Sunday, May 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Eric!

So yeah, Eric is 18 today. Right now he's at brunch at Silk City Diner - his pals called him an hour ago and said Get yourself over here, we're taking you out. But this morning I'm the one who came downstairs to the real present. I got the following email from a Paul Green School of Rock parent following the Rock School 80s' concert last night at Indre Studios. This was Eric's first stint as Assistant Music Director for a show.

We just returned home after the second night of the 80s show (and parent fun afterwards), and it's time I share our praise of Eric (Julie is also amazing, but we've only had the privilege of hanging out with Eric).

My daughter joined PGSRM approx one year ago and, through her, I've had the good fortune to be exposed to Eric and his art (performances, original CDs, etc.). Now, with the 80s show, we've also seen the additional fruits of his (co-)production talent.

As a musician, human being, and soul, he is incredible yet refreshingly humble! Kudos to all adults who provided the environment, example, and stimuli which have fed his vast vision, talent, appreciation, empathy, respect, intelligence, and humor! His energy will definitely find its way in our universe, not only from the impact of his own talent, but also in that which he teaches to/shares with/encourages from others. It's rare to find an artist who has such a great rapport and respect for his peers! All of his "little buddies" love him and he's no slouch in keeping up in conversation with all of us "old folks."

(I do know enough about music to assure you that our praise of your brood is well deserved.)

Wow! Thanks for sharing Eric and Julie with the world! Keep "fueling" them, sit back, and enjoy the ride!


Now you know that email killed me -- I read it out loud to Eric and Julie when they woke up and completely lost it. I started crying, they started laughing -- the usual.

...more later