Sunday, July 30, 2006

Join the Rebellion!

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Rebel Press

Friday, July 28, 2006

A Very Sad Day

Julie Slick, Adrian Belew, Ken Latchney, and Eric Slick clowning around in the funhouse room at the Escher Museum in Holland, July 20, 2006

Today is a very sad day. Please see Eric's tour blog for further information.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The insane crazy news post...

Today is a crazy day. Julie and Eric are still on break from the Adrian Belew Power Trio tour but I again encourage all of you in the Philadelphia area to please, please, please come out to the World Cafe on August 14 and see them live -- here's the link for the tickets once again; Susan Henderson, I'm sorry but I have no new Neil Gaiman photos for you (sob...what's a girl to do?) but you've more than made up with it with your lovely pictures of really, for once I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing -- writing. So far today I pounded out a two page article for a brand new print magazine, edited four more chapters of my novel Baby Boomer formerly known as The Tour and which I'm now seriously thinking of changing to "Daddy Left Me Alone with God" so that I can meet my self-imposed deadline to send it out to a new agent by the end of this month (unless Julie attaches herself to my hip next week with her boyfriend away, in which case it will be a week or two late and I will seriously hate myself)...but I just took a little break to surf the net, and well, as you can see by the above photo, I managed to find some interesting stuff.

First, let's talk about that photo. In fact, let's not. Why not just follow the link so you, too, can learn all about Tampon Crafts!

Next, as you know I am a compulsive Googler and I've obviously been googling Julie, Eric, Adrian Belew, etc. for any reviews of their show or any other info I may have missed. Imagine my surprise this morning to find a new entry over at Icerocket for Eric Slick. Ha! I don't want to ruin the surprise, but apparently Eric + Slick = two dogs = getting carsick.

So really, I'd better get back to work before Julie fills up my entire social calendar next week (she's currently IMing me from her boyfriend's place right now, plotting out the various restaurants we'll be visiting and I just turned her on to a new vintage clothing store I discovered in Northern Liberties which I know she'll want to check out...sooo...unless something earth shattering happens in the meantime, it's back to working on the novel for me as of NOW.

I leave you with a photo of Sue's new main squeeze, a/k/a "Steve". (He's adorable, Sue, but he's no Neil Gaiman.)


Monday, July 24, 2006

Adrian Belew Power Trio - two week time-out

Julie Slick, Adrian Belew, and Eric Slick following what I hear was a triumphant concert in Holland

Julie freaking out when she saw the license plate on their rental van for the tour - 2AB (two, Adrian Belew) 666? I'm glad I didn't know about that until now...creepy, huh

So things are back to normal here in the Slick household - i.e., crazy again because both J&E are home for two weeks of rest, practice, and hanging out with friends before the Adrian Belew Power Trio goes back out on the road in early August.

Saturday afternoon we picked them up at Newark airport and within ten minutes of being home there was a knock at the door -- in walked Julie's boyfriend, Matt, and within the next five minutes in walked Eric's girlfriend, Carolyn. So we ordered a bunch of pizzas and tried to pry some tour stories out of them, but, you know, they hadn't seen their significant others for ten days so Gary and I snuck upstairs and sulked. Ha ha - not really, we understand, so we left them alone like good old and decrepit unneeded except for a ride home from the airport parents and little by little we're getting some info -- from Eric, not Julie, who took off with her boyfriend after pizza on Saturday. I guess maybe we'll see her again tonight. Or not. Whatever. It's all good.

Strangely enough, both Matt and Carolyn are going out of town for a few weeks this coming Friday -- Matt to Iceland with his father and Carolyn will go on tour out to the west coast with the School of Rock All-Stars so by this time next week we'll have more Julie and Eric than we know what to do with. (Just kidding, but I am holding out hope that I can at least bribe Julie into doing something with me like trying a new restaurant. Eric is the consummate music freak and he already spent four hours alone last night just practicing on his electronic drum pad...practice, practice, practice is his plan for the remaining time off before the tour picks up again)

Eric did update his tour blog last night and it includes some great photos of the Herzberg Festival (Germany's version of Woodstock) so you can get your Belew fix from that today. Cool? Cool.

As for me, I continue to work on my novel and really can't concentrate on much else, especially this blog which I somehow stayed away from all day yesterday, but I did just read in my comments section of prior posts that Sue Henderson was adopting someone at 1:00 a.m. which sounded so covert I thought maybe she was meeting one of those cruise ships and picking up a little Lebanese baby or something; then I learn she adopted a greyhound and named it Steve, which I find particularly funny because I have a writer pal named Steve Augarde from the UK and I'm sure he'll be quite honored to know about his namesake...and to be honest, if I didn't already have a dog named Monty, Steve would probably be my next choice. Too, too funny.

I was also quite pleased that Amaretto Mick came 'round and visited my blog, saw his photos, and left me a lovely post.

Anyway, I see in one of her comments that Sue observed it feels like decades since I posted a Neil Gaiman photo so okay, even though I got in "trouble" for it last week, here's half-a-Neil...which is better than no Neil and in fact, pretty damn perfect because his head is bent down and....

He's writing, he's writing!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Adrian Belew Power Trio -- homecoming!

Julie Slick in Germany -- a typical shot of Julie, pick in mouth, many admirers looking on

So yay! The Belew Power Trio returns to the U.S. today and things went so well Ade is giving Julie and Eric a couple weeks off to spend at home with their significant others before they launch the east coast portion of their tour on August 8 at B.B. King's House of Blues in New York City.

Gary and I are picking them up at the airport in a few hours, so while I run around the house blowing up balloons and arranging all the flowers (ha ha, just kidding), here are some links which talk about the tour, the band, and other assorted related stuff to keep you busy:

First, here's some preliminary commentary about Zappanale from Andrew Greenaway;

Second, here's a blurb from Krimson News;

Third, here's a bunch of photos from Zappanale 17 brought to you by our good friends, The Zappateers;

Fourth, stay on that website and go to their forum and read more about Zappanale 17;

Fifth, DGM Live gives a shout out to Julie for her contribution to Eric's tour blog as well as a link;

Finally, there's some cool stuff on the Planet Crimson forum board.

So that's it for now...I will obviously have a lot to talk about once I see J&E in the flesh and hear all about the week in Europe, their performance last night (where I saw crowd estimations at 30,000? Could that be possible? Holy crap!)...and of course any writing news that comes my way.

Later, (said the excited groupie mom)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

While I pound away at my novel...

That would be Eric Slick and Adrian Belew enjoying the music of other bands at Zappanale, which I just lifed from Eric's blog

Okay, so while I work like a fiend on my novel, I am referring to you Eric's tour blog, which he not only updated today, it includes what I think is a hilarious post from have to know Julie and read between the lines to laugh as much as I did, probably, but both kids can really write (ahem...wonder where they got that from) and I just had a blast reading their somewhat different accounts of the tour so far.

