Thursday, March 16, 2006

Heat of the Moment...

That, as you know, is my son Eric along with amazing Rock School violinist Katie Jacoby, who will both be performing tonight with:

John Wetton

Ha ha - I could have predicted this. Eric Slick will be behind the drums on the School of Rock John Wetton tour for at least three songs, including Court of the Crimson King, beginning tonight at the Downingtown School of Rock, tomorrow at Bergen County School of Rock, Saturday at the New York Knitting Factory, and Sunday at 6:00 p.m. at the Troc in Philadelphia.

I remember Eric telling me back in August when he graduated Rock School he was officially "retired" and wouldn't be performing with the All-Stars again. Ha! Let's see. He played the Music Player Live Tribute to Les Paul with the All-Stars in October, he went to NAMM with the All-Stars in January, he played with the All-Stars and Belew two weeks ago...and now Wetton. He went to Rock School just to hang out last night and ended up sitting in on drums because one of the new All-Stars couldn't make rehearsal, and well, you know...Eric rules.

I love you, Eric. Music is the best!

Okay, back to my novel, which finally has "legs"! Now. Which one of my good pals would like to read the first 50-100 pages next week?

Just kidding, just kidding.


David Niall Wilson said...

That is a photo I bet they BOTH regret one day. FANGS VERY MUCH FOR THAT MOM (lol).

If I wasn't crushed under deadlines, I'd offer to read, but I'd never get it done...(sigh)


RobinSlick said...

You are hilarious! I resisted commenting on your last posts because I know once I start playing here, I stop writing and I really want to finish this book. I finally don't feel like throwing up every time I open my journal and read what I wrote.

(And besides, courtesy of your comment yesterday I'm terrified Idol and Chesney fans are going to find me via my so-called high list on Google and make my life a living hell in which case I'd have to hunt you down and kill you!)

Okay, break over. Back upstairs for me. Next two weeks should be all fun and games, though, because Ms. Julie and I will be doing our official Spring break tour of gourmet restaurants on the east coast as well as getting into our usual mom/daughter insanity and I'll be issuing daily reports I'm sure. If not, the attack of You Tube will begin in earnest.

Susan Henderson said...

Great news!

When your novel's all the way done, I'd be happy to line-edit.

David Niall Wilson said...

Man, comments to your site are always fritzing out on me! I wanted to fix the fact that I forgot to include the text string:

Kenny Chesney Fan Club Member American Idol Darling Robin Slick

That should do it (lol). Serves you right for actually WRITING when I'm busy fussing over other stuff...


RobinSlick said...

Sue, you are a sweetheart!

(How strong is your stomach, though?)