Thursday, November 10, 2005

More odds from the sod and a friend of a friend of a friend knows Neil Gaiman!

The above is a new book by my pal, Leslie Van Newkirk. You can order it right here. Leslie asked me for an author quote for the book, and I was more than happy to oblige. This appears on the back cover:

'"Crush Dot Com" is a delicious, wild ride through New York City's singles scene. The story delivers both a poignant and hilarious commentary on our universal fear of loneliness and under-achievement in today's complex society. What an enjoyable read!" -Robin Slick, author of "Three Days in New York City."

On the front cover, Les was lucky enough to land a quote from our mutual good friend and rising superstar Ellen Meister. Not only does Ellen have a major book, Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA coming out this summer, she just sold her second book and here's how the announcement appeared at Publishers Marketplace:

Ellen Meister's THE SMART ONE, in which three sisters trying to shake their childhood labels of "the smart one," "the pretty one" and "the wild one," discover that there's no place like home (even after finding a dead body in an industrial drum beneath the house next door), again to Carrie Feron at Morrow, for publication in 2007, by Andrea Cirillo and Annelise Robey at the Jane Rotrosen Agency.

Yeah, I know, I hang out with some heavy hitters, don't I?

Ha ha - not only that, someone I should know but don't though many of my close friends do actually just hung out with my current heartthrob (not really -- just dig his writing and okay, his looks) Neil Gaiman in London. That would be Suw Charman. The reason I should know Suw is that she's also a member of Zoetrope Virtual studios, the international online writing community which I've discussed here many times -- where I've been a member for the past four years -- and our paths have crossed in some of the private offices there but never long enough to, um, bond. I know from her Zoetrope bio that we share the same interests; in fact, she's a music journalist. She's someone I've always wanted to get to know, but in checking her Zoe stats, apparently she has a life in the real world, cos' she hasn't signed on to Zoetrope since August. But it was just so weird to see her name in Neil's blog over and over and then I read her blog and I like totally ate my little homesick for England American heart out some more.

Ah well. I think I do have a higher power, and I think "she" has a very wicked sense of humor and adores torturing me. You have no idea how much.