And please, it is my goal to sell out the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia when Adrian and Julie and Eric play here on August 14. So in case you missed the link I posted here a few days ago, you can buy your tickets right here!.

Also, I see Neil Gaiman will be in one of my favorite cities on Tuesday, New Haven, Connecticut. Anyone want to go with me to Yale and hang out and hear him read?

Speaking of Neil, of course this could only happen to me. While Gary was in Germany, Thomas, who is German but speaks English as a second language and is the head of the Arf Society and the man responsible for the yearly Zappanale concerts, came up to him and said "How is your wife and how do you feel about her having a boyfriend? I read her blog all the time...are things okay with the two of you? She has a very handsome lover...a famous writer" (or something like that).

Gary naturally came home and asked me all about it because he doesn't read my blog. I was completely caught off-guard but then I broke up laughing when I realized who/what Thomas was talking about

Oh man, too bad you weren't all here for my explanation. Hilarious!

I finally pinned it on the dog. "I think Thomas must be thinking about Monty. I said I couldn't go on tour with the kids to Europe because of the other man in my life..."

Which of course is the truth. Good thing Gary didn't ask me "When did the dog start writing?"

Okay. Back to work for me.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Amaretto Mick Gets Around!

Robert Plant and Gail Zappa with Amaretto Mick at Zappa Plays Zappa in the UK

Eric Slick with Amaretto Mick prior to Eric's performance with Adrian Belew in Germany

Ha ha -- I guess you have to either be Eric's mother or a big Zappa fan (of which I am both) to appreciate this are two pics for those hip enough to have a chuckle.

Okay then. Back to working on my novel...I will return later with a Belew tour update and some other cool stuff.

But in the "equal time" department:

Me, Julie, and Julie's boyfriend Matt eating our first toasties ever (during Julie's tour with McRad) outside of St. John's Cathedral in my favorite place in the universe, the UK. Thank you Eric II from California, bass player for Leiana and many other bands. Eric II was on tour with us, took this pic, and sent it to me yesterday when he stumbled on my website.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Adrian Belew Power Trio on Tour -- Europe

Julie Slick on stage at Zappanale 17

So Gary is home from Germany and telling me all of these great stories -- none of which I can share here, damn it (ha!) -- and since I just noticed Eric updated his tour blog for the Philadelphia Inquirer, maybe you should just read about it here.

I will say that Gary recorded the whole show on video and we watched it last night crying. It was that good. When I saw Eric's drum solo, I got the chills.

I also cannot believe my daughter now plays in her bare feet. First she becomes a vegetarian, now she's barefoot. I love it! Gary told me Adrian even comments about it on stage.

Last night they played Italy and I'm dying to hear from J&E how that went, but luckily I got two e-mails this morning, one from my friend Andrew and the other from my new pal, Marco. By the way, make sure you click on these links. Andrew was at Zappanale and should be providing a detailed review of the show within the next day or two -- he's also the one who furnished me with the above photo -- and Marco is an accomplished bassist the same age as Julie and all of the music you hear on his site was written by him on his computer. I met him via my blog -- one day he just instant messaged me out of the blue. I usually don't instant message with strangers but his screen name was Geddy Lee and my curiously got the best of me. I usually get IMs from strangers with the names of Cliff Rigid or Lactating Female so, you know, I automatically hit "ignore" or "block" but this time I didn't and I sure am glad.

Okay, here's Andrew's e-mail in part:

"It was a great time, and I enjoyed chatting to Gary and the kids. After the Power Trio set (actually, back of the stage during the finale) Eric shook my hand and asked whether I enjoyed the show - to which I of course said "Absolutely!" I knew he and Adrian were enormously talented, but Julie knocked me out also. You're one lucky lady. Will write more soon..."

And from Marco about the Italy show:

"Hi Robin -

just got home from the Roma gig. Your kids were great. I
was impressed by Eric's playing, so powerful. Julie is a great player
too - reminded me a bit of Squire - and she's charming.

well, no words needed. I wish I could meet them, but I had to run away after the gig was over.

All the best, and talk to you soon."

So that's pretty cool and of course I'll be stalking Google in the U.S., Germany, and Italy for more reviews, etc. and will post them as soon as I find them.

In writing news, I didn't even realize it but I have a new story up called "Interception" at Poor Mojo Almanac and I notice they also gave me a Wiki page. Since I have absolutely no clue at all how to fill out my Wiki page or what I'm supposed to do with it, if any of you reading isn't as technology challenged as I am, please email me with instructions so I can have a nice pretty page over at Poor Mojo with I guess my bio info and publishing creds? Or knowing me, it will be something off the wall altogether but still...I hate having things like a blank Wiki, don't you?

Okay, back to my working on my "Oh my god I only have to weeks to go before I send it out" novel...will be back if I hear from Julie or Eric.

And don't forget to get tickets for the Adrian Belew Power Trio show at the World Cafe Live on August 14!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yes! Adrian Belew at World Cafe Live!

Yay! The World Cafe Live show for the Adrian Belew Power Trio for August 14, 2006 in Philadelphia is confirmed!

Buy your tickets right here!

And in order to entice you further, here's something I just found on the Yes Forum Board:

I had a wonderful opportunity to see Adrian Belew's current solo tour on Saturday night in Chicago. As Lostinmusing has posted elsewhere in this forum, Ade is touring with a brother/sister combo, Julie and Eric Slick, who are absolutely fantastic. If you have a chance to see this show, DO IT. You will not be disappointed.

Ade played at the Double Door, made famous by the Smashing Pumpkins as their venue in their early goth days. The place is a complete dive, but it was filled to capacity, or close to it. There were two opening acts. The first guy was awful--don't remember his name--Eric Somethingorother--don't care to. Those around me thought he was awful, too, but we were all polite. He appeared to be a Beatles-wannabe with a mop top haircut. The second guy was wonderful, also on acoustic guitar, but quite a cut above the other one. His name was Andreas Kapasalis. I bought the CD he had for sale, and will expound on him more later. He also played solo, but the CD features music from his trio. I found this guy to be very interesting. His guitarwork had a lot of harmonics, and he also had a tendency to do some "tribute" pieces, i.e., he played Frame by Frame, but what was good about this is he made the piece his own. He also did a version of Dave Brubeck's Blue Rondo, which was quite interesting as this was translated from keyboard to acoustic guitar.

Onto Ade. His setup was very simple, in part, I think, because the stage was small. He played a Variax the entire night, which allowed him to get a range of sounds with just one instrument. The fare was typical Ade, mostly solo work from his last three releases, including Ampersand from Side One, as well as a smattering of KC material from the 80s. He left most of that until late in the gig, except for Dinosaur, which he performed as the third song into the set. The KC pieces he played also included Three of a Perfect Pair, Elephant Talk, Frame by Frame (which he ended the main portion of the gig with) and a blistering version of Thela Hun Ginjeet, which ended the show.

