Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Eric Slick/John Wetton post - Part I

The Rock Star All-Stars with John Wetton (and Eric Slick sitting in on drums)

More All-Stars and John and the lovely Katie Jacoby on violin (Thank you for these photos, Katie's mom Esther!)

So Eric has been sharing all kinds of fun John Wetton stories with me because in addition to sitting in on drums on some songs, Eric has been his roadie and right hand man the past four days and driving with him back and forth between Philadelphia and New York.

Fun fact #1: John loves junk food. When they made a food/bathroom stop on the New Jersey Turnpike at The Vince Lombardi Plaza, John simply had to have a Cinnabon.

Eric was like: Do I believe I'm at a truck stop in New Jersey called the Vince Lombardi Plaza eating Cinnabons with John Wetton? This is surreal.

Eric then turned him on to the chocolate chip muffins at WaWa. John thought they were among the best muffins he ever had.


The hotel where John is staying is surrounded by some of the finest four and five star restaurants on the East Coast. But on the suggestion of Rock School kids, John ate at Little Pete's, which is a Greek restaurant/diner hole in the wall open 24 hours and serves breakfast all day. He loved it! John then made a Mr. Creosote reference and was duly impressed when Eric knew who Mr. Creosote was and after that the two of them bantered back and forth with various Monty Python lines. Which leads us to...

Fun fact #2: John is extremely reserved but has a understated sense of humor and is actually very funny and sarcastic. Unlike Adrian Belew who absolutely lavished praise on everyone and was very laid back, John calls it as it is and he makes everyone play hard and is quick to point out mistakes, etc. but usually with some dark humor on the side. I actually think that's not a bad thing. But maybe that's because Eric was exempt from criticism. John looked at Eric after last night's performance and said very quietly "You know you're good, right?"

Coming from John Wetton, that was pretty high praise.

Part II to follow after I attend the show so I can write about the actual music, take more pics, and get my Lark's Tongue in Aspic album (yeah, you heard me, ALBUM) signed. Though I won't reveal other stuff Eric told, what musician never tours without a suitcase packed with whips and cuffs. I was like, wait, you mean there's one who doesn't?)