Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wow...another hump day already

That's my birthday boy in the background on drums with Napoleon Murphy Brock from the recent Project Object show. Julie took that pic and I love it, it looks like a painting.

Yeah, so Eric will be legal on Sunday...well, not quite legal...but old enough to vote, be drafted (oh my god, Eric, if you are reading this - this is so, so gross but I think you have to register with the draft board. Holy shit...let's just get airline tickets...pick a country, any country...and we'll get the hell out of here), and at 18 he can even get married without my permission but sorry, dude, you still can't have that beer.

That's a joke, actually - Eric isn't fond of any alcohol except champagne. I've taught him well.

So in typical Slick family fashion, we never have just a one day celebration - Friday Eric and I are having lunch at a restaurant which is right up my alley though Eric picked it called The Smoked Joint (, no, it's a barbecue place); then of course Friday night and Saturday night he is assistant music director for the Rock School Eighties show at Indre Studios so he'll be there but he's going out afterwards to party with his friends; Sunday we're having dinner at Joseph Poon's Asian Fusion restaurant (I told you I taught that kid well), and he's made it easy for me - he just wants money for the rest of his present. He already got his initial downpayment gift, as I mentioned here before, I bought him a night with Levon Helm...seriously, I think that's the coolest thing ever and wish I was going with him...hanging out with Levon Helm in Woodstock the last weekend in May. It's going to be webcast so you know I'll be posting the link here in case anyone wants to watch the jam session. Ack, there's another famous musician joining them and I can't remember who it is...fuck...well, I'll be posting this again when the time comes anyway.

Ah well, I just can't believe my baby is 18. And by the way, you can purchase tickets to see Eric and his band Flamingo on June 12 at North Star Bar. They also have upcoming gigs at NYC Knitting Factory, World Cafe Live, and the Fire.

It really pays to be an internet sleuth. I found out they will be playing songs from the Rock School soundtrack CD between 7-8:00 p.m. on FM Radio KVRV in San Francisco on Saturday night. I'm still checking - I figured out how to go about finding what stations have the CD and when they'll be playing it, and as soon as I gather all information and find us a live link where we can all be insane fans and listen via the web, I'll post it here. But as for now, anyone in the San Francisco area, and that means you, Ric Tywoniak, please listen and report back! Ric is guitarist C.J.'s father and since he lives in SF, he can listen first hand this Saturday night. If I can't find an internet feed, we're gonna count on him for details, but trust me, I'm gonna find a source for all of us any minute if it kills me.

So it's now Wednesday and I've kept my lifestyle change promises - I've actually lost three pounds since the weekend and feel pretty damn good. I signed on to Zoetrope (n line writing workshop) for the first time today since Sunday and it took me an hour to catch up on my reading but it was all good. I'm glad I'm weaning myself away while I work on my novel(s). And it's true, without eating all that sugar and signing on to Zoetrope every five minutes, I've gotten a shitload of writing done over the past few days and am guilt free. Hahaha - I have such an addictive personality, but the one thing I've learned is that if I can get over the first few days, it gets easier and easier. That one day at a time thing they preach in 12 step programs really does work.

(Then why did I suddenly get an urge for a milk chocolate Cadbury bar with almonds? No! I will not succumb!)

So in less than two weeks I'll be on a plane for Hollywood/Seattle and if you think I'm not going to be going overboard talking about it for the next several days, you are sadly mistaken and had better not visit my blog. I just found out that Julie's boyfriend, Matt, is coming along as well and I'm really glad about that. I mean, how could he miss his girlfriend on stage with Jon Anderson? Matt is a very talented bass player, too, as you will discover when you hear him on the Rock School soundtrack - he rules in Black Magic Woman and Rebel Yell. Eric plays amazing drums on both of those tracks which is way cool. Whooops. Now you know. I've heard the entire soundtrack. Hahahahaha - oh well, I have friends in high places, what can I say?