Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Before there was an Adrian Belew Power Trio featuring Julie and Eric Slick...

Adrian was lead guitarist for David Bowie and here's a young Ade performing with David on one of my all time favorite Bowie songs -- "Stay". This actually made me cry last night (but of course that's just me) because it's so freaking good and I can't believe my kids are now in Adrian's band. Look how David smiles at him when he plays!

In other news, Eric did indeed perform at Bustle in your Hedgrow in New York City Monday night -- he sat in on Zep's Traveling Riverside Blues. And regarding his recent gig with Chris Harford, check out the comments on the Ween Forum Board:

"Excellent time. Harford kicked ass as usual. Rain, rain, rain. It was quite a night. Beautiful rain soaked late night set w/ B-ill and Mick on guitar. Floyd baby.

Special mention for Eric the drummer. 19 years old, grad of School of Rock, Adrian Belews drummer (at fucking 19), he has a great road ahead of him. True pleasure to watch..."

"The party was kick ass! When I got home at 3:30 a wicked storm raged throough my neighborhood! I hope the tent campers fared ok! Chris was on fire, His leads were killer, and Mickey, well what needs to be said? B.Ill and Eric Slick and Jen Walton sat in with Evan in Wineskin and tore it up while Tim was at the hospital watching his child be born! Congrats dude! That kid Eric can PLAY Yo! Can't wait to see some pics. See Y'all tonight at the SpiTune party!"

"Just got home. Holy fucking shit. Best show of the year so far. Wow. My brain is in pieces."

"I saw Project Object in Charleston, SC acouple of months ago and that drummer looks like the same kid. Could it be?...

I forgot to mention that the kid kicked complete ass and nailed all those crazy Zappa changes."

"Yes that is the same kid. Yes, he kicks ASS!"

"He is the touring drummer for Adrian Belew .. and some relation to Grace Slick ... well Grace Slick's husband's family actually"

"That drummer kid is really nice dude too. He rocked friday night for both bands."

Ha ha - Eric is a nice dude. For sure.

Last but not least, in writing news...ta da, Another Bite of the Apple remains number one highest rated in erotica at Fictionwise! and is quickly moving up the best seller list. Yeah!

And I received some awesome reviews for Another Bite from Ecata, Coffee Time, and JERR which you can find right here.

If that didn't make me smile enough, yesterday Buenos Noches, Justine got a five star rating/review from Enchanted Ramblings.

Okay then. I think I'll just sit back and wait for Hollywood to call...

P.S. Am I the only one who is completely nauseous over this?

P.P.S.: Eric has once again updated his tour blog.