Saturday, July 22, 2006

Adrian Belew Power Trio -- homecoming!

Julie Slick in Germany -- a typical shot of Julie, pick in mouth, many admirers looking on

So yay! The Belew Power Trio returns to the U.S. today and things went so well Ade is giving Julie and Eric a couple weeks off to spend at home with their significant others before they launch the east coast portion of their tour on August 8 at B.B. King's House of Blues in New York City.

Gary and I are picking them up at the airport in a few hours, so while I run around the house blowing up balloons and arranging all the flowers (ha ha, just kidding), here are some links which talk about the tour, the band, and other assorted related stuff to keep you busy:

First, here's some preliminary commentary about Zappanale from Andrew Greenaway;

Second, here's a blurb from Krimson News;

Third, here's a bunch of photos from Zappanale 17 brought to you by our good friends, The Zappateers;

Fourth, stay on that website and go to their forum and read more about Zappanale 17;

Fifth, DGM Live gives a shout out to Julie for her contribution to Eric's tour blog as well as a link;

Finally, there's some cool stuff on the Planet Crimson forum board.

So that's it for now...I will obviously have a lot to talk about once I see J&E in the flesh and hear all about the week in Europe, their performance last night (where I saw crowd estimations at 30,000? Could that be possible? Holy crap!)...and of course any writing news that comes my way.

Later, (said the excited groupie mom)


Claudia said...

That picture really is gorgeous, Robin. Have a great homecoming weekend!

Tickledrop said...


How exciting! Enjoy your wonderful reunion and let those kids know that Adrian's fans think they ROCK!! Thanks for the great links too.

And since I'm getting a better idea how you do things - *smiles* - you better start planning now for the West Coast leg of the tour. No excuses.

Hey did you get the stickers I sent over for you?


Susan Henderson said...

Julie always looks so perfect, and I love the barefeet.

I did my panel with C. Mike today, and he looked so much like my dad, I couldn't be intimidated by him. His wife is really lovely and will probably horse around on my blog with me. I'll fill you in on all that via email if I think of anything interesting enough to share.

I know you must be exhausted after all the balloon blowing. Have a wonderful homecoming.

We're doing an adoption tonight (at 1 AM) at a secret, to be announced location. It all sounds ever so slightly illegal (always appeals to me), and I'll tell you about our new addition once everything goes through.

Oh, I hitchhiked back from the conference today. Was very entertaining. The guy was wearing a Motorhead shirt and we had the funniest conversations.

Why am I being lazy and typing this all on your blog comments? Once you read, you can erase.


Susan Henderson said...

We adopted a greyhound last night! He's really sweet and all scarred from racing collisions. He's lived his whole 2 years in a crate and has never been in a house before and has no idea what to do with the stares. The cats love him. Our other dog's feeling so-so about it right now.

His name is Steve.