Monday, May 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Eric - Part II

So as I've been advertising, Eric turned 18 yesterday and one of his gifts is that he gets to spend the night with Levon Helm Memorial Day weekend in Woodstock, New York at a jam which will be webcast in case anyone is interesting in having a listen/look. Also joining them will be a great guitarist, Jimmy Vivino - you may know him from the Letterman show and he's also one of the Fab Faux, the world's greatest tribute Beatle band:

Anyway, because I bought this gift for Eric with my paypal account, I'm now getting Levon Helm emails from his manager every day so this morning I decided to write back and say, Hey, it's cool I'm getting this stuff but you should really be emailing my son. And then of course me being me and never being able to send a one sentence email, I proceeded to tell Levon's manager all about Eric and Rock School - both the movie and the soundtrack, etc.

Hahahaha - it pays to be an obnoxious "stage mother". I got an excited email back five minutes later; Levon and his manager can't wait to meet Eric...Eric should go up and introduce himself immediately when he gets there, etc. etc.

So how cool is that? Even Eric is impressed. I didn't get the usual "Oh mom..." Hahahaha - I bought him a new suit for the trip to Hollywood next week and of course I opened up my big mouth in the mens' store as well and he had salesguys fawning over him. But Eric does have star quality and they probably would have picked up on it anyway, but he had eight guys rushing to wait on him - it was hilarious.

Speaking of Hollywood, Julie and I bought "gowns" on Saturday morning for the premiere party. Oh my god, we had so much fun. We went to Lord and Taylor and tried on all of these fancy dresses which is so out of character for both of us but we had a blast! We were laughing our asses off posing in front of the mirror and then a couple times we couldn't get the dresses over our heads because of complicated linings; one time Julie tried on a gown with beaded straps which cost a fortune and I'm trying to help her take it off and all I could think was Holy Shit, we're both such clumsy goofballs these straps are going to break and beads are going to fly everywhere and I'm gonna be stuck buying this thing. What made it more fun is that the two of us actually looked decent in almost everything we tried on because we've both been dieting so that put us in a great head. Unlike the poor mother in the dressing room next to us with her spoiled brat daughter who was trying to get a gown for the prom. Oh my god, I don't know how that Mom didn't slap her or storm out and leave her there. Not that I would ever hit either of my kids, but this chick -- I might have made an exception. She was whining about some country club and her poor mother was so desperate she was offering to take her to malls all over the State of Pennsylvania and the girl was so verbally abusive back...anyway,I am so lucky to have Julie as my daughter and not some spoiled mentally unbalanced selfish twat.

So in other news, I spent the entire weekend writing which was AWESOME! I'm really happy with the direction my book is taking. I wrote non-stop except for an hour or two last night when we had dinner out for Eric's birthday. If you live in Philadelphia and haven't eaten at Joseph Poon's, you really should. I had an appetizer of salmon satay which was to die for and Julie and I split an entree of heart healthy coconut shrimp. No really, it was heart healthy - it was steamed shrimp quickly stir fried in light coconut milk with a hundred different fresh crunchy vegetables. Eric got duck tacos and of course I was like Pavlov's dog looking at them but if I want to fit into this gown next week, I have to like live on lettuce this week, too. I almost cracked when Joe brought out those complimentary home made almond cookies for dessert (that's twice in three days I've been offered cookies in a restaurant. If this is a new trend, oh man, I'm sunk!) but I let the family eat them and I kept telling myself: A few seconds of pleasure is not worth the week of torture to lose the pound I'll gain if I eat these.

Ahem. I can think of times a few seconds of pleasure is worth anything, but um, not for a cookie. At least not this week.

So I know it's early in the week but I'm going to keep issuing reminders: This weekend, Indre Studios - the final Rock School spring show EVER for graduating students Eric, Allie Hauptman, Jeremy Blessing, Lauren Pollock, Fil Smith, Matt Rothstein, Max DiMezza...arghhh....this is going to be a three box of Kleenex event for me...performing the music of Led Zep. Ooh ooh - I know the show ender - it's Lauren Pollock singing Stairway to Heaven. If that doesn't bring the house down, nothing will. Eric is on drums for that and I'm guessing most of the "graduates" are going to be on stage for that as well. Shows Friday and Saturday night. I'll be there both evenings -- just look for the weeping blonde in front. Man. And then two days later we leave for Hollywood.

Life is good!