Friday, July 07, 2006

Adrian Belew Power Trio -- The Tour Begins

Eric Slick lounging in Bad Doberan, East Germany prior to his performance at Zappanale last year; Julie Slick on stage at the Troc

So the Adrian Belew Power Trio kicked off their tour last night at the Music Mill in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tonight's show in Springfield, Ohio is going to be really wild because it's a free, outdoor event and tomorrow's show in Chicago is at the legendary Double Door where the Stones even played and oh my god, what was I thinking when I decided not to make the first three shows? By the way, click on the Double Door link - they mention Julie and Eric and Rock School in the advert.

I haven't heard from Julie or Eric yet as to how the first show went last evening...but I just got this comment on my blog post below and I'm going to copy it here because I'm so freaking proud! And I think what I'll do is come in here and edit this post throughout the day - you know, add those ETAs -- as I find any reviews online or get any more comments or emails.

"Jeff Curtis

I attended the show in Indy last night and I'm sure it is not news to you, but those are some talented children you have. It's obvious they have worked long and hard at their music and really deserve this opportunity. They are also quite personable and enjoyed talking with the fans after the show. They've got the autograph gig down pretty good too. Filling shoes like Tony Levin and Bill Bruford is not easy and they were amazing.

A fan yelled after the first song that he was in love with the bass player. This made Julie smile and seemed to embarass her a bit. All fun to see. I'm sure their youthful enthusiasm will also be infectious for Adrian as well. He told me they were also just fun to be around.

Good job on raising two wonderful and incredibly talented kids!"

Thanks, Jeff. I really appreciate that. Um, got any digital pics you can email me? I'm dying here!

Anyway, Eric will be doing an on-line tour blog for the Philadelphia Inquirer starting later today or tomorrow, so that's very cool, and I will post the link as soon as I get it.

A couple of cool news articles about Adrian and the upcoming tour have popped up and here are the links:

Intelligent Rock Guitarist Is Cutting Edge Go-To Guy

Belew A Graduate of School of Zappa

Okay, that's it for now. Be back later with any updates.