Friday, September 30, 2005

Eric Slick and the Shannon Penn Band invade the Dewey Beach Music Conference (and yeah, I obviously lived through my surgery)

Eric Slick on drums with Eddie Vedder on vocals

My son, Eric, and his band, Shannon Penn, will be performing tonight as part of the Dewey Beach Music Conference. This is an awesome opportunity and as I said before, I am 100% positive (and we know I have those magical powers) that this band is going to go very, very far and Shannon Penn (and Eric Slick) are going to be household names sooner rather than later.

My mysterious reference to a website updating was in regard to the said Shannon Penn Band, who are in the process of adding Eric to their site but haven't done so yet. It's going to be way cool, though, because they asked Eric to give them a list of everyone in the music world with whom he's played drums. Right off the top of my head, that would be:

(1) Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam);
(2) Jon Anderson (YES);
(3) Ann Wilson (Heart);
(4) Napoleon Murphy Brock (Frank Zappa band);
(5) Ike Willis (Frank Zappa band);
(6) Carlos Alomar (David Bowie);
(7) Chris Opperman (Steve Vai).

In addition, he's appeared on CD playing drums with the following:

(1) Billy Idol;
(2) Gregg Rollie (Santana)

I'm so bummed I can't go. Eric is leaving shortly to spend the whole day at the conference, and Dewey Beach is so fucking beautiful....and look at this, we have the most gorgeous fall day ever today. But I'm in agonizing pain from yesterday's slice and dice event.

So yeah, as you may have noticed, I survived my surgery and let me give you this advice: Never tell a doctor you have a high pain threshhold unless it's true. Do not be afraid to ask for pain killers afterwards. Do not say you want a "local" instead of being put under unless you don't mind two doctors and a nurse in the room saying things like "She's bleeding" or "Looks like she needs about 15 sutures" or "Robin, if you feel us cutting, please say something!" (D'oh! Ya think?). Do not get in a horrible position on the "table", i.e., do not stretch out on your stomach when they ask if you would rather be on your stomach or side, and more importantly, do not fold your arms under your head to use like a pillow because you will have to remain in that position for twenty minutes without moving and I would say I had no feeling in my fingers within a matter of minutes, got a tickle in my throat and needed to cough desperately, and well...since I hate gory stuff myself, I will spare you the rest of the details. Just know that a local involved horrific numbing needles in my back first. "This will pinch a bit," they said. "A bit?!" I screeched, as I felt the first couple of stabs. "Okay, a lot," admitted the doctor. "You okay?". "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," I lied. Anyway, I managed to get through that without fainting though there is just one other disturbing thing but naturally because I was so freaked I didn't ask questions. After (the charming and Harvard Medical School educated) Dr. Chang did the surgery, he asked me if I wanted to "see it". See what? I thought whatever I had was removed in the dermatologist's office two months ago. Why the fuck didn't I ask? Does this mean there was more? You know what? The dermatologist also asked me if I wanted to "see it" after he removed the initial mole. What, are some patients deranged? Who the hell wants to see bloody stuff in a test tube? If I had a thirst for that kind of thing, I'd have entered the medical profession in the first place. Anyway, they said they'll call me with the results of the biopsy in ten days. So now I wait.

As it turns out, just sitting here at the computer is fucking killing me so I'm going to end this post now and go back to bed. If I get any more news and feel better, I will be back later because it seems to me there is more stuff going on today and I just can't think of it right now. So let me go swallow seventeen Advil, throw a shot of brandy into my tea, and slink off and maybe I'll remember when I wake up.

Peace and love.