Thursday, January 19, 2006

Where's Eric? And somebody, anybody...what the hell is a meme?

Eric Slick in Hollywood


So after the Rock School All-Stars performed at the Digitech party last night, this guy came up to Eric, shook his hand, and said "You'd have done Ringo proud. You did some things on the drums that he only dreams about." (rim shots, apparently)

Or something like that.

I'm like, ohmygodohmygodohmygod "Eric, do you know who HE IS?"

"Oh yeah, I know," said Eric. "Yeah, a bunch of guys gave me their cards..."

Oh god. Nice to be so jaded, Er. Nice to give your mother heart failure as she sits here pouting in Philadelphia.

(I just had to sign him up for some daily passes for T-Mobile Hot Spots and he promises me he's going to be sending me photos and more info later today via his laptop. Apparently the Guitar Center gig tonight is cancelled so he's got down time to....hopefully go to a Starbucks and send mother an email and pics? Hahahahahaha - there I go dreaming again)
(original post of this morning)

Okay, Eric phoned me late yesterday to let me know he was safe and sound in L.A. and was heading off to sound check for the Digitech party, and that's the last I heard from him, though he did give me the news that he's tentatively having breakfast this morning with Mick Fleetwood.


(Ha ha - yawn? Not really! I want details! I want photos! I want to be there, damn it!)

So while I wait to hear from my errant son, something I keep forgetting to put out there is...what the hell is a meme? And do you pronounce it me, me? Or is it pronounced, god forbid, like memo except mem-eh? Or does it rhyme with dream? You know, you become a Neil Gaiman fan and you not only come upon links to sites which show graphic horrors (heh) like a skinned, roasted rat that some dude actually ate for New Years Eve dinner, but you learn all kinds of new words and "meme" pops up with every google search. Like a million times. So I tried looking up what it meant and I'm not satisfied with the answers I'm getting. Is a meme a trend? Is it something intangible, like an idea? Why are memes and Neil Gaiman synonymous? And yes, once again, how the hell do you pronounce it because every time I've typed it here, I've called it something different in my head.

And by the way, there's a new Neil Gaiman store where he is asking his fans for suggestions as to what they would like to see for sale. On Tuesday, not being able to help myself, I wrote in the space provided on said site that I'd like to a black t-shirt with a lime on it. And what does Neil write in his journal yesterday? "Me, I want a t-shirt with a lime on it."

Coincidence? I think not!

Okay, okay. I'm delusional.

Meanwhile, where's my son and why hasn't he called? Gossip central here is reduced to watching The Today Show. Kill me now. Please.

But first tell me what a "meme" is.