Saturday, May 28, 2005

Seattle - Pizza with Eddie Vedder Part III

Okay, this is incredible. A link to my blog somehow ended up on the Pearl Jam Forum site and I came downstairs this morning to several hundred emails. You guys are so totally cool! Thanks so much for all the links, photos, and kind words. Rather than reply to each email individually, here are the answers to most questions asked:

Rock School, The Movie opens in Seattle on June 3, 2005 and if you'll click on the link, it will give you the play dates as to where the movie opens in cities across the United States. More cities are being added from time to time so check back if you don't see it at a theater near you.

Rock School, the soundtrack will be in stores this Tuesday, May 31, and it features the kids performing with Gregg Rollie, Ann Wilson, Dave Mustaine, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Stewart Copeland, Ian Gillan, Marky Ramone, and Jon Anderson.

Will Eddie be doing any future gigs with Rock School? Quite possibly. He is just so amazing and had a blast playing and hanging out with the kids he indicated he might be available for future projects. You know as soon as I hear something, I'll post it here.

Paul Green School of Rock Music started out in Philadelphia and will be taking over the world, unleashing thousands of kids playing real rock music, not MTV dumb dance crap, out into society. How fucking cool is that. And no, the Rock School in Seattle is not affiliated with Paul Green...when you see the movie, you will know that there is only one Paul and any other schools popping up now (and surely after the movie) are just not the same. If you click on the above link and go to "locations", you'll see where the current schools are now as well as future sites.

Anyway, I think that covers's some more photos from the show!

Teddi Tarnoff

Eddie with my son, Eric, on drums

Eddie singing with guitarists extraordinaires Julia Rainer and Louis Graff

C.J. Tywoniak

Julia Rainer

Louie and Julie

Teddi again (I love this pic; knowing Teddi, she'll hate it)

Eric and Joey Randazzo (or, The Hair Club for Men)(just kidding)


Eric and Ann Wilson of Heart

Louie, Julie, and Ann


Katie said...

Wow wow wow wow wow. This is AMAZING, Robin.

joanie said...

What in particular did you like so much about Seattle?

Ms. Lori said...

Dear God in heaven. These are fabulous pics, Robin, just fabulous. LOVE the one where Eddie is gripping the mic, head lowered...

I've said this before, but I must say again how much I envy you...actually, after seeing these pics and reading about pizza with the Man of All Man, I now despise you.

RobinSlick said...

Hahahaha - then I guess I'd better not post the pics I have with Eddie's arm around me, Ms. Lori.

(Sadly, I was in fact a crazed groupie. I also have a Jon Anderson set of arm around me pics, too. Even more sadly, I look like a deer caught in the headlights in every pic...either that, or like I'm having a stroke. Actually, make that more like Homer Simpson when he sees the ice cream truck)