Thursday, July 20, 2006

While I pound away at my novel...

That would be Eric Slick and Adrian Belew enjoying the music of other bands at Zappanale, which I just lifed from Eric's blog

Okay, so while I work like a fiend on my novel, I am referring to you Eric's tour blog, which he not only updated today, it includes what I think is a hilarious post from have to know Julie and read between the lines to laugh as much as I did, probably, but both kids can really write (ahem...wonder where they got that from) and I just had a blast reading their somewhat different accounts of the tour so far.

And please, it is my goal to sell out the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia when Adrian and Julie and Eric play here on August 14. So in case you missed the link I posted here a few days ago, you can buy your tickets right here!.

Also, I see Neil Gaiman will be in one of my favorite cities on Tuesday, New Haven, Connecticut. Anyone want to go with me to Yale and hang out and hear him read?

Speaking of Neil, of course this could only happen to me. While Gary was in Germany, Thomas, who is German but speaks English as a second language and is the head of the Arf Society and the man responsible for the yearly Zappanale concerts, came up to him and said "How is your wife and how do you feel about her having a boyfriend? I read her blog all the time...are things okay with the two of you? She has a very handsome lover...a famous writer" (or something like that).

Gary naturally came home and asked me all about it because he doesn't read my blog. I was completely caught off-guard but then I broke up laughing when I realized who/what Thomas was talking about

Oh man, too bad you weren't all here for my explanation. Hilarious!

I finally pinned it on the dog. "I think Thomas must be thinking about Monty. I said I couldn't go on tour with the kids to Europe because of the other man in my life..."

Which of course is the truth. Good thing Gary didn't ask me "When did the dog start writing?"

Okay. Back to work for me.