Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Adrian Belew Power Trio on Tour -- Europe

Julie Slick on stage at Zappanale 17

So Gary is home from Germany and telling me all of these great stories -- none of which I can share here, damn it (ha!) -- and since I just noticed Eric updated his tour blog for the Philadelphia Inquirer, maybe you should just read about it here.

I will say that Gary recorded the whole show on video and we watched it last night crying. It was that good. When I saw Eric's drum solo, I got the chills.

I also cannot believe my daughter now plays in her bare feet. First she becomes a vegetarian, now she's barefoot. I love it! Gary told me Adrian even comments about it on stage.

Last night they played Italy and I'm dying to hear from J&E how that went, but luckily I got two e-mails this morning, one from my friend Andrew and the other from my new pal, Marco. By the way, make sure you click on these links. Andrew was at Zappanale and should be providing a detailed review of the show within the next day or two -- he's also the one who furnished me with the above photo -- and Marco is an accomplished bassist the same age as Julie and all of the music you hear on his site was written by him on his computer. I met him via my blog -- one day he just instant messaged me out of the blue. I usually don't instant message with strangers but his screen name was Geddy Lee and my curiously got the best of me. I usually get IMs from strangers with the names of Cliff Rigid or Lactating Female so, you know, I automatically hit "ignore" or "block" but this time I didn't and I sure am glad.

Okay, here's Andrew's e-mail in part:

"It was a great time, and I enjoyed chatting to Gary and the kids. After the Power Trio set (actually, back of the stage during the finale) Eric shook my hand and asked whether I enjoyed the show - to which I of course said "Absolutely!" I knew he and Adrian were enormously talented, but Julie knocked me out also. You're one lucky lady. Will write more soon..."

And from Marco about the Italy show:

"Hi Robin -

just got home from the Roma gig. Your kids were great. I
was impressed by Eric's playing, so powerful. Julie is a great player
too - reminded me a bit of Squire - and she's charming.

well, no words needed. I wish I could meet them, but I had to run away after the gig was over.

All the best, and talk to you soon."

So that's pretty cool and of course I'll be stalking Google in the U.S., Germany, and Italy for more reviews, etc. and will post them as soon as I find them.

In writing news, I didn't even realize it but I have a new story up called "Interception" at Poor Mojo Almanac and I notice they also gave me a Wiki page. Since I have absolutely no clue at all how to fill out my Wiki page or what I'm supposed to do with it, if any of you reading isn't as technology challenged as I am, please email me with instructions so I can have a nice pretty page over at Poor Mojo with I guess my bio info and publishing creds? Or knowing me, it will be something off the wall altogether but still...I hate having things like a blank Wiki, don't you?

Okay, back to my working on my "Oh my god I only have to weeks to go before I send it out" novel...will be back if I hear from Julie or Eric.

And don't forget to get tickets for the Adrian Belew Power Trio show at the World Cafe Live on August 14!