Friday, October 06, 2006

39 and Holding...Him

So remember a few days ago I mentioned I was solicited to edit a new anthology? Here's the official press release (and ignore that comment I made earlier where I said I probably wouldn't be writing any more erotica. Ha!)

NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS for a literally and figuratively steamy erotic romance anthology for Phaze.

You won't truly experience a hot flash until you get a hold of HIM!

TITLE: 39 and Holding...Him - Stories of Sex Over 40
EDITOR: Robin Slick
TENTATIVE RELEASE DATE: August 14, 2007 (eBook), October, 2007 (print)

Calling all heroines over 40! We want to read your most vivid fantasies, live vicariously through your smoldering passions, and delight in your continued defiance against gravity. Authors don't necessarily have to be over 40 to submit, the only requisites for this anthology are that:

1) all stories must be primarily heterosexual (M/F, but if a gal can get two hunks for the price of one orgasm or do more than flirt with the lady next door, we'll take a look at that, too!)

2) all heroines must be portrayed as 40 and over (and everybody involved must be of legal age, of course), and

3) all stories must burn longer than than the hottest flash.

You know the poem that goes "When I'm an old woman I will wear purple?" How about turning HIM purple? How about taking Demi and Ashton to the next level? How about stories of reunited passion with a high school sweetheart after spending decades apart? How about rekindling the fire with hubby on your 30th anniversary? The kids are gone, the pets have run away, it's just you and him. Make the most of it, then tell us about it!

All sub-genres will be considered for this anthology: interracial, BBW, comtemporary, romantic comedy, historical, etc. Show us that love and passion are timeless.

STORY LENGTH: We're looking anywhere from 5K-15K. Please visit the Phaze website for formatting guidelines, and when you're ready send your submissions to: submissions@ with OVER 40 STORY SUBMISSION in the subject header. NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS ANTHOLOGY PLEASE!

Reprints will be considered if you have complete control of the rights.

Robin Slick is the author of Three Days in New York City, Another Bite of the Apple, and "Buenos Noches, Justine," erotic comedies published by Phaze. Robin's short stories have appeared in print and on the web everywhere from heady places like In Posse Review and Slow Trains Literary Journal to give-heady places like Clean Sheets. She lives vicariously through her rock star offspring Julie and Eric Slick, who were featured in the Picturehouse Films documentary, Rock School, and are now members of the Adrian Belew Power Trio. Visit her online at www.robinslick. com and www.inherownwrite. blogspot. com.


One thing I want to add to this is that I'm pretty selective and will be choosing work that is way over and above the usual formulatic romance/ must also be literary in nature. By that I mean your writing must be of the highest quality and either make me smile from your brilliance and wit...or make me, um, run upstairs unable to remember my name (ha). (But no, I will not accept a story just because you write a love scene with me and Neil Gaiman in it so don't even try)

Ha ha - that's another photo of Neil during his visit here in Philadelphia

Anyway, I'm putting out the call to all of my friends and colleagues, those of you from Zoetrope Studios as well...let's make this anthology something incredibly special. I also want to add that Phaze Publishing is a subsidiary of Mundania Press -- with one of their sci fi authors being the fabulously talented Piers Anthony -- and has undergone major changes with a brand new editor in charge. All of our print books will now be carried by not only Borders but Barnes and Noble, Chapters, and many independent book sellers as well.

In other writing news, Susan Henderson comes clean about her obsessions over at Lit Park today and I swear, Sue really is my long lost sister. Sue, I will admit this to you here and Eric, if you are reading this, I advise you to stop now before you turn purple. Okay? Okay. You want to talk about obsessions? When I was fourteen years old, I was so obsessed with a boy (Gary II...I had like seven Garys in my life...I think their mothers were all in love with Gary Cooper and it was "the name" of the fifties and sixties) our first date was my accompanying him on a night of crime. Yep, he was a fourteen year old hoodlum who took me on a rampage with a piece of metal pipe which he used to crack open everything from parking meters to the change machines at the local laundromat, after which, when we scored $5.00 in quarters, he treated me to a can of warm beer he'd been hiding in his jacket all night and a gave me my first hickey on the counters where you fold your clean clothing. I not only saved the piece of pipe in my memory box, I saved his cigarette butts.

And now you know how sick I really am.

Ha ha - I just remembered something I haven't thought about in years. After I got that hickey, I was so paranoid I wore turtleneck sweaters for a week, even to bed. My way cool mother never ever raised an eyebrow at me and I'm sure she knew what I was hiding, but for some reason, it was important to me that she didn't see it.

I would however be humiliated by my said mom at breakfast a few years later when Gary III and I were dating and she innocently replied "Oh, by the way, Robin, I washed Gary's handkerchief -- I found it on the basement floor".

Ahem. I don't suppose I need to go into any details here about that, huh.

Ah, my old basement with the ratty sofa and black and white t.v. Gary III and I held the world's record for getting our clothes back on the minute we heard footsteps approaching the stairs.

I'm gonna cry.

And to wrap this post up before I do start sobbing, I just learned that Another Bite of the Apple and Buenos Noches, Justine received a couple more great reviews -- right here and here.

"Robin Slick has created a lighthearted, yet realistic tale of a woman who’s in search of herself....I really enjoyed this story with its fast pace, its convoluted twists and turns, and the first person point of view." (from review of Another Bite)

"...Intimate encounters are well detailed and adventurous, and the reader is kept guessing as to who will be Justine's sexual partner. For a quick steamy read, pick up Robin Slick's Buenos Noches, Justine today!

