Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Today's insanity...

Please forgive the lapse in posting; I've been working on my novel and crash dieting which is sapping my energy (yes, yes, I'm an idiot, I know)and after skipping dinner last night, I remembered I have a doctor appointment after work today where they do blood work to monitor my cholesterol and I'm supposed to fast all day. So I've now gone over 24 hours without anything in my stomach and I'm hallucinating. But I do have some news. You all probably knew Rock School will be playing at the Ritz in Philadelphia and New Jersey but it's also been added to the Bridge, which is very cool since all the college kids (well, the ones still around for the summer) in University City will find it a lot more convenient. I'm just totally thrilled that it's going to be playing throughout the city at the coolest venues!
So ever since I've been researching Rock School the movie and the soundtrack I am just astounded by the journalistic errors I'm finding. Take a look at this published in a newspaper out of Toronto (and you know I've written to them to correct this debacle)

"Paul Green is a rock star. Green runs the Rock School in Boston, where kids aged 9 to 17 learn to play Sabbath, Zeppelin, and, if they're good enough, Frank Zappa. Judging by the Rock School documentary screening here, Green is a pudgy holy terror. He screams at the kids, berates them, then cracks sloppy rude jokes that put him right at the kids' level. "Don't look at your fingers," he yells at one boy trying to master a guitar lick. "Girls look at their fingers! Do you wanna be a girl? Do you wanna be in The Bangles?" There is absolutely no mention of School Of Rock in Rock School, which makes me suspect either hurt feelings or legal action. Green is funny and out of control, but strangely, not as convincing in the role as Jack Black was."
Okay, gang, let's play Where's Waldo. An award to the first reader who can identify all the mistakes in this article. Man, I already went nuts on another Canadian entertainment website who confused Gene Simmons with Paul and then condescendingly told me in a post on their site that I should watch the T.V. show and get it right. Ahem. I will post that later because we're still in a battle and I just zinged him or her pretty good. Whoever is fighting with me is doing in anonymously; I'm using my real name. Oh, I so hope it's Gene Simmons! Ha! (Don't worry - I'm not being obnoxious, just gently suggesting that the poster get his/her facts straight and that NO THE SOUNDTRACK COMING OUT MAY 31 IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE GENE SIMMONS T.V. SHOW! And err...I might have mentioned how horrified I am at the very thought...)
I dug this review a lot better -- it was posted in a Texas newspaper following the recent screening of the movie at South by Southwest:

"Don Argott's "Rock School" played to capacity crowds who generated a vibe more like a concert than a movie. People laughed, hooted, clapped; many flashed the devil sign with raised hands. They were responding to Paul Green, the demanding dean of the School of Rock Music in Philadelphia, where kids ages 5 to 17 learn the notes, moves and collaborative dynamics of playing in a rock band. Green is mean, shouting expletives and slamming doors when a student fails to make her mark. Yet it's this flamboyant, John Belushian passion, at once crude and caring, that spurs his young charges to play their best, nailing even the most byzantine Frank Zappa compositions at a major festival in Germany. With a trajectory of pain and triumph and a compelling cast of hobbit-height headbangers, the film makes an immersive, exhilarating experience that leaves you giddy."
Now this I loved altogether. You know I'm going to LA next week for a private screening of Rock School. Check this out. $3,000.00 for an all day pass? What does that mean? Hahahahaha - what, to see the movie and see my kids perform? $3,000.00? Can that be right? YAY!
Speaking of that, Rock School apparently is being released internationally this summer as well - here's the info for a movie theater in Australia!.
So that's basically it for now -- I'm dizzy as hell and have to leave for the doctor where I will probably fall face down the minute they stick a needle in my arm to draw blood. Holy cow, this may be the longest I've ever gone without food. My luck, my doctor's office is right down the street from Jim's Steaks. I could probably eat six of those at the moment. And probably will.

Oh god...just back from the doctor.

(1) Robin, there is a suspicious looking lesion on your back. I'm giving you the name of a dermatologist and I want you to promise me you will call him immediately for appointment.


Doctor: Well, it isn't uneven around the edges but I have to tell you I don't like the looks of it and it's best to have a dermatologist take a biopsy and then remove it.

Doctor: Your ankles are swollen. Are you eating a lot of salt?


Doctor: Let me draw some more blood and I'll call you Monday - it could just be you're sitting at the computer too much and not walking around enough.

Sorry. I'm terrified by the idea of a "lesion". It's taking all the willpower in the world not to go on Google and see if ankle swelling and skin cancer are related in any way. Why would he draw blood for ankle swelling?

So...I have to leave to Hollywood on Monday with this on my mind? Jesus Fucking Christ.