Friday, May 06, 2005

I get to meet Eddie Vedder!!! Errr...I mean, the Paul Green School of Rock School All-Stars will perform with Ed....

Okay, I've known about this for a few weeks but have had to keep it quiet until now -- not only are the kids playing with Jon Anderson when we fly out to Hollywood in two weeks for the private premiere of Rock School, the following day we head for the Seattle Film Festival where they will play two songs with Eddie Vedder following the screening of the movie there - they'll perform Courdoroy and Eddie's rendition of I Wanna Be Sedated.

I'm gonna die. I fucking love Eddie Vedder. Okay, it's not just because he has the looks I adore...sigh...long brown hair...I love his voice, I love his politics (hates, hates, hates Bush), head butted with Ticketmaster but was ultimately beaten down, damn it (Like I don't hate big corporations enough: The feud with Ticketmaster started when Eddie was fed up with the price of Pearl Jam's tickets. Also, Pearl Jam wanted to donate $20,000 of their profit from three arena concerts as a charitable donation to the Seattle Center Arts and Sciences Academy. The money raised would be used to send two teenagers to the Northwestern school of the Arts. Before the tickets went on sale, Ticketmaster demanded that another dollar be added to the price of the tickets. Then Ticketmaster refused to contribute the $20,000 lowering it to $14,000. However, this would only be the beginning. Although Pearl Jam's first attempt to tour without Ticketmaster failed, they got what they wanted when the price of their tickets were lowered for their fans. However, with tour cancellations and a year's preparation to book tour dates, Pearl Jam reconsidered working with Ticketmaster. Pearl Jam's spokesperson, Kelly Curtis said, "We don't want to make a point on how difficult it is to tour without Ticketmaster, and we made the point...I think you'll find that the band is going to do whatever it takes just to play".) wonder I'm the way I am...I read stuff like this and I want to buy a high powered rifle.

Anyway, getting back to Eddie, I love that the Who are his favorite band, and he did one of my all time favorite duets with Pete Townshend when they did a remake of the old song Pete did with Ronnie Laine:

Heart to Hang Onto

Johnny boy, he's always propping up the bar
He's sees life crystallized through his jar
He says he only lives for beer
But deep in his heart is a cry of fear

Give me a heart to hang onto
Give me a soul that's tailored new
Give me a heart to hang onto
A heart to hang onto

Sally seems to get bigger everyday
She evens out in a contented way
A finger on the pulse of every guy
But deep in the night you can hear her cry

Give me a heart to hang onto
Give me a life that's tailored new
Give me a heart to hang onto
Oh please a heart to hang onto

Give me heart to hang onto
Give me a soul that's tailored new
Give me a heart to hang onto

Danny, he wants to save for a new guitar
He's going to learn to play but he won't get far
He thinks it's an easy going' high
But his whole life is just another try

Give me a heart to hang onto
Give me a suit that's tailored true
Give me a heart to hang onto
A heart to hang onto

I need a heart... to hang onto...

Anyway, have I mentioned I LOVE EDDIE VEDDER????
So anybody else hear Paul Green on WMMR last night? He was really, really good - low key, intelligent, made a funny as hell analogy about movies when disc jockey Dee Snider of Twisted Sister Fame (yep, Dee is a radio personality now, and one who did a fashion shoot in Esquire Magazine last month for fuck's sake) asked him about the "coincidence" between the Jack Black movie "School of Rock" and "Rock School"...anyway, the bottom line is, WMMR, who once reigned in Philadelphia as the #1 rock and roll radio station but slid when they started playing white rap trash...anyway, WMMR is now playing rock again and they talked with Paul on the radio about a big WMMR premiere event for the opening of the movie here next month. I dunno, whatever, it all sounds like a lot of fun and we're all really starting to get excited. The movie has been in production, post-production, etc. etc. for three years now and I can't believe it's finally going to hit the big screen next month with the soundtrack coming out in a little over three weeks. Eric was actually recognized by someone the other day who saw the trailer for the movie on the big screen while seeing Kung Fu or Sin City at one of the major theaters. Paul gave me a list of the movie theaters/films showing the Rock School preview trailer right now and I'm crazy enough to go spend $10.00 just to see the Coming Attractions and then leave before I have to fucking sit through Kung Fu. Ha! Oh, if anyone in the area wants this list, drop me an email.
Anyway, just a reminder to those in the Philadelphia area -- tonight and tomorrow night, Rock School does Queen, and Eric will be sitting in on drums on three songs: