Love the new haircut!

How funny, the comment about your blog.

RobinSlick said...

Yeah, he looks great. He's so funny; if I were going to cut my hair I'd talk about it for weeks and drive everyone nuts over-analyzing whether or whether or not I should do it. (I've recently been considering cutting long bangs myself and you don't even want to know the trauma I'm putting myself through as to should I or shouldn't I). Maybe it's a woman thing. Eric just woke up the other day, decided he wanted a new look and went for it.

Yeah, the blog comment was funny and cool. But why oh why do I have to talk so much in these situations? Why can't I ever just stand there and be calm and reserved? And then as soon as I start babbling, I know I'm doing it so I make it worse by babbling more and trying to take back the words I've already embarrassed myself with...ugh...the only thing that saves me is these days my memory is so poor that what embarrasses me one moment I forget about the next.

Only now I document it all in my blog for the world to see.


What was that you were saying about obsessions?

Myfanwy Collins said...

His new haircut is excellent! Love it.

Oh Robin, let's talk bangs--I've tried many different derivations and finally found someone who can cut them correctly for my face. My advice to you if you decide to go forward is to ease into the bang water (not to be mistaken with bong water). Have your stylist cut just a few a first and have them on one side or the other--the side bang, if you will.

I have gone full bang before--like straight across and thick and it did not make me very happy. Well, maybe for a DAY but then I was hating them. If you do the side bangs and just a few and then ease in, it's much less shocking and much easier to grow out if you hate them.

blah blah blah. Sorry. Apparently I could go on and on about bangs.

What is wrong with me?

Susan Henderson said...

You were not destined to be calm and reserved, thank God.

Do you have bangs yet? Picture!

RobinSlick said...

Myf, you don't have to explain a thing to me. I told you, I filled up three entire large journal pages with my various obsessions and that was with leaving 50% of them out. Last time I saw you, you had totally awesome bangs.

Ha ha - not yet, Sue. I am forcing myself to remember what happens when you have curly hair like mine and it's humid or rains which is why I grew them out in the first place.

Ugh, I woke up feeling a bit off today and now I suddenly have the world's worst cold. I'm utterly miserable at the moment. Gary's in the kitchen making me chicken matzoh ball soup while I sit here and moan. Too funny - he's a gentile and makes better soup than anyone in my Jewish family. I'm currently driving him crazy asking him "When will it be ready?" every five minutes.

Ms. Lori said...

I *really* thought the first picture was Meeester Gaimon, Robin. When I realized it was Eric, I kept reading, thinking, gawd, is it just me, or does that boy look just like the Gaimon...?

What a relief to know that my brain is not as addled as I'd imagined. ;-)

Susan Henderson said...

Funny how you throw that out so casually - like everyone is served matza ball soup when they have a cold.

I hope you feel better. xo

peanut and planet said...

i've trained a couple of boyfriends in the art of matzohball soup making. generally the first time they get sick i make it and explain to them, gently, that they will be returning the favor when i get sick.

he really does have that neil gaiman look with the haircut.


RobinSlick said...

Ms. Lori, your brain can't be nearly as addled as mine...he was sitting at the computer in profile and I got so weirded out by the resemblance I started laughing because, well, who else could this happen to? Ha ha - it's hard to even write about because it makes me seem sicker than usual, but trust me, I just think it's hilarious.

Sick would be if I asked his father to go and get the same haircut.


Ha ha - just kidding.

Jess, Sue: I am a kick ass cook but Gary's even better. He took up gourmet cooking as a hobby years ago when he stopped drinking and he's magic in the kitchen. Those matzoh balls are feathery light, the soup clear with no fat whatsoever, and I'm currently waiting for a bowl to heat up right now because I'm still sick, damn it. Stupid head cold. Bleh.

katrina said...

Tell Eric his new haircut is gorgeous! Love it! And love the vase of flowers in back of the yummy looking squares of chocolate!

katrina said...

I have to have bags because all the hair in the front of my head grows forward. If I didn't have bangs I would look like Cousin It.

RobinSlick said...

I love your hair, Kat. You have true curls...I have frizz which I control with Ouidad, the best freaking stuff for curly hair ever. (Oh god, now I'm doing plugs on my blog for hair products. Kill me now. Ha.)

Yeah, my house is full of stuff like that. It's an ever changing gallery of pop culture. I even have a cool toy collection which I keep in my living room. Original Yellow Submarine figures, stuff like that. I'm a big kid.

Rex Fermier said...

Excuse me! But if it's not too much trouble, could you maybe post the link to Julie's peach cobbler recipe? I still have some peaches and I'd like to put them to use.

The brownies sound (?) great and I can't wait to make up a batch.

RobinSlick said...

Well sure, Rex. Why not.

Slice about 6 large or 8 regular peaches - we leave the skin on, put them in a mixing bowl, and depending on how sweet they are, sprinkle them with about a half cup to a cup of brown sugar and a teaspoon of cinammon. Let them sit like that while you make the streusel topping which is as follows:

two cups brown sugar, packed
one and one half cups flour
two sticks of butter, room temperature
1 tablespoon of teaspoon cinnamon
one cup pecan or walnut pieces

Mix the above together with a fork or pastry blender - should resemble crumbs.

Anyway, put the peaches in a 9x13 baking dish which you've buttered; top with the streusel, and bake at 350 degrees for about a half hour or when the streusel turns golden.

Let me know how it turns out.

Now. Who would like a recipe for our imported chunk chocolate filled Russian tea cookies?

RobinSlick said...

Comment to Celia and Omar: Stop leaving comments/spam on my blog - I'm just going to delete you every time.