Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Eric Slick: Control Freaked No More

My dog, Monty, trying to hush our talking Steve Urkel doll. Oh, I'm not kidding about that. I love cool toys. Yeah, the dog's a genius and when I was messing with him, pulling Urkel's voice string, he took it away from me and stuck his paw over its mouth. Anyway, that photograph is a perfect metaphor for what's been happening to Eric musically for the past couple of weeks but as I hinted in a prior post, I knew he'd think this whole situation out intelligently and do the right thing.

Eric Slick is no longer a Control Freak. While it seemed a happy marriage at first due to heady offers of a contract with Atlantic Records, an immediate trip to the David Ivory's studio to lay down tracks, etc., it also meant that Eric would sell his soul musically. These girls are talented songwriters but they're basically punk/pop and they wanted a one hundred ten per cent committment, meaning, Eric couldn't have any other projects. He would have had to sever his alliances with good friends and incredible musicians Shannon Penn, Chris Opperman, Project Object, Sweatheart, Doctor Dark, Flamingo...even his sister. He wouldn't have time for his girlfriend, teaching drums to his students at Rock School...it just really would have sucked for someone eighteen years old who is taking the year off from college to explore every option...including a possible return to said college. And so he tried the Control Freaks and realized it was definitely not something he wanted to do. Eric loves the music of Frank Zappa and other innovative rock and jazz musicians -- just really, really complex and interesting stuff...anyway, he would have been miserable locked into a band with two teenaged girls. So he might be missing out on fame and fortune right now, but he's a true artist and can't do the crossroads thing and I absolutely love him for it.

And now that he's not under "control" anymore, I can freely promote his gigs. Like I said, next one up is a New Years matinee and it's gonna be awesome. He plays with Sweatheart and Flamingo -- two totally opposite types of music but both great in their own right. In January, and all through 2006, he has a pretty decent line up of shows with Shannon Penn as well as a potential spring northeast tour with Chris Opperman. And he was recently contacted by a singer/songwriter who plays at World Cafe Live for future collaborations as well as some possible studio work with a British guitar player (swoon). More on all bands in a future post...along with photos and links to their music.

Monty giving me the sad face after I took Urkel away from him. And yes, I know, I have a very cool living room. I feel like Peter Pan living here.

On a completely different topic, Julie and I had lunch at Buddakan yesterday to make up for missing out on our annual Christmas trip to New York because of the transit strike. Man, did we make lemonade out of a lemon. That very well may be the best restaurant at which we've ever eaten. So much so that I'm going to have to devote a separate post to it when I have more time.

Later xo