Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rebel Yell!

So like today was a rough one. I don't want to go into it...there are just some days when you shouldn't even get out of bed and this was one of them. Maybe I'll be able to talk about it tomorrow...but anyway, the one bright spot for October 18, 2006 was that the lovely talented Susan DiPlacido, my fellow finalist in the 2006 USA Best Book Awards, interviewed me today on her blog.

I was brutally honest, I was hopefully witty (ha), and well, I was me.

And I only mentioned Neil Gaiman's name twenty-seven times.

Later (sob...I hope)



Myfanwy Collins said...

I love that interview, Robin. It is so wonderfully YOU.

RobinSlick said...'s a good thing I did it before I left the house this morning or it wouldn't have been so "me"...

What a day. Thanks for "listening" to my tale of woe. I'm halfway through a bottle of wine right now so I think I'm finally starting to forget what AN IDIOT I AM.

Or at least learn that I am not perfect and accept that fact and get on with my life, huh.

I'll probably blog the story at some point but right now I'm too raw.

Susan Henderson said...

I'm sorry you had a rotten day, Robin. Your interview is fantastic.

Richard said...

A fun interview! It should cheer you up once you catch your breath from whatever awful thing happened. Very few people are so willing to share their experiences, and you, Robin, are one in a million. Feel better!