Friday, March 31, 2006

Pass the bottle -- Friday rules

And now the moment they've both been dreading -- the original Julie and Eric Slick future rock star photo and yes, they did love those tie-dye shirts. But man, what a prediction of how their lives did in fact turn out, and even though it's Julie who ultimately played the bass and Eric is a drummer, he also plays guitar, bass, sax, marimbas, name it. But I feel I must make a disclaimer here. The cowboy hats were their idea - god knows I tried to talk them out of it. I remember it like it was yesterday. Julie threatened to not allow the photographer to take their picture unless I let them both wear those things. She's been making the rules around here since day one. I've officially dubbed her the Slick Family Social Director.

But the fact that it says "Star on the Horizon"

Hey, check out the other headlines on that Rolling Stone cover -- so I'm guessing this must be from 1992 which would make Eric five and Julie six years old at the time this photo was taken. "Guns and Roses fans await new album". Err...I think they're still waiting fifteen years later. Hope they weren't holding their breath. Check that. I hope they did and are now all blue.

Not me. Bleh, feh, and yeah, yeah, we all know what Axl Rose really means when you unscramble the letters. He's just so...cough cough...hip. ("Oral sex" for those of you uncool folks out there and if you didn't previously know that, I wouldn't worry about fact, be proud)

And oh god, there's also a headline about the Grateful Dead. Jerry's been dead since like, what, 1994? Ugh, there's another band which will be on the soundtrack in hell when I die. How is it that I never remember to mention them when I moan how much I despise U2 and Aerosmith? I think I hate them so much I just block them out. Oh, and that goes for their evil little devil child Phish, too. And oh my god, all of their solo efforts....arghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Okay, who can tell me where the title of this post originates? Stick your answer in the comments section -- if no one comes up with the answer, I'll post it tomorrow or whenever I post next.

Speaking of music (and when don't I?), I'm really digging the new David Gilmour CD a lot more than I thought I would. One song I'm really liking is "This Heaven" which has Georgie Fame on Hammond Organ. I also especially love the first cut, "On An Island", which features Graham Nash and David Crosby on back-up vocals. By the way, make sure you do in fact click on the David Crosby link and then click on "politics". Yay, David! See, this is what is missing from music today. Don't fucking dance to mindless MTV/rap/music...listen to the real thing, absorb the lyrics, read about this fucking country of ours that's robbing all of our personal freedom...and get out in the street and protest!

Getting back to the Gilmour CD, funny inside story about how Nash and Crosby ended up on the CD. Gilmour and Nash are neighbors and Gilmour had an emergency plumbing problem at his house. Graham Nash has a reputation for being a very handy guy, so Gilmour phoned him up and asked him to come over and see if he could help. After struggling a few hours and no real plumber available, Nash told Gilmour he knew of another neighbor even more handy, and he called her and she came over straight away and fixed the problem. Know who it was? None other than Bette Midler. She's like mega handywoman. By the way, did you know I've been chased down the street by foreign tourists (and clueless Americans) more than once asking for my photo and autograph because apparently I'm Bette's double? I don't see the resemblance at all, but since I hear it from people at least once a week, maybe it is true. I dunno. You decide.



Ha ha - I looked for a better comparison pic but the problem is, I never smile when there's a camera in front of me so I'll have to settle for this one.

Getting back to the story, David Crosby was hanging out with Graham Nash when all of this occurred and that's how they ended up doing background vocals on Gilmour's new CD.

So vegging out here at the computer with Comedy Central on in the background, I just heard the most hilarious line, especially as you all know how anti-religion I am.

"You see all of these proud Christians, wearing gold crosses around their necks? Yeah, I know if I were Jesus Christ and I came back to Earth a cross is just what I'd want to see."

Ha ha. That cracked me up. And how true.

Let's see. What else. Oh yeah, Neil Gaiman twisted moment time. Neil, you do not need a haircut. Leave perfection alone.

You know, from the very moment I started this blog in October of 2004, it has led me down some of the strangest paths ever, but more importantly, put me in touch with some incredible writers and musicians. Just yesterday I received an email from an author from the UK named John Baker who wrote to me:

"I literally stumbled into your blog. I was looking for something else entirely, something quite specific, though I can't remember what it was. Anyway all of a sudden I was there - in her own write - and it was like being trapped in a fairy ring for a while. I didn't think I'd be able to get out. When the panick cleared I realised I didn't want to get out - not yet awhile anyways. And I'll be back again before long"..

I mean really. How cool is that. I've linked John on the right hand side as well and you should really check him out. I plan on picking up whatever I can find of his at the bookstore down the street because I really like what I've read on his site. I mention the bookstore down the street because I am lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with probably one of the last "mom and pop" bookstores in Philadelphia:

2202 Fairmount
Philadelphia, PA 19130

"A great little bookstore located in Philadelphia's Art Museum area and just down the street from the infamous Eastern State Penitentiary. The proprietors, Rolf and Ricci, run a friendly, well-stocked, general used bookstore with very reasonable prices. They know good, interesting books and a visit will not disappoint".

In other news, I read about this and immediately signed up. If you don't believe me, click here and scroll down. Ask me how psyched I am about it. But my luck, he's got a three year waiting list. Or worse, I'll get an instant invite and he'll be serving kidneys, liver or sweetbreads that night. Oh who cares, it sounds like a totally cool adventure and I'm always up for that.

Anyway, I know I've got more news but it's early in the morning and I can't remember and unfortunately, I have to get dressed and get out of here for an 8:30 a.m. appointment with my blood pressure/oh-my-god-your-cholesterol-is-way-too-high doctor. That kind of sucks. I forgot and ate cheesecake last night and I'm setting myself up for a lecture. The worst part of that is, he's really nice and he looks at me with these sad eyes like Robin, what are you, suicidal? and he can't understand why.

Me either.

Gonna have to face it I'm addicted to food?

Oh wait. The guy that wrote that song died of a heart attack at like age 50.

Oh wait. No. He was addicted to love.

Oh wait. They're not the same thing? Could have fooled me.

Just kidding, just kidding.