Thursday, October 19, 2006

Odds and Sods for Thursday, October 19

This is the current cover for Three Days in New York City but ta-da, for its release into bookstores all over the world, both Three Days and Another Bite will have brand new spanking covers, which I hope to debut here tomorrow or next week. Julie and I worked out the new design ourselves but both books are now currently in the hands of a professional hired by Mundania...I'm curious to see if she uses our ideas at all or scraps them entirely. In the meantime, I still can't get over this, Three Days in New York City is now #7 best selling at Amazon in Canada? And #93 in the UK?

I am still not recovered from yesterday, the official DAY FROM HELL, which, to make a long story short, stems from my not listening to advice I got over forty years ago: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. I made fun of someone whom I actually like very much, not knowing that he was anywhere within miles of me...and it turns out he was inches away and overheard the entire conversation. I am so mortified that I hurt this person and worse, that he possibly thinks I don't like him when it couldn't be farther from the truth. I attempted some damage control last night and will continue trying to make it up to him for probably the next six months, but I've learned a valuable lesson here.

Anyway, have you all got a chance to visit my interview over at brilliant author Susan DiPlacido's website? You know, the one where I only mention Neil Gaiman twenty seven times?

I seriously advise you to have a look at Susan's stories and novels while you are there...she is one hell of a writer and it's just a matter of time before she hits the bigtime.

One final note: Please check out Eric Slick, Julie Slick, and Sarah Zimmermann tonight for the debut of the Sarah Zimmermann Trio as follows:

l5O8 Brandywine
Thursday Oct. l9 8pm
The Sarah Zimmermann Trio
Featuring Eric and Julie Slick
With: **PRFSR**DRSZ**
Cheers Elephant

Too funny. Eric plays drums with the trio, Prfsr Drsz, Lithuania (a duo compromised of Eric on drums and a fabulous guitarist, Dom L. (cannot spell his lastname) he met while a freshman at University of Arts...and finally, Cheers Elephant features Julie's boyfriend, Matt, on bass, and I've heard their demo CD (recorded by Julie) and it is really something special.

So if you are in the Philly area you can check out these amazing bands for the low, low price of $2.00. Or is that $5.00. I'm not sure. Either way, a true bargain.

Very blurry photo of Eric I took before he caught me and cried out in horror. But the resemblance with that new's still cracking me the hell up.

This one he mugged for on purpose. Sheesh. Everyone in this family makes fun of me all the time.

I wonder why.



Susan Henderson said...

Yes, but this is why we love you so much Robin!

I can't wait to see the new book covers. I was just at the most hysterical, 2-hour PTA meeting. And not ha ha hysterical but The Crucible hysterical as the school moves to a total lockdown model. I think I was the only person in the room who didn't raise my hand to say something. I'm exhausted and completely behind on all I planned to do today.

RobinSlick said...

Ha...I'm glad somebody loves me.

Oh god, PTA meetings. Emotionally draining you say? Okay. Little Known Fact. I was PTA President at Bache-Martin Elementary School from 1993 to 1995.

Yeah, that's right. I stood on stage wearing black Doc Maarten boots, black jeans and t-shirt, organizing things like murals on the walls and a piano in the lunchroom and the absolute best carnival that school ever had. And I had to put up with such bullshit I couldn't believe it. Oh my god, it was actually political with people getting resentful and petty and arguments breaking out at our meetings...I'm still not quite sure how I even got elected. I think there were three candidates and the other two (much more qualified) cancelled each other out. But I honestly can't remember why I even ran...I think I was coerced and a certain faction thought I'd be their puppet because I was always so agreeable at meetings. (I just wanted to get the hell home)

Oh god, look what you started. I haven't thought about this in years.

Susan Henderson said...

I never ever would have thought you were a PTA president. This I won't forget.

n.l. said...

Send me dat shit fo a big review and more... dammit.

Heck yeah! You are having some success!

Much love to that!

n.l. said...

Wait... PTA? ughh.

I never joined. But my kids are a senior and sophemore this year. They're brats. They're surviving youth. And they're good musicians. One might major in music. I dig that. -n.l.