A word about the brother/sister combo. Both are immensely talented "Young Bucks" . At one point, Ade noted their ages--Eric is 19, Julie is 20. Both have as much hair as Ade is lacking, lol. Eric's kit is small, but that goes to show you that you don't have to have a lot of bells and whistles to be a good drummer. Julie--all I can say is WOW! I spent the entire gig in front of her. She played a Fender jazz bass (I think), except for one of the Crimson songs where she switched to a Gibson fretless. She played using a pick and not using a pick--and I heard a lot of influences, primarily Squire and Geddy Lee, but obviously, also a bit of Levin. She played barefoot too, which Ade also pointed out towards the end of the gig.


Man, I was glad to just get the Philly tour news. I was sitting here all teary eyed because according to my clock, Adrian and J&E just finished their set in Germany and I've been beating myself up for not being there.

Soo...hope to meet up with a lot of you in Philly on August 14.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Special Post for Susan Henderson

For Susan Henderson (and click on that link to see the absolutely gorgeous photos on her Publishers Marketplace page)...because, well, we both agree that you can never have too much Neil Gaiman:

Adrian Belew Trio on Tour -- Germany!

A considerably younger Julie Slick performing at Zappanale 14 with her even younger brother Eric on drums in the background.

ETA: For those who are asking, no, sadly there will be no webcast from Germany this year...see my reply to David in the comments section of yesterday's post. Also, please continue to check up on Eric's Phildelphia Inquirer tour blog -- he does have internet access in Bad Doberan and will be updating today/tomorrow.

So...for the first time, like, EVER? I am home alone here while Julie, Eric and their father are in Europe for ten days (Gary a bit less) on the Adrian Belew Tour. They are currently having the best time of their lives at Zappanale 17.

Um, would it be horrible of me to say what fun I'm having, too? Ha! It's kind of a lost weekend right now -- about 12 hours of writing per day followed by lots of good wine and strangely healthy food because I've been ordering in and having things delivered such as stir fried tofu with fresh vegetables. (Yes, I know. I plead temporary insanity to the tofu. Note to self: At least order shrimp tonight, or better yet, venture out and get yourself some awesome sushi).

For those who don't know my history -- here is the quick abridged version. Gary and I were married at 18 and I wasn't even pregnant (ha ha, though even at that young, naive age I could see everyone in attendance at the wedding checking out my belly) because I was never what you'd call ultra skinny and the fact I wasn't wearing white but I was a die hard hippie who wore a long blue granny dress (remember those?) which I'm sure added to the speculation. In true flower child style, I even had a Christ-like crown of thorns...I mean my hair. When my mom died, Gary and I became legal guardians of my younger brother David until he went off to college, and shortly thereafter, missing David so much, I got pregnant with Julie and fifteen months later Eric was born.

So yeah, I don't know what it's like to live alone. While I'm selfishly digging it now, I must admit I don't know how I'd feel about it in the long run. I'm having trouble sleeping, I'm hearing all kinds of strange noises, and holy shit, all the errands in this place are falling solely on my shoulders, like walking the dog three times a day (and of course this is the week we're having a 100 plus degree heat wave), and you should have seen my face yesterday when I realized we were out of both toilet paper and bottled water -- I'm quite positive that drinking Philadelphia water from the tap will mean instant death. Because the State of Pennsylvania does not want me ever driving again, this meant a four block walk to the store, and I figured I'd stock up on supplies, forgetting that I'd have to walk home carrying it. Arghh...I got a gallon of water and 2% milk as well as some fruit and veggies. What the hell was I thinking? I had to put the bags down every few steps -- it was like walking with 100 pound weights.

I've also noticed that with no one here, I've been talking out loud to myself. A lot.

Hahahaha - but on the plus side, I've written close to 10,000 words, the feeling of "freedom" is glorious, and while I wait to hopefully hear from someone in my family via international phone I found the following in guitarist great Robert Fripp's diary:



The Minx took Director Bill to Bredonborough Station for his 10.53 train to London & two shows with Minus Five … before driving on to Nottingham & rehearsals as Cruella de Vil…

Have sent Ade some suggestions for the ProjeKct Five debut on July 28th. at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville.

18.35 Called & spoke to Ade, just arrived back from the debut gigs with his new band. Adrian is psyched to the max with it, and looking forward to his other new band – P6 – Fripp & Adrian.

21.15 Practising practising.


Okay, let me translate this diary entry for those of you who may not be in the know.

Robert Fripp is of course the original guitarist in King Crimson. Please click on that link and read and you'll see that "Ade", or Adrian Belew joined the band in 1981. Robert lives in Bredonborough, UK, the "minx" is his beautiful wife, and he keeps a (mostly) daily diary over at DGM Live. It's quite interesting and full of awesome photos taken by Robert himself.

Robert and Adrian now have a side band known as "ProjeKt 5" and just as Ade, Julie and Eric return from Europe, Robert will be flying down to Ade's house in Nashville for a ProjKect 5 or is that 6 -- now I'm confused -- concert on July 28 where Ade plays drums and Robert plays guitar.

Okay, did you notice what Robert also says in his diary?

"Called & spoke to Ade, just arrived back from the debut gigs with his new band. Adrian is psyched to the max with it..."

Oh my god. His new band. That would be Julie and Eric Slick.

It's kind of hard not to fantasize about the four of them jamming together but most likely everyone will be too exhausted for that and I've heard nothing that it's even being discussed, but a girl can dream.

I'm still hyperventilating over Robert's remark that "Adrian is psyched to the max" playing with J&E.

Heart be still. I'm not completely sure about this, but I think Julie and Eric will meet Robert at Adrian's house when they get back from Europe before they return to Philly for a few days (yes! yes! yes!) for some r&r before the first show on the east coast swing, B.B. Kings in New York City on August 8, 2006 - and if you want to come out and see an amazing, amazing show and meet me so you can see what I look like reduced to a wobbly mess of tears, you can purchase your tickets right here.

One final note which is a bit distressing but I hope I'm just being paranoid: I may have jumped the gun reporting on the Philadelphia show. I heard for sure it was a go but it's still not on the World Cafe Live calendar so until I see it, I'm afraid to broadcast it any further.

Anyway, the dog is looking at me with his big brown eyes which means it's time for yet another walk and I just remembered another one of my "chores"...I'd better get my watering bucket out and take care of all of the flowers in my boxes and garden before they wither away in this heat.

Oy. I'm such a princess.

You know what I really need right now? A Fabulous Lorraine like Neil Gaiman has.

Oh man, speaking of Neil and speaking of sushi, now that I know how to post photos so that you can click on them and enlarge them, this one definitely deserves a re-post:

What's that? I'm not a jet setting best seller author like Neil?

Hahahaha - well, maybe if I had an assistant...

But I don't. So it's off to walk the dog, water the flowers, and write, write, write...after which I will happily consume a bottle of fine wine with...tada...sushi from a great restaurant I just this minute discovered delivers!

Ah. Life is good.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Real quick...

