Thursday, December 22, 2005


Uh-oh, now my kids know I'm really Mrs. Santa.

But I mean, they should have guessed that years ago.

Cool boots, huh.

So. As I've said many times here, I adore Opium Magazine, and this week they've asked their writers/contributors to provide them with a holiday wish list.

Yeah, yeah, I'm in there, and of course I asked for those Monty Python rabbit with pointy teeth slippers previously mentioned, but I'll post them again IN CASE MY KIDS DIDN'T SEE THEM THE FIRST TIME...

Anyway, my favorite response would have to be courtesy of the brilliant Will Layman.

So what did Will ask Santa to bring him Christmas morning?

"A dangerous bossa-nova singer endlessly whispering into my ear the word "crispy."

Hahahaha - that totally broke me up. Crispy. That's gonna be my new word. To read more of Santa's Holiday List from the Opiates -- and that's what we're called, those of us cool folk who write for Opium -- follow this link. And while you are on the site, go to the Opium store. I ordered several of their very groovy ".scarf's" for some of my writer pal friends -- handmade by Todd Zuniga's own mother!

Getting back to the "list", I also like the guy who wrote "I want to have a piece accepted" (at Opium...d'oh) but since I recently googled myself and saw that this same dude dissed one of my stories in his blog, ironically one that Opium published, I'm not gonna name him. Nah nah nah. (Not really - I'm no grinch, and to prove I'm a better person than he is, I'm making this reference and you'll be able to figure it out who he is just by going to the list. It was a great answer...but the guy has got to learn to stop trashing editors and other writers on Zoetrope discussion boards. I have one word for him: karma! Suppørt your fellow writer, oh nasty one. Be...err...crispy! And not to ruin his holiday, but guess what? Another one of my stories will be pubbed in Opium shortly. Ho ho ho!)
Other than that, I'm busy baking cookies, wrapping gifts, seeing how much I can eat before I explode, etc. Seems to me I have other stuff to talk about -- like, once again Zoetrope's server is down which means I might not get to say Merry Christmas to all of my cyberpals, so I am trying to stay calm, have happy thoughts, and not freak out at anyone.

Just kidding. Life is good. At least at the moment. I believe Julie and Eric are working on a special project this afternoon -- doing some recording, filming, the usual stuff about which I know nothing -- so I'm gonna be a good little drone and go upstairs and wrap a thousand more gifts.

Later xo