That's pretty cool...and much to my surprise and pleasure, Another Bite, Justine, and Three Days in New York City -- which is almost two years old! -- continue to dominate the erotica best seller list which is why I've changed my position and will continue to dabble in that genre. Truth to tell (ha ha - I have Gaiman's American Gods on my mind still, which to me had many highly erotic scenes in it)...I do enjoy writing it because I know I break out of the typical genre and incorporate real writing and a lot of humor in my work. Because really, if you can't laugh and/or smile at certain sexual situations, you aren't having a good time. Or you aren't doing it right. (Ha ha - American Gods again)

Happy Friday.



Alessia Brio said...

How exciting for you! I hope you get oodles of submissions.

Myfanwy Collins said...

So cool, Robin! You are going to put together a kick ass anthology--I'm sure of it. Congratulations on your great reviews.


Ellen said...

Congrats on the reviews! And I think I might even have a story to submit to that anthology, though it might not be steamy enough. (It's geriatric and masturbatory. Hehe.)

Susan Henderson said...

That press release is hysterical. You've read the closest thing to a sex scene I've ever written: "I wish I could've stopped giggling when we did it. I wish I'd been his first." I think I'm probably not cut out for up-close shots, but I know you'll find all the great, funny, and literary erotica out there.

Was I in the mood for a Neil Gaiman photo this morning? Oh yes.

And Robin, that is the funniest obsession story. Oh please repost that on LitPark!! I love that you saved his cigarrette butts. Yes, we are sisters!

Richard said...

Hi Robin! Your vacation at the beach was very cool, and I'm jealous.

We got our tickets for the Santa Fe concert--but printed right on them is: No recorders or CAMERAS.

How am I supposed to take pics for you if they're patting us down at the door? Argh! I have about four weeks to devise a plan that doesn't involve smuggling or body-cavities....

RobinSlick said...

I do, too, Alessia, and I sure hope one is from you though I know you have a lot of other stuff in the works.

Thanks, Myf...and I'm still waiting for that email! Ha!

Ellen, I will jump for joy if you sub something and what the hell...geriatric masturbation? Ha! Well, I can't deny it's something I'm gonna be....never mind.

Susan...I dunno, writing about peeing on an apple and giving it to your teacher is right up there with writing about graphic sex so you get honorary erotica queen for the day and yeah, yeah, I posted it on your blog along with some more true sickness. It's a good thing you don't have the delete comment feature on your site or I would have chickened out and deleted it already but I should probably go back in and clarify what I wrote so I don't scare your readers away.

Richard, Adrian is amazingly camera friendly. I stood next to him doing merch while fan after fan took their photo with him. Do you really think the club is going to pat down a..cough cough..over thirty guy? If I knew for sure I was going to make the Santa Fe show, I'd get you in with no problem but let me see what I can do to make sure no one bothers you. But there is a slight chance I am in fact going to be there so this all may be moot. Cool? Cool.

Richard said...

Cool! But I'm over forty now... holy crap--that can't be possible! And I'm a lot fatter than last year... that can't be possible either! Maybe I should get out my bike and do something about this. Hey, if you're going to be here, I may have to ask you to inscribe a book for me!

n.l. said...

I think I'm obsessed with you being obsessed with everything... lol.

I responded to your question on LitPark...

I have so many blogs to add to my blog this weekend...

I think I will submit to your anthology. Sounds fun...

Tickledrop said...

I've already inquired about the camera thing. I read that on the site and thought HUH? Oh well, camera or no camera, I hope to meet you there. You too Richard! :)

RobinSlick said...

n.l., I would LOVE if you would submit something. The mind boggles.

I saw your comment about the Bruce B. Interview on Lit Park and commented back just now (and yeah, yeah, I'm evil)...I didn't see anything in any other posts but I'll have another look.

Oh! I found it -- it wasn't there last night. Ha ha are you on probation at Lit Park? Your comments must be approved by the moderator? Oooh, you are bad. So I see I won the bronze medal! I will put it in the box with the pipe, cigarette butts...and you don't want to know what else.

Wait. You probably do. I think I will devote a blog post next week to things I've saved over the years and do a Susan H. and ask readers to comment on what bits of oddity they've saved for no apparent reason, too. (Why did Monica Lewinsky's dress from the Gap suddenly come to mind?)

Rena, did you actually call the venue about their policy? Do they really pat people down? How do they prevent people with cell phone cameras? Aha! They can't! So it's probably just something they have on their tickets to protec themselves for whatever reason. But let's investigate further.

lisaannette said...

10:02 Houston

LOL...Girl...I've got tears rolling down my cheeks I laughed so hard.

By the way, if we were playing Texas Hold 'Em or even Black Jack, I'd see your 5 Gary's & raise them by 3 Erics! hehe.

My first Eric knocked me up, I dated the second & married (then divorced) the 3rd. Se la vie!

Congratulations on the new anthology! Good for you!

I have half a mind to submit something to you, what with being online friends with the editor and all. Plus, I am a degreed journalist, specializing in magazine editing & production.

But wait, that's just a fantasy. My free time is at a premium these days. Seriously. When would I have time to do my sleep? Hardly.

Besides, I still need to read your previously published novels.

One of these days.

Oh & have fun at the Projkt6 show tonight in NYC!


Susan Henderson said...

Yeah, Terry put him on probation.