Eric sent me an e-mail telling me he's updated his tour blog for the Philadelphia Inquirer just now. Here's the link!

Adrian Belew Power Trio on Tour - departure for Europe

Julie Slick and Adrian Belew on stage in Springfield, Ohio

Okay, so I'm all alone here because the family has left for the European leg of the Adrian Belew Power Trio tour and I'm getting through it by pulling a writing marathon -- I made a firm commitment yesterday to send a finished, edited version of Baby Boomer out by the end of the month and I'm actually very calm about it because I work best under pressure and with no one home, I can really lose myself in the writing. There's nothing quite like that for me -- it's such a natural high. I'll start at 5:00 a.m. and the next thing I know it's dark outside and I look at the clock and somehow an entire day has passed. I know I must have taken bathroom breaks or grabbed a handful of raisins somewhere along the line but mainly I am shocked how fast the hours pass when I'm working on something I truly love.

Anyway, one final writing note -- I was solicited by a brand new magazine which looks absolutely awesome. It's called Greatest Uncommon Denominator, it will be published twice a year, has a more than interesting "we pay our writers" policy for its contributors, and it's got 200 pages of content. So I wrote back and told them I didn't have any new short fiction at the moment but I asked if I could do an interview or review (or both) and they took me up on my offer so guess what -- I get to do a review of Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things when it's released and I told them I'd also interview the Adrian Belew Power Trio. They wrote me back totally stoked! Of course it's going to be hard to be objective...

But I'll try. Ha.

So in celebration of that, this is for Susan Henderson, who just got back from Africa and I'm hoping this will lure her to my comments section and she can share at least one story from her trip:

I know, Sue, I know. He's so beautiful it hurts.

And speaking of Adrian Belew...


Take a look at his updated website. I almost had a coronary when I saw that yesterday. Cool, huh?

And Eric updated his blog, which can be found right here on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer on line.

As I mentioned yesterday, I got some more great reviews on the Belew shows and the following is by Rena Fay, who also took the photo posted above:

"Short story --

WOW!! The shows were stellar!! Adrian, Julie and Eric really had a great time!

Longer version --

Highly anticipating the shows, I took my 'tour set' disc on the trip with me and listened to it repeatedly on the drive up to Indy. I was so ready!

It was a beautiful day, as the humidity was low after the downpour of rain they had on the 4th of July -- just what this California native needed. Hey, it's too freakin' hot with that humidity. I don't know how they do it. I arrived in Indy, realized that I had no idea where the show actually was, so I made my way off on Market Street and followed it downtown to a beautiful flowing fountain - a monument of some sort. I'm forced onto a one-way street heading north and about 10 blocks up, I cross 10th Street, so I know I'm in route, with only 80 blocks to go! Arriving at the venue, I sit outside for a few on the phone. Meanwhile, a car with a couple of guys inside pulls up, only to bump into the front of the rental car. Yes, of course I had declined the insurance. I always decline the insurance!

I go inside where my idea of standing in front of Adrian is immediately crushed. There are fold-up chairs, about 300 of them in rows, starting a good 4 feet back from the stage. The room is a large black box with a very high ceiling and right away I see j.sewell and his lady setting up to video (hi you two.) After saying hello, I take a seat in the 1st row and within a minute The Residents start playing, making this kid feel right at home (thanks Ken!) Scoping out the stage, I decide to make my way to the other side of the room, closer to Adrian seat. It was hard to sit in my seat. I was so anxious that I could hardly sit still.

The show opens with Graham Elvis - a very trippy dude to say the least!! "THAT'S RIGHT NOW!!"

The Belew Power Trio take the stage and open with Writing on the Wall. Adrian was very proud of his new team and it really showed. As soon as the song ended, an admiring audience member commented on "the beautiful bass player" causing Julie to smile and blush for the first of several times. Next came Dinosaur with a different arrangement for the drums, much faster than usual. Let me stop here for a second and say to Robin -- OMG! I don't want to sound repetious, but your kids can ROCK! Eric is one of the fastest drummers I've seen. His drumming on & was my favorite. The part that comes after the double beat was amazingly fast. His bass kicks were out of league with anything else. Wow! And Julie's playing is so smooth! She makes it look like it's the easiest thing. Her fingers just float across her bass strings! After the first couple songs, Adrian, like a proud papa, introduced them to us, and the whole place rose to a standing ovation! He is truly proud to have them on the tour! And again, the admiring audience member makes another comment on Julie's beauty and abilities...much to her embarrassment. The show continued with Young Lion, Beat Box and Matchless Man and Adrian comments on the enthusiasm of the crowd and gives thanks to the crowd for making a Thursday night in Indy most memorable. The place really loved it! The killer set continued with a very Dark Shadow-y version of Madness then Julie and Eric left the stage. Adrian took a seat to play Drive mixed with Within You Without You then Lone Rhino, turning it into a sing-along with the audience!!! Julie and Eric returned and played another long set including I Remember How To Forget, where Adrian, towards the end,looked over toward Eric and while laughing said, "I almost did forgot the ending." (It sounded just perfect to me.)

The first encore -- Frame by Frame / Three of A Perfect Pair was awesome. It sounded quite different than KC or other solo Adrian I've heard. They returned to a final encore of Elephant Talk and Thela, where by this time I was dancin' with some chick on the side of the room away from the fold-up chairs. We had a blast!

Adrian had a line for signatures about 50 deep. Eric and Julie were surrounded by people asking for autographs as well (yeah Robin, look for picture of that to come your way soon.) They were very cool to talk to and they told me, I think it was Eric, that they love their mommy very much! :-) I gave away stickers and talked to Adrian and friends for quite a while before driving back for some much needed sleep. I was happy that Martha was there! :)

Here's the setlist --

Writing on The Wall
Young Lion
Beat Box Guitar
Matchless Man
Drive -> **
Within You Without You -> **
Lone Rhino **
Bow & Drum
Big Electric Cat
I Remember How To Forget

Encore 1:
Frame By Frame
Three of A Perfect Pair

Encore 2:
Elephant Talk
Thela Hun Ginjeet

** Adrian Solo

Hey, thanks for that, Rena. That was awesome of you to send me and I'll be posting more of your photos in the future.

Anyway, I'm incredibly bummed that there will be no webcast from Zappanale this year but I guess it's just as well -- I need to finish editing my book.

And that's what I'm off to do now.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I interrupt this broadcast of the daily Adrian Belew Power Trio Tour report for some...gasp...writing news!

Ha ha - yeah, that's me again at the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan, East Germany (with some strange guys looking on)...where...sob...everyone in my family will be this week except me. However, it has recently come to my attention that Dubya will be there, too! Oh my god. Most people have never heard of Bad you're going to be reading/hearing about it ad nauseam on Thursday when Bush arrives for a worldwide summit. 15,000 FBI and military are also attending. I told Julie and Eric's father to make sure he wears nice underwear for his strip search at the airport. And there goes the hash tent!

Just kidding, just kidding.

