Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Amaretto Mick Gets Around!

Robert Plant and Gail Zappa with Amaretto Mick at Zappa Plays Zappa in the UK

Eric Slick with Amaretto Mick prior to Eric's performance with Adrian Belew in Germany

Ha ha -- I guess you have to either be Eric's mother or a big Zappa fan (of which I am both) to appreciate this are two pics for those hip enough to have a chuckle.

Okay then. Back to working on my novel...I will return later with a Belew tour update and some other cool stuff.

But in the "equal time" department:

Me, Julie, and Julie's boyfriend Matt eating our first toasties ever (during Julie's tour with McRad) outside of St. John's Cathedral in my favorite place in the universe, the UK. Thank you Eric II from California, bass player for Leiana and many other bands. Eric II was on tour with us, took this pic, and sent it to me yesterday when he stumbled on my website.