Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving: Three Days After (or oh, my stomach...)

I'm sorry, I know I've posted it before, but I just love this picture of the old Rock School gang taken in LA last summer -- right to left on front row: Eric Slick, Madison Flego, and Teddi Tarnoff; back row right to left -- Julie Slick, C.J. Tywoniak.

So yeah, I'm still in after-Thanksgiving hell, which means I haven't stopped eating and am actually going out to dinner tonight because tomorrow is Gary's birthday and no one will be around to celebrate due to work, etc. so we may as well do it now. We're going to Rembrandts, where Julie works, so that she can be our waitress and we can torture her and she can bring Gary dessert with a candle, etc. etc. Since Gary hates computers and thinks they are responsible for the decline of society today as he knows it (and also thinks the government is watching him through the monitor but that's a whole 'nother story) and therefore goes nowhere near them so there's no way in hell he's reading this blog, I can tell you that we got him an official Flyers team jersey -- Simon Gagne, who ironically wears #12, for his birthday present -- and that is the kind of thing Gary will love because we save the music stuff for Christmas and it's hard to come up with something else original just one month before. I can thank Julie for this one because I didn't have a clue and this was her idea so good on her.

I have to laugh, though. Do you know what those things cost? I was shocked! Even the stupid hats are $50.00. I'm talking the official team versions. Well, what did I expect? It costs $85.00 a ticket if you want a lower level seat at a Flyers' game. So that means for a family of four to go to a two hour game, you're spending $400.00. I'm sorry, but that's fucking pathetic. Anyway, along those lines, the other night, we're watching a hockey game on television and Gagne gets a hat trick, which, in hockey world, means he scored three goals. Common tradition is that if you are wearing a hat and you're in attendance at the game, you throw your hat to the ice and then the security crew comes out and collects them all and they are stored in a big glass display case at the Wachovia Center where the Flyers play and they list the names of all Flyers who scored hat tricks.

So Gagne scored his third goal of the evening and the T.V. camera scanned the crowd. Not one person tossed their hat.

"They're not tossing their hats! They're not tossing their hats! What's wrong with those stupid yuppies?" Gary screamed.

Heh. They didn't toss their hats cos' they're $50.00. See, I knew that because I just bought the jersey for him on line and tried everything to find them cheaper than list price, but if I did that, they were bootlegs which of course would have been unacceptable. Had I bought him the damn hat and he'd have tossed it anonymously to the ice when Gagne scored a hat trick, I'd have killed him.


I know you're all dying to know: Did Eric get the gig with the Control Freaks? He jammed with them all day today. Well, what do you think?

Ha ha - actually he doesn't know yet; they are deciding between Eric and another drummer and will get back to him Monday or Tuesday so whatever. I'm not worried about Eric -- he's going to fulfill that legend prophecy one way or another. But this band has a potential major record deal, so of course it would be excellent. Stay tuned for the answer. Either way, he's totally cool.