But if I see a picture of Dubya with that bust of Zappa that's it...I'm gonna have to kill myself.

And wait...I do have music news, but just two quick things:

(1) Eric's Adrian Belew Tour blog for the Philadelphia Inquirer can now be accessed daily at and it looks so cool on their front page...have a click and see (though he hasn't updated since yesterday but will do so by the end of today)

(2) I was watching a You Tube of Eric on tour playing drums with Project Object back in May and it's so damn good I'm posting the link again here. For some unknown reason, the guy who put it up removed the imbedded version so you'll have to click on the link but trust me, it'll be worth your time.

Soo...I have way cool stuff to report -- if you are me, that is -- as concerns the writing world.

First of all, I have to publish this as I received it -- it's got to be one of the most enjoyable acceptance letters I've ever received as concerns one of my short stories:

Robin Slick,

Good News! I am pleased greatly by your fictional "Interception" and shall publish it upon our Poor Mojo's Almanac(k). It shall be displayed within the next few weeks (bearing to mind that new material is posted every Thursday at 4:00am EST.) Thus, it may behoove you to keep an eye out for it on the site. If you are ever in San Francisco, CA or Ann Arbor, MI, contact us poste haste; we owe you a beer (or comparable soft beverage of your choosing)-- a social engagement which I will likely relegate to one of my several sub-editors (I have few stray moments for beverage imbibing-- a squid's work is never done.).

Additionally, neglect not the enhanced remuneration plan: If you have five pieces published with us and have not retrieved a beer (or soft beverage), than you can exchange those promised beers for one t-shirt. This t-shirts are most appropriate to two-torso-limbed writers of the medium, large or extra-large variety, in either male or female flavor.

But wait! There is more! At year's end (or, to speak with precision, after the publication of issue #250) I shall randomly select a piece displayed upon he site within the last 50 issues, and award its author . The first annual Poor Mojo's Bonanza of one-hundred American dollars was awarded to r.wade for her "Your Librarian Hates You!" (PMjA Issue #146, and the second to Jonathan Hayes for his "Chicken Poem" (PMjA #164, Hearty congratulations ring the globe, and their destination is r.wade and Mr. Hayes! Since I shall randomly select among pieces published, the more pieces of yours we display, the greater your chances of acquiring those U.S. dollars, which may be exchange for goods and services throughout the Colonies. Let us call this "the PMjA Bonanza."

So, to enshorten an already lengthy tale, you might want to consider submitting more scribblings.

Of course, any physical remuneration is in addition to all-encompassing, world-wide fame and Glory stretching infinitely both backward and forward in time-- you shall still doubtless receive such as that.

All for the Best in the Best of All Possible Worlds,
The Giant Squid

Ha! Is that great or what? I may just take him up on that offer of a beer if the Adrian Belew Power Trio does in fact tour the west coast in November and I manage to make a show or two.

Next, my two novels, Three Days in New York City and Another Bite of the Apple are reviewed here and here.

I'm way too excited so I can't help it, I've got to post a portion of each. The first is from the review of Three Days:

"...When I read a story about a woman that has as much weakness as strength (a little bit like me), I am immediately delighted. To see that the heroine can show that she is as white as black, and all grey in between means that I will enjoy my reading experience. Which I did, with Three days in New York City.

Ms. Slick is a serious and enthralling storyteller that cooked us, just like her character Rob, a perfect story with enough love, passion, sex, friendship and. life! Writing about real life can sometime be a challenge. Finding the right words or right expressions to tell a living truth takes a lot of talent. For those of us who are realistic but like to read a remarkable good story, Three days in New York City is the book!"

And this next one is from the review of Another Bite of the Apple:

"...How can I not applaud Ms. Slick's work? I find again one of my favorite heroines and she is still less than perfect, which is perfect for me! The dialogues were more than well written, so well in fact that I had to read twice (made that three times!) Elizabeth's conversations with her ex, Glen and then with her son, James! Ms. Slick knows her way around words. She uses them in a way that I love to see! Thumbs up for you, Ms.Slick!

Now, about my reading experience, ask me if I laughed? Yes, I did (in the public bus! Imagine that!). If my attention was solely absorbed by my reading? Oh yes! If I want more? Oh yes!"

Okay, yep, I'm really stoked because I don't know this reviewer personally (nor did I pay her anything to write these, I swear!) -- her name is Anne Chaput -- nor was I familiar with the wonderful website, Sensual Ecata Romance, until she sent me a heads up email yesterday. Anne, seriously, thank you so much time for the time and effort you put into these reviews. I had goose bumps reading them.

So that's it for today (I think, anyway) family is off to Europe and I'm wondering how I'm going to spend the next week here all by myself. Har har. I don't know what to do or what not to do first.

(But of course since preparing this blog post I just received three more stellar reviews of the Adrian Belew Power Trio on tour so who knows, I may come back with a new blurb later this afternoon or save it for tomorrow.)


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Adrian Belew Power Trio on tour - Night Three

Adrian Belew on stage July 7, 2006

Man, I have a lot to talk about today. Go get a cup of coffee or tea or something and come back.

Just kidding. But it might not be a bad idea.

So first things first. Eric is blogging about the Adrian Belew Power Trio tour for the Philadelphia Inquirer and here's the link. After today, you will be able to access Eric's blog by simply going to but of course I'll put a permanent link up on the right hand side here and remind you constantly (ha) when that happens. I know he's my son, but I really like the way Eric writes. Hey, that could be his back-up plan if he doesn't make it as a musician.

Har har.

Second, I've been reading/receiving some incredible reviews of the Chicago shows.

Andrew Hester had this to say:

"I was there, and it was an excellent show. The Crimson tunes rocked harder with his new trio than they had previously on last year's tour, with more standard arrangements in use similar to the original album cuts. For example, he did not do that unusual rearrangement of Frame By Frame he was doing last year. Also, there were fewer musical and technical issues in general. Adrian really seemed to stretch out and and just jam a bit more than in the past with some extended soloing on his part. He seemed to be having a lot of fun, and so did the rest of us in the room!

The new rhythm section, Julie & Eric Slick, were very tight, and they both displayed some impressive technique and taste to excellently complement Adrian's spastic alien at the zoo nuttiness.

The bass was more classic bottom end and in the pocket then we had grown used to with Mike Gallaher and his jazz guitar chops and octave pedal. This resulted in a more cohesive and solid performance overall. Less overtly flashy & cluttered, Julie's tasty & tasteful improvised fills added quite a few nice surprises at several unexpected moments. Excellent stuff!

The drumming was equally impressive, and, at times, explosive. Eric seemed to add a bit of intensity and urgency to the music that brought a certain youthful freshness to some very familar music to my ears.

Close to the end of the show, at some point, Adrian mentioned how he'd like to hold on to his new bandmates for a while (I can't remember his exact words). I hope he does."

