Thursday, June 01, 2006

Surreys and Death, among other things...

So as promised on Tuesday, here we all are in our cornball surrey on the boardwalk in Ocean City -- unfortunately Eric's girlfriend Carolyn is not in the pic as she was the photographer...the photo we got the unsuspecting tourist to take was horrible and completely cut off Carolyn's head so I couldn't post it. Notice the only one smiling is Julie, because she is driving and well, she's a maniac and the rest of us were hanging on for dear life. Nah, in all fairness, it was a lot of fun because as you can see by her determined expression, it was her goal to run as many yuppies over as possible within an hour's time -- she got extra points if she hit power walkers wearing big-ass iPod headphones ignorantlly and obliviously blocking the specified surrey lane on said boardwalk. I mean, come on. It's not rocket science. There are three clearly drawn lanes in each direction on the boardwalk. Bicycles on the left, surreys in the middle, pedestrians, who have the widest lane, on the right. But no, we have our power walkers who not only choose the surrey lane but walk in pairs so you can't even pass them without getting hit head-on by some lunatic in the bike lane going in the opposite direction who thinks he's Lance Armstrong.

Enough of that. Let's talk about music. In stalking my son on Google, I found Mike Keneally's forum board. Look at all the mentions of Eric! And in case you don't know who Mike Keneally is, here's his website. So to say this is cool is putting it mildly.

Hey, did you know DC Comics has decided to make Batwoman a lesbian? Read all about it here. Good for them. Up yours, conservative Bush asswipes!

And also as promised -- or should I say threatened -- here I am in my official Neil Gaiman Death t-shirt. And yes I know -- I have very cool refrigerator magnets and the reason I'm wearing sunglasses is that we'd just come in from walking the dog and I made Julie snap the photo before she left for class and there wasn't time to think properly...she was rushing me cos' she was late. I really am the least photogenic person I know, but wtf, the t-shirt looks good, anyway.

Oh okay. I always wear dark glasses. Just call me Blind Lemon Jello.

And yeah, I'm still sitting on some writing news but I haven't been given the official okay to say anything yet so maybe tomorrow? Oh well. Speaking of writing, today I hope to get another chapter or two done though the noise level from the construction next door seems to be getting worse and I didn't think that was possible. If it's not ninety degrees again today, I'll probably take the dog to the park with my journal and pen. Eric and Julie are doing intense rehearsing for their upcoming tour with Adrian Belew and then Eric will probably take off to hang out with friends; Julie and Matt are going to see Radiohead at the Tower if nothing else, maybe I can adjust my body clock and do some serious writing tonight. I'm starting to have painful nightmares over how long it's taking me to finish editing/writing this novel and self-destructive is just not my style!