Saturday, July 15, 2006

Adrian Belew Trio on Tour -- Germany!

A considerably younger Julie Slick performing at Zappanale 14 with her even younger brother Eric on drums in the background.

ETA: For those who are asking, no, sadly there will be no webcast from Germany this year...see my reply to David in the comments section of yesterday's post. Also, please continue to check up on Eric's Phildelphia Inquirer tour blog -- he does have internet access in Bad Doberan and will be updating today/tomorrow.

So...for the first time, like, EVER? I am home alone here while Julie, Eric and their father are in Europe for ten days (Gary a bit less) on the Adrian Belew Tour. They are currently having the best time of their lives at Zappanale 17.

Um, would it be horrible of me to say what fun I'm having, too? Ha! It's kind of a lost weekend right now -- about 12 hours of writing per day followed by lots of good wine and strangely healthy food because I've been ordering in and having things delivered such as stir fried tofu with fresh vegetables. (Yes, I know. I plead temporary insanity to the tofu. Note to self: At least order shrimp tonight, or better yet, venture out and get yourself some awesome sushi).

For those who don't know my history -- here is the quick abridged version. Gary and I were married at 18 and I wasn't even pregnant (ha ha, though even at that young, naive age I could see everyone in attendance at the wedding checking out my belly) because I was never what you'd call ultra skinny and the fact I wasn't wearing white but I was a die hard hippie who wore a long blue granny dress (remember those?) which I'm sure added to the speculation. In true flower child style, I even had a Christ-like crown of thorns...I mean my hair. When my mom died, Gary and I became legal guardians of my younger brother David until he went off to college, and shortly thereafter, missing David so much, I got pregnant with Julie and fifteen months later Eric was born.

So yeah, I don't know what it's like to live alone. While I'm selfishly digging it now, I must admit I don't know how I'd feel about it in the long run. I'm having trouble sleeping, I'm hearing all kinds of strange noises, and holy shit, all the errands in this place are falling solely on my shoulders, like walking the dog three times a day (and of course this is the week we're having a 100 plus degree heat wave), and you should have seen my face yesterday when I realized we were out of both toilet paper and bottled water -- I'm quite positive that drinking Philadelphia water from the tap will mean instant death. Because the State of Pennsylvania does not want me ever driving again, this meant a four block walk to the store, and I figured I'd stock up on supplies, forgetting that I'd have to walk home carrying it. Arghh...I got a gallon of water and 2% milk as well as some fruit and veggies. What the hell was I thinking? I had to put the bags down every few steps -- it was like walking with 100 pound weights.

I've also noticed that with no one here, I've been talking out loud to myself. A lot.

Hahahaha - but on the plus side, I've written close to 10,000 words, the feeling of "freedom" is glorious, and while I wait to hopefully hear from someone in my family via international phone I found the following in guitarist great Robert Fripp's diary:



The Minx took Director Bill to Bredonborough Station for his 10.53 train to London & two shows with Minus Five … before driving on to Nottingham & rehearsals as Cruella de Vil…

Have sent Ade some suggestions for the ProjeKct Five debut on July 28th. at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville.

18.35 Called & spoke to Ade, just arrived back from the debut gigs with his new band. Adrian is psyched to the max with it, and looking forward to his other new band – P6 – Fripp & Adrian.

21.15 Practising practising.


Okay, let me translate this diary entry for those of you who may not be in the know.

Robert Fripp is of course the original guitarist in King Crimson. Please click on that link and read and you'll see that "Ade", or Adrian Belew joined the band in 1981. Robert lives in Bredonborough, UK, the "minx" is his beautiful wife, and he keeps a (mostly) daily diary over at DGM Live. It's quite interesting and full of awesome photos taken by Robert himself.

Robert and Adrian now have a side band known as "ProjeKt 5" and just as Ade, Julie and Eric return from Europe, Robert will be flying down to Ade's house in Nashville for a ProjKect 5 or is that 6 -- now I'm confused -- concert on July 28 where Ade plays drums and Robert plays guitar.

Okay, did you notice what Robert also says in his diary?

"Called & spoke to Ade, just arrived back from the debut gigs with his new band. Adrian is psyched to the max with it..."

Oh my god. His new band. That would be Julie and Eric Slick.

It's kind of hard not to fantasize about the four of them jamming together but most likely everyone will be too exhausted for that and I've heard nothing that it's even being discussed, but a girl can dream.

I'm still hyperventilating over Robert's remark that "Adrian is psyched to the max" playing with J&E.

Heart be still. I'm not completely sure about this, but I think Julie and Eric will meet Robert at Adrian's house when they get back from Europe before they return to Philly for a few days (yes! yes! yes!) for some r&r before the first show on the east coast swing, B.B. Kings in New York City on August 8, 2006 - and if you want to come out and see an amazing, amazing show and meet me so you can see what I look like reduced to a wobbly mess of tears, you can purchase your tickets right here.

One final note which is a bit distressing but I hope I'm just being paranoid: I may have jumped the gun reporting on the Philadelphia show. I heard for sure it was a go but it's still not on the World Cafe Live calendar so until I see it, I'm afraid to broadcast it any further.

Anyway, the dog is looking at me with his big brown eyes which means it's time for yet another walk and I just remembered another one of my "chores"...I'd better get my watering bucket out and take care of all of the flowers in my boxes and garden before they wither away in this heat.

Oy. I'm such a princess.

You know what I really need right now? A Fabulous Lorraine like Neil Gaiman has.

Oh man, speaking of Neil and speaking of sushi, now that I know how to post photos so that you can click on them and enlarge them, this one definitely deserves a re-post:

What's that? I'm not a jet setting best seller author like Neil?

Hahahaha - well, maybe if I had an assistant...

But I don't. So it's off to walk the dog, water the flowers, and write, write, write...after which I will happily consume a bottle of fine wine with...tada...sushi from a great restaurant I just this minute discovered delivers!

Ah. Life is good.