Wow. Thanks for that awesome review, Andrew. And yeah, I hope he holds on to his new bandmates, too. xo

Over on the Planet Crimson forum board, here's what they're saying about Chicago:

Adrian Belew @ Double Door, Chicago, 08 July 2006

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 1:05 pm
"Great show. Adrian was at his playful best, and the Slick (sp?) siblings were right with him. The bassist was very good, but she really let her hair down only during the encores ("Elephant Talk" and "Thela"), where she managed to play all those Levin stick parts on a standard bass guitar. I really really really liked the drumming, though; Eric worked extremely hard during the night, but always kept it dynamic and stayed far away from sounding mechanical, all while throwing slightly exhausted smiles and grins towards his sister and Adrian. Ade himself amazed, especially since this was the first time I saw him without KC. With all his gadgets, he's a one-man band himself and played two songs ("Lone Rhinoceros" and another one I couldn't name) solo, looping rhythm guitar parts and soloing over them; no need for bass and drums there, then. Smile Don't ask me about a set-list, though, since I only know the Side One stuff and random other pieces that stuck in my mind...

Overall, lots of smiles were thrown across the stage tonight, which for me is a good sign of a band having fun together. As a power trio, they've got enough power to do a few albums, and I do hope Adrian is going to ask them to participate in studio projects once this tour is done..."
Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 2:23 am
"I agree with Nadim on all points: Adrian was absolutely smoking throughout; by the end he was soaked in his sweat. I really need to check out Side 2 (thanks for direction L.Ray) and probably go to 3 and 1 from there. Some of the best solo-Belew I've heard.

Crimson: Dinosaur was the second song. (Again, truely, best version I've heard--I never liked this song much until last night.)

Last two songs of the set: Frame by Frame and Three of a Perfect Pair.

Encore: Elephant Talk and Thela

It's a good thing they did these last 4 at the end, as even the 19 year old looked exhausted--and with good reason. Smile..."
Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 6:16 pm

"What Nadim and Michael said - A great show...

I believe this show was a few notches above last year’s show at Park West with the Mikes. This was only the third show for this line-up. The two Slick siblings add great energy, solidness, and playfulness to Adrian’s show. Eric’s drumming is solid, playing on a 4 piece set with double bass pedal on a few songs (like “&”). Julie’s bass playing was great and I too was amazed at her playing of the stick parts from ET and Thela on a 4 string.

Set list as I remember it:
Writing on the Wall
Beat Box Guitar
Young Lions
Of Bow and Drum
Matchless Man
Big Electric Cat
I Remember How to Forget
Frame by Frame
Three of a Perfect Pair
Elephant Talk
Thela Hun Ginjeet

The set list was similar to last year’s show. “Dinosaur” was done without the cool middle section (but we get a taste of that at the end of “I Remember…”). I was glad to hear “Beat Box Guitar” as it had been stuck in my head all day as Jason and I made our way around Chicago. “Drive and Matchless Man” were played solo with looped rhythm parts. “Madness” surprised me again as it did last year. The recording is always difficult for me to sit through some times but the live version just blows me away everytime. Julie and Eric really laid out a funky base for Adrian to get crazy over. The last four Crimson songs were played amazingly. I couldn’t decide who to keep my eyes on, Eric for seeing how he adapted Bruford’s parts, Julie for how she took on Tony’s parts or Adrian for how he played his and Fripp’s parts..."

Okay, I'm happy now. Man, this is intense, reading all this about J&E. I admit it, I'm getting the chills.
On the Primus forum board:

"Amazing. I never heard the Double Door roar so much after each song and you can tell the 2 School of rock kids were having a blast playing w/ Adrian and Adrian having even a better time playing w/ them.

And Julie Slick, the bassist was hot.....and very much talented"

"Julie Slick on bass is a goddess and rips on bass and her brother Eric on drums needs to join a speed metal band as his double bass and insane cymbol work would fit in perfectly.

All of Adrians songs had a really heavy fast feeling to them w/ them backing. Total amazment."

"Julie and Eric Slick were much better than Les and Danny on all the L.A.D. tunes"

"I'm telling ya the show was fuckin phenomenal the other nite."

Continuing on, here's what Clint had to say in his blog:

"2 days later

I'm still wowed by the show Saturday evening.

Just incredible.

...Then Adrian came on stage with his new Power Trio - backed by the Slicks, Julie and Eric. On the second song, "Dinosaur", the crowd really started getting into the music. I, however, had a brief moment of deja vu. In 2001 at the Chicago Theater, King Crimson played. On the second song, Adrian Belew lost his voice. The rest of the 2 hour set was totally instrumental. The second song was, you guessed it, "Dinosaur". However, his voice stayed firm and he brought the house down with several tracks from his recent three albums, several Crimson songs - including a thank you to Andreas Kapsalis by playing "Frame by Frame", and even a couple of the "classic" Belew tracks from "Op Zop Do Wah". I have to say that I was very impressed with his bassist and drummer. Despite their age - 20 and 19, respectively - they had great poise and commanded the audience's attention during their solo portions of various KC songs (songs written with very specific musicians in mind - Tony Levin, for instance).

What really wrapped up the performance for me was the energy and pure joy that came off the stage during the performance. Adrian Belew is a man who loves what he does and there is no mistaking it. The audience couldn't help but be wrapped up in the music and whisked away for 90 minutes. He wasn't there to converse with the audience, he was there to perform his craft (even said early in the show "You know how much I like being here, so let's get on with the music.").

I left the venue with a signed copy of "Side One". Definitely one of those more memorable experiences."

Finally, my good pal Andrew Greenaway, a/k/a the Idiot Bastard, has a photo and some cool links up on his website including some new press releases for the Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan, East Germany later this week, which of course Adrian and J&E are headlining.

So did I mention how happy I am?


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Adrian Belew Power Trio on Tour - Night Two continued

Julie Slick, Adrian Belew, and Eric Slick on stage in Springfield, Ohio

ETA: I was just over at DGM Live and Sid Smith is not only reporting on the Adrian Belew Power Trio tour, he just teasingly linked my blog along with that of Neil Gaiman. Ha! And here I haven't mentioned Neil for days...

(And now he's going to get a couple hundred thousand more daily hits on his blog courtesy of Sid. Ha ha - you can thank me later, Neil.)

So here's a portion of a cool review of Friday night's show I received from Kevin McKeehan, a member of Adrian Belew's tribe:

"The show last night was awesome...first time seeing Ade electrified and outdoors...very cool. I'm lousy with set lists unless I purloin one...which I did not. I really dug Matchless man and Lone Rhino...still one of my faves and he let loose towards the end.

Robin...your kids are excellent...two scoops to you and yours! I got to see the first iteration of the power trio and had been blown away with the powerful playing of Mike G. on the bass and spent equal amounts of time watching him wail away...Julie on the other hand is silky smooth and soulful, yet still powerful.....put the heart back into the songs instead of ripping it out, gave them a new depth.

Eric is simply staggering...such a young man with such chops....he definitely has a very, very bright future in the music biz..."

