Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Attack of You Tube: Eric Slick, Larry Allen, Joey Randazzo...and who?

Eddie Vedder with Madison Flego, Brian Purcell, Julia Ranier and Eric Slick in concert at Neumo's in Seattle.

So in writing news, I was Riley Dogged yesterday, though by the time I publish this post I may be on page 2. Riley Dog is an incredible blog...the link is on the right hand side and if you want to hang with the cool kids you should visit daily.

Also, Steve Smith, Associate Music Editor of New York Time Out Magazine, was kind enough to mention Eric and me today. Thanks, Steve!

For those of you who took advantage of the link to my photobucket site yesterday and emailed me, here are the answers to your questions:

(1) Yes, I will upload more photos of Rock School concerts featuring musicians other than Julie and Eric;
(2) No, I am not related to Neil Gaiman nor his personal friend (damn it)...I merely lifted those photos off his site and uploaded them to photobucket so they wouldn't "disappear" off my blog because I stole his bandwidth;
(3) Yes, I will take a course in digital photography one of these days because..
(4) Yes I am aware that I am a sucky photographer.

Now. I know you are all dying to know about the mystery rock star I mentioned yesterday and of course the above photo gives it away. So enough about me...here it is -- The Attack of You Tube, Part III.

In this totally insane Slick home movie filmed by Ms. Julie Slick following the concert Julie, Eric, and the All-Stars did with Eddie Vedder in Seattle for the premiere of the movie, Rock School, Eddie Vedder launched into an impromptu a cappella version of The Who's A Quick One with Joey Randazzo (long curls and jeff cap) on lead vocals, Eric Slick in dark glasses on supporting vocals, drumsticks, feet, and iPod (no wonder I have to replace that once a year) along with keyboardist/vocalist Larry Allen -- Larry is standing in between Joey and Eric...and standing next to Eddie Vedder and also singing harmony is Ms. Julia Ranier...and you will also see Der Uberlord of Rock School, Paul Green, give us some serious tongue, as well as Don Argott, director of the movie, (tall guy, Buddy Holly glasses) joining in on the chorus where they sing "You are forgiven"...there's also some glimpses of Teddi Tarnoff and Brian Purcell and other assorted musicians.

Don't forget to let it load all the day before playing it -- the gray line has to run all the way from left to right (for those of you technology challenged).

The quality isn't great but this film is still a lot of fun. Enjoy!