Thursday, December 29, 2005

Which famous celebrity do you resemble?

So there's this new website where you upload your photo and they tell you which famous celebrity you resemble.

Oh my god, apparently I am a guy. And not just any guy.

Here's the photo I submitted, and look who they matched me up with!

Yeah, yeah, that's right. Laugh it up. So which one of these fine men do I resemble the most? Ozzie Osbourne or Russell Crowe? Ha!

And, um, yikes!

Here's the link so you can try it yourselves. What fun!


Neo said...

Robin -hmmmm tough one. I think I'll just be myself ;)

Hey, have a great and safe and amazing New Year!

God Bless

- Neo

Myfanwy Collins said...

This thing must be CRAZY!

Hey, happy new year!


Anne Bauer said...

Ozzy????!!!! Give me a break. It must have picked up on the sunglasses and nothing else. I myself (don't be mad at me) walked by a picture of Bette Midler on the cover of a magazine, where her hair looks like yours, and thought for the briefest of moments "Robin Slick's on People!"