Wow. Thanks for that, Kevin, and for the excellent photos you provided -- especially the above group shot. I'll be putting up more in future posts. Oh, you know what? Let me post a few more here -- one of Ms. Julie and one of the Slickster on drums.

For those keeping track of such things, yes, Julie has many basses and I'm hoping someone sends me a photo of her playing her vintage fretless Gibson Ripper -- she uses it on "Elephant Talk" and uh-oh, did I just give away a secret song from the set list? Ha ha - nah, I see the set lists are published all over the web so I'm thinking I'm safe sharing that info at this point.

And let me also provide you with this link for more of Kevin's awesome photos of the concert. There are some amazing ones of Adrian.

It's too early for any reviews of last night's Chicago show to be in -- it's like 6:30 a.m. there right now. I'll either edit this post to include them as I find them later in the day or will gather them up for a blog entry tomorrow -- depends on whether I can control my excitement or not.

Also, it appears that Julie and Eric didn't have internet access in Chicago because we have AOL and I'm able to see that they both have considerable amounts of mail that they haven't opened so that also means Eric has been unable to enter anything on the tour blog for the Philadelphia Inquirer yet but he's doing it in Microsoft Word and will transfer what he wrote to the blog as soon as he's back on line -- which, I guess, will be later tonight or tomorrow morning when the Adrian Belew Power Trio returns to their home base in Nashville, Tennessee. And oh my god, do I believe they leave for Europe in a few days? What a life! And someone who was at the Ohio show posted this:

"By the way, there was chatter, after the show, about another east coast leg, and another west coast leg, after Europe.

I think that's the info I already had...i.e., there are several dates for an east coast and southern swing in August and plans to tour Texas and the west coast in November...but who knows, maybe there's more being added. I'll report it here as soon as I get any new information.

In the meantime, let me say this to the man responsible for the current Adrian Belew Power Trio...

Um, I feel compelled to add that this photo is meant to be funny. My regular readers know how I feel about the war and the Bush Administration...arghhh...I keep waiting to wake up from the nightmare.

Later, (with more Belew news I hope)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Adrian Belew Power Trio on Tour - Night Two

Julie Slick at a gig at Rembrandt's Restaurant; Eric Slick on stage with Project Object in Burlington, Vermont

Happy Saturday!

Well, the first reviews of the Adrian Power Trio on tour are coming in and to say I'm excited is a major understatement.

They got a standing ovation in Indianapolis...and here's an e-mail from a fan I received that was meant for Julie but you know me, I'm going to post it here anyway:

I caught your show in Indpls last night with Adrian Belew. Great show. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I think you and your brother Eric are phenomenal talents. I think that you two will go far. I've been involved in music for over 17 years and I've seen a lot of people come and go and both of you have a talent that is both raw and seasoned at the same time. Best of luck in the future. Great show.


ETA: Here's a comment I just got in my post below which I am copying here due to parental proudness:

Just saw Belew Plus Two in Springfield, Ohio last night. Simply amazing--all three were brilliant. These sibs have a really bright future
And Thomas, President of the Arf Society and the man responsible for bringing Adrian and J&E to Germany next week to headline at Zappanale 17, wrote this:

Hi Robin,

You really make us terribly excited for the show here in Germany. Can't wait to see the trio on Zappanale-stage. 8 days to go - 8 days to wait.

Music is the best!


Here's a review of the show in Ohio last night which appears today in the Springfield News-Sun.
Here's an interview Adrian did for the Calgary News which I will post here in its entirety because it mentions Julie and Eric:

Calgary's News & Entertainment Weekly
No Rest for the Wicked -- Guitar Great Adrian Belew Looks to the Future

Adrian Belew fondly remembers his very first electric guitar.

"A Gibson Firebird, I liked the shape of it, such a modern looking guitar, a very odd shape.... I paid $10 a week for the darn thing, forever, until I paid it off. I played it and played it and played it."

But back in the mid-’70s, the musical climate was harsh and inhospitable for guitarists of all shapes and statures.

"When the disco era hit, there was no work for live bands, here in the United States, except in the Holiday Inn circuit, which is a terrible place to play. I was offered a job in the Holiday Inn circuit, but as a drummer," Belew says. "And my thinking was ‘Well, I don’t mind playing drums to ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon ’Round the Old Oak Tree,’ but I would hate to try to play guitar to that dreck, so I had to sell that guitar to buy a drum kit and that’s what I did."

Since this inauspicious start to a phenomenal career, Belew has played with a literal A-Z of the most creative musical minds of the late 20th century – from Laurie Anderson to Frank Zappa, not to mention David Bowie, David Byrne, Robert Fripp, Trent Reznor, Paul Simon and, of course, William Shatner. The Nashville based guitarist, singer-songwriter continues to juggle full-time membership in two bands (prog-rock dynasty King Crimson and the Beatlesque pop combo The Bears) with his eclectic solo work. He’s garnered pop culture nods that include passing mentions on The Simpsons and the School of Rock,, as well as a recent Grammy nomination for best instrumental recording (Beat Box Guitar).

Belew has little time or appetite for nostalgia, having recently released the last of a trilogy of discs, unassumingly entitled side one, side two and side three.

"Over the last five years I’ve put a lot of effort and time into touring with and resurrecting King Crimson and, to a lesser degree, The Bears. I didn’t have a lot of time for my own stuff, for myself, but whatever time I did have, in between the cracks, I would record whatever new ideas I might have," Belew explains.

"After about four years of accumulating all these various ideas I started looking seriously at what I had and realized, ‘Wow, I’ve got 35 songs here."

On side one, he lets loose with the mother-of-all-power-trios – Tool drummer Danny Carey and Primus bassist Les Claypool. The results are as powerful and impressive as one would expect. With side two, Belew explores newer, less familiar territory.

"I had also been developing a whole bunch of other ideas more in the DJ music mode, where you have drum machines and long synthesizer pads and not much vocals but a little bit here and there, repeating phrases… a whole genre I had never touched on."

He plays virtually all the instruments and, as much of a departure as side two is from his past work, there’s still no mistaking it’s Adrian Belew.

Finally, on side three, Carey and Claypool return for a satisfying finale that is as eclectic and dynamic as Belew’s fans expect from his solo work.

"Side three was really everything else that didn’t fit in either one of those categories, which is why side three is a very eclectic record – it has all kinds of different things on it," he says.

"I worked hard on fitting them together smoothly, to make one record, and I’m kind of used to doing that with my solo records, they usually are a pastiche of different ideas." With an audible lack of arty pretension, Belew chuckles at his use of the word "pastiche."

The trilogy also showcases another new Belew passion – painting. His original abstract acrylics grace the covers and inserts of all three discs. For him, it’s all part of the same power-drive creativity package.

"The whole thing reminds me exactly of music. Painting is just like making a new song – You go in the studio, you have nothing and you just start," Belew says. "You might put a few textures on, a few rhythms on. You might do whatever, change this, change that, erase that off, put something else on and gradually you build something and then at some point you have to say that’s it, it’s done. That’s the hardest part."

