Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yes! Adrian Belew at World Cafe Live!

Yay! The World Cafe Live show for the Adrian Belew Power Trio for August 14, 2006 in Philadelphia is confirmed!

Buy your tickets right here!

And in order to entice you further, here's something I just found on the Yes Forum Board:

I had a wonderful opportunity to see Adrian Belew's current solo tour on Saturday night in Chicago. As Lostinmusing has posted elsewhere in this forum, Ade is touring with a brother/sister combo, Julie and Eric Slick, who are absolutely fantastic. If you have a chance to see this show, DO IT. You will not be disappointed.

Ade played at the Double Door, made famous by the Smashing Pumpkins as their venue in their early goth days. The place is a complete dive, but it was filled to capacity, or close to it. There were two opening acts. The first guy was awful--don't remember his name--Eric Somethingorother--don't care to. Those around me thought he was awful, too, but we were all polite. He appeared to be a Beatles-wannabe with a mop top haircut. The second guy was wonderful, also on acoustic guitar, but quite a cut above the other one. His name was Andreas Kapasalis. I bought the CD he had for sale, and will expound on him more later. He also played solo, but the CD features music from his trio. I found this guy to be very interesting. His guitarwork had a lot of harmonics, and he also had a tendency to do some "tribute" pieces, i.e., he played Frame by Frame, but what was good about this is he made the piece his own. He also did a version of Dave Brubeck's Blue Rondo, which was quite interesting as this was translated from keyboard to acoustic guitar.

Onto Ade. His setup was very simple, in part, I think, because the stage was small. He played a Variax the entire night, which allowed him to get a range of sounds with just one instrument. The fare was typical Ade, mostly solo work from his last three releases, including Ampersand from Side One, as well as a smattering of KC material from the 80s. He left most of that until late in the gig, except for Dinosaur, which he performed as the third song into the set. The KC pieces he played also included Three of a Perfect Pair, Elephant Talk, Frame by Frame (which he ended the main portion of the gig with) and a blistering version of Thela Hun Ginjeet, which ended the show.

A word about the brother/sister combo. Both are immensely talented "Young Bucks" . At one point, Ade noted their ages--Eric is 19, Julie is 20. Both have as much hair as Ade is lacking, lol. Eric's kit is small, but that goes to show you that you don't have to have a lot of bells and whistles to be a good drummer. Julie--all I can say is WOW! I spent the entire gig in front of her. She played a Fender jazz bass (I think), except for one of the Crimson songs where she switched to a Gibson fretless. She played using a pick and not using a pick--and I heard a lot of influences, primarily Squire and Geddy Lee, but obviously, also a bit of Levin. She played barefoot too, which Ade also pointed out towards the end of the gig.


Man, I was glad to just get the Philly tour news. I was sitting here all teary eyed because according to my clock, Adrian and J&E just finished their set in Germany and I've been beating myself up for not being there.

Soo...hope to meet up with a lot of you in Philly on August 14.