Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Neil Gailman is Number One!

Sigh...he sure is.

But yep, Anansi Boys is #1 on the NYT Best Seller list; his indie film Mirror Mask opened last week in a limited release -- $7,000.00 per screen (ack...when I think about the numbers for Rock School I want to scream in frustration!) -- and life is pretty damn good for him right now. I love that he keeps a daily on line's so fucking cool.

So I've been in full writing mode the last couple of days which is why there have been no blog posts but I did want to mention a couple of things:

(1) Three Days in New York City received another awesome review in Single for Now Magazine written by a wonderful writer, Kathryn Lively. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I encourage you to check out Kat's books and this magazine -- both are totally, totally cool.

(2) I just picked up the newly released Cream Reunion Tour Live at Royal Albert Hall DVD from their May, 2005 concert and I cannot freaking wait to watch it! I'll be back later with my review but like, don't expect me to say anything bad. I mean, my son is named Eric if you get my drift...

(3) Julie is now playing bass in a band with the guy responsible for writing and playing the bass line on Billy Joel's River of Dreams. (His name is Chuck Treece and he plays many different instruments). Okay, so I think Billy Joel is way lame and will definitely be on the soundtrack in hell when I die along with Sting, U2, Indigo Girls, and Aerosmith, but who cares. Of course being a heathen Jew, I don't believe in hell, anyway...and besides, with Bush as President, aren't we there now already? Anyway, watch this space for MAJOR touring news as concerns Julie and Chuck Treece. And check out Chuck Treece -- all kidding aside, he is a major player and we won't hold that Billy Joel thing against him now, will we. His current project in which Julie is bassist is a punk band. Woo hoo - can't wait to go to their next show and get moshed.

Oh god, please don't let me get moshed. That happened to me once, and I actually prayed for death.

Okay, back to working on my novel. I've given myself a self-imposed deadline, so I'm outta here.



Susan Henderson said...

Robin, I think you should write more about Neil Gaiman.

RobinSlick said...

Ha ha - if he ever finds this blog he's going to be scared enough as it is.

Can't I just look at his picture all day instead?

(Seriously, how did this man ever slip under my radar? Smoke and Mirrors is one of the most interesting and vivid collection of short stories I've ever read)

Susan Henderson said...

I adore that book, and Troll Bridge is one of my all-time favorite stories. He's one of the only authors that my husband and I both love.


katrina said...

Congrats on the great review!

Tom Saunders said...

Neil probably wears leather trousers as well.

RobinSlick said...

Thanks, Kat -- I just finished the sequel and I'm pretty happy with it...which is probably a bad sign. Ha.

And Tom? For Neil and only Neil I will waive my NO LEATHER PANTS ON MEN, EVER rule.

But trust me, he's way too cool to wear them. He's around our age give or take a few years, so he might have worn them as a lad...we'll have to forgive him any such folly because I've seen pics of you in your youth...ha! (Notice I never post any of myself?)

Have you read Smoke and Mirrors? I was almost going to suggest it as a Spring Grove read but figure you all must have read it years ago and I'm the last person on the continent to discover it.

Tom Saunders said...

No, I'd never heard of him until you mentioned him here.