Back from a six-week tour of Italy and Australia, Belew will begin rehearsing the following day with a new, fresh rhythm section. Young sibling prodigies, Julie and Eric Slick are both honours graduates of Paul Green’s School of Rock – the rock school that was the inspiration behind Jack Black’s film School of Rock.

"Out of 1,500 students, they’re the top students that they’ve ever had," Belew states proudly. He draws clear parallels between his work with the School of Rock’s alumni and his own experience with mentors like Fripp and Zappa.

"I do see the parallels, and for me it’s an honour, honestly, that there’s someone out there who’s been inspired by what I’ve done in the same way that I’ve been inspired by the Beatles and Hendrix and Jeff Beck and King Crimson. I was a big fan of King Crimson before I was in the band, that was one of my favourite bands – second only really to The Beatles and then one day I woke up and I was in the band."

Oh my god, that is so cool and surreal, it gave me the chills.

As I also mentioned, Eric will be doing a tour blog for the Philadelphia Inquirer and here is the link!. I will make it a permanent link on the right hand side here as soon as Eric starts making regular entries and I'll see if I can twist Julie's arm to do a post or two as well.

Finally, I note on Pollstar that three additional Florida shows have been added -- August 17, 2006 (my birthday!) in Jacksonville, Florida; August 18 in St. Petersburg, and August 19 in Lake Worth.

Um, ya think I'm gonna be asking for a special birthday present this year? Can you say "airfare and hotel to Jacksonville?" Ha! Oh well family - start saving your money now...I'll settle for nothing less.

And yes, yes, yes, it looks like Adrian, Julie and Eric will be coming to Philadelphia for a show at the World Cafe Live on August 14. It's not on their calendar yet but should be there any day (fingers crossed!) and of course I will post a link for tickets as soon as it's available.

Okay. Where are all my Belew Tribe members who attended the show in Ohio last night? I want to hear from you! I'll come back in and edit this post and add your comments in later or if your remarks are really special, I'll create a new post just for you.

As for novel is calling out...edit me...edit me...don't neglect me because your kids are on tour and you're excited...I need help....please....



Friday, July 07, 2006

Adrian Belew Power Trio -- The Tour Begins

Eric Slick lounging in Bad Doberan, East Germany prior to his performance at Zappanale last year; Julie Slick on stage at the Troc

So the Adrian Belew Power Trio kicked off their tour last night at the Music Mill in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tonight's show in Springfield, Ohio is going to be really wild because it's a free, outdoor event and tomorrow's show in Chicago is at the legendary Double Door where the Stones even played and oh my god, what was I thinking when I decided not to make the first three shows? By the way, click on the Double Door link - they mention Julie and Eric and Rock School in the advert.

I haven't heard from Julie or Eric yet as to how the first show went last evening...but I just got this comment on my blog post below and I'm going to copy it here because I'm so freaking proud! And I think what I'll do is come in here and edit this post throughout the day - you know, add those ETAs -- as I find any reviews online or get any more comments or emails.

"Jeff Curtis

I attended the show in Indy last night and I'm sure it is not news to you, but those are some talented children you have. It's obvious they have worked long and hard at their music and really deserve this opportunity. They are also quite personable and enjoyed talking with the fans after the show. They've got the autograph gig down pretty good too. Filling shoes like Tony Levin and Bill Bruford is not easy and they were amazing.

A fan yelled after the first song that he was in love with the bass player. This made Julie smile and seemed to embarass her a bit. All fun to see. I'm sure their youthful enthusiasm will also be infectious for Adrian as well. He told me they were also just fun to be around.

Good job on raising two wonderful and incredibly talented kids!"

Thanks, Jeff. I really appreciate that. Um, got any digital pics you can email me? I'm dying here!

Anyway, Eric will be doing an on-line tour blog for the Philadelphia Inquirer starting later today or tomorrow, so that's very cool, and I will post the link as soon as I get it.

A couple of cool news articles about Adrian and the upcoming tour have popped up and here are the links:

Intelligent Rock Guitarist Is Cutting Edge Go-To Guy

Belew A Graduate of School of Zappa

Okay, that's it for now. Be back later with any updates.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Julie and Eric Slick may be down in Nashville but they're in the Philadelphia Inquirer today

Julie Slick on stage at the Troc in Philly; Eric Slick on tour with Project Object

So yesterday was way weird -- we dropped Julie and Eric off at the airport for their flight to Nashville and for the first time in over twenty years looked at each other and said "Oh my god, we're the only ones home now." Ha ha - we've had a steady parade of friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, their friends' name it, in here ever since the two of them could walk/talk. And I'm anti-social! But that's nothing compared to how surreal it is to have both of your kids about to go on tour with a guitarist you've idolized for years...

Anyway, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Michael Klein was kind enough to write about J&E touring with Adrian in today's newspaper right here...but of course me being me will cut and paste it due to the excitement factor:


Brother-sister Eric and Julie Slick, who live near the Art Museum and were original students in the Paul Green School of Rock Music, are the backup band for guitar legend Adrian Belew. (Eric, 19, is a drummer, and Julie, 20, is a bassist.) They're in Nashville preparing for the tour, which begins Thursday and hits Europe before landing on the East Coast. (No Philly date as of yesterday.)"

Cool, huh?

Look for a possible daily tour blog written by Eric to appear in the on-line version of the Philadelphia Inquirer starting later this week...I will furnish details as soon as they are available.

So that helped ease the pain of missing the two of them this morning though I will probably have to hold Gary's hand tonight when he hears the fireworks down at the Art Museum -- it was his job to take the kids there since they were little while I stayed home because (1) I hate crowds and (2) I abhor the music they play with said fireworks (Can you say Neil Diamond's America and Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA? Arghhhh...) and (3) We have a dog who is a neurotic mess during thunderstorms let alone fireworks and when they start going off at the museum, they sound like they are in my living room.

Even when the kids were no longer kids, Gary continued with the tradition and we always had a yearly open house barbecue here for their pals until dark after which they would race outside for Gary's infamous annual illegally purchased in Maryland fireworks display in the schoolyard around the corner followed by a group trek down the street to the official display.

We're still barbecuing today but it's just the two of us, well, three of us if you count the dog who truly does believe he's one of our children most likely because we treat him that way so yeah, he'll have his own burger on a real plate (he apparently is just like me and does not care for the paper version because he tears them to shreds when he's finished har har). And we would have had to barbecue some type of freaking spinach/tofu/cardboard burgers for Julie and Eric today anyway since they are now both officially vegetarians and oh my god, I'm rambling, aren't I.

Ah well. The older I get the more apparent it is: The only thing constant in life is change.


But hey, it's worked out okay so far. My kids are about to have the summer of their lives (and beyond - as I said before, the tour extends throughout November) and I have a new book out...may as well pimp it again right here.