Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rock School Soundtrack - in stores today!

Rock School
Original Soundtrack
Format: CD (84605200032)
Release Date: May 31, 2005
Original release year: 2005
Label: Calvin Records
Producer: Phil Nicolo
Stereo: Stereo
Studio/Live: Studio
Pieces in Set: 1
Catalog #: 3
Desc: Performer

Genre: Soundtracks

1. Black Magic Woman - Gregg Rolie
2. I Wanna Be Sedated - Marky Ramone/Tyson Ritter of The All American Rejects
3. School's Out - Alice Cooper
4. Barracuda - Ann Wilson
5. Highway Star - Ian Gillan
6. LA Woman - The Paul Green School of Rock Music
7. Heart Of The Sunrise - Jon Anderson
8. Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
9. Don't Stand So Close To Me - Stewart Copeland
10. Iron Man - The Paul Green School of Rock Music
11. Peace Sells - Dave Mustaine
12. Hocus Pocus - The Paul Green School of Rock Music

Original Soundtrack: Madi Diaz (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Dave Mustaine, Gregg Rolie, Ian Gillan, Jon Anderson , Alice Cooper, Ann Wilson, Billy Idol, Tyson Ritter, Chuck Flavor (vocals); CJ Tywoniak, Phillip Kingsford, Grace Hollaender, Louis Graff, Jeremy Blessing, Jim Suard, Haffy, Madison Flego, Dan Nitz (guitar); Stevie Roberts, Alie Hauptman, Lauren Pollock (keyboards); Matt Rothstein, Harry Tipper, Julie Slick, Peter White (bass guitar); Marky Ramone, Stewart Copeland, Eric Slick, Joseph Randazzo III, BK (drums); Jalea Cooner, Asa Collins, Tucker Collins, The Collins Family Singers (background vocals); The Paul Green School Of Rock Music.

Recording information: 2005.

Okay, proud mother time here: My son, Eric, plays drums and daughter Julie plays bass on Barracuda and Heart of the Sunrise; Eric plays drums on Black Magic Woman, LA Woman, and Rebel Yell; Julie plays bass on School's Out, Don't Stand So Close to Me, and Peace Sells.

www.allmusic.com is in the process of updating the credits so that you'll be able to see which kids plays on each track though it is of course listed on the CD itself; but if All Music doesn't get their ass in gear and fix it within the next few days, I'll type the complete credit list here. Right now they have a half-assed list up which makes no sense. The one I have listed above I lifted from Tower Records website but it's still not good enough for me - they don't break it down and just lump all the kids together.

And errr...a personal note here. Please buy this CD at an individually owned CD store (we're lucky to still have several in Philadelphia). Don't pay $18 at some stupid corporate chain.