Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I've got an extra Gaiman ticket for NYC, and odds and sods part 010306

The Shannon Penn Band

So a couple of things.

One, a reminder that I do have an extra ticket to see Neil Gaiman in NYC on Monday -- please email me if you are interested in meeting up.

Secondly, Opium Magazine has its list of their writers' New Years Resolutions published today, and yes, I'm in there. This time I just may have made one I can keep...

Third, another reminder to vote for me as your favorite Phaze author, and to make it easier, here's the link.

Fourth, come see Eric on drums with The Shannon Penn Band tonight at the Grape Street Pub.

And finally, as you know, I was going to finish my year in review, 2005, but everything that occurred subsequent to my last post is pretty recent and if you will check out the archives here from September-December, it's all there, so I pretty much decided that to rehash anything at this point is kind of, well, boring. I've talked about discovering the genius that is Neil Gaiman, meeting Andrian Belew, Jack Bruce, Les Paul, etc. and my trip to England ad nauseam.

But here's a news flash -- I just found out that my son will be in Los Angeles from January 18-22, 2006 at NAMM doing some very special performances so stay tuned for what might be some mind-blowing details.

And with that, I am off to work on my novel. Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve (I personally detest that holiday, but that's just me...I mean, what's not to love about noisy drunk crowds eating food prepared banquet style by harried chefs and then kissing ugly strangers at midnight?)