Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Eric Slick invades LA again

So Eric leaves for NAMM among other things in California early tomorrow morning. The above is the poster for the LA Knitting Factory show this Friday night - Eric and the Rock School All-Stars are opening for Volto, which is Danny Carey's band. (Danny Carey is the drummer from Tool).

Anyway, I'm so jealous. Take a look at Eric's schedule for the next few days:

6AM- Meet at Rock School
8:45AM- In the air to LA
12:10PM- Arrive in LA
2PM- Go to NAMM
4PM- Sound Check for Digitech Show
7PM- Start of show
?- End, and back to hotel

4PM- Guitar Center Sound Check
7PM- Show at LA Guitar Center
8:30PM- End of show

FRI 20
7:30AM- Set Up for the Mark and Brian KLOS radio show
9AM- Live on AIR
9:30AM- Approximate end for radio show
4/5PM- Load-In/Sound Check at Knitting Factory
7PM- Doors
8PM- Show

SAT 21
1-1:30PM- Show at the Lennon School Bus

SUN 22
5:30AM- Arrive at LAX airport
4:10PM- Back in Philly

Now with each one of these events, there are pretty exciting details and I could do some serious name dropping here as concerns various rock stars/legends in attendance wih whom my son will be hanging out, but Eric is like, Mom, don't post anything yet, wait until they happen, I'll call you or email you every day. (I won't hold my breath but yep, you guessed it, when I don't hear from him, I'll ring him up and threaten him with sanctions (ha) if I get his voicemail.)

So I'm off to help Eric pack and then oh yeah, out to dinner!!