Monday, May 09, 2005

Eddie Vedder redux and more...

BREAKING NEWS -- WHAT IS THIS? Is it internet radio? Their playlist this week features two songs from the Rock School soundtrack, which won't be released for three more weeks -- Barracuda and School's Out. So does this mean radio stations have the CD and are now playing it? I'm confused...I went to their home page and clicked on "Affiliates". It looks like it's getting radio play at certain stations across the country starting this week? Arghhh...I can't figure this out and Eric isn't home to ask. So if anyone can 'splain it to me, please do!

I kind of had to repost the above Eddie pic because I'm way depressed today so I need eye candy.

But before I talk about that, let me direct all my pals in Seattle to the latest news. Yep, I will be there May 25, and here is the link for the events. Apparently, the movie is being shown twice, May 25 and May 26, but on May 25, the film will be shown at The Egyptian Theater at 7:00 p.m. and then the kids will be performing with Eddie Vedder and "other special guests" at 9:00 p.m. at Neumos. I'm guessing I won't be at the film unless the theater is close to Neumos -- actually, I'm hoping it is because even though I'll be seeing the movie in L.A. the night before, I could see it 1,000,000 times and probably will. But in the event the theater and club are not within walking distance, I'm sure the kids will not be at the movie but setting up and doing sound check/rehearsals, so that's where I'll be for sure. Anyway, as it gets closer to the actual date and I have more info, I'll post it here and email all my friends in the area so we can meet up. But my suggestion is to buy tickets for the kids' performance at Neumos immediately - they are only $8.00 and it's not public knowledge that Eddie Vedder is one of the special guests (and I do know who else may be there but I can't blab it yet) though between this blog and other news sources, that info is going to leak and I'm sure it's going to be a sell-out. I'm so neurotic, I even bought a ticket for myself.
So in other news, I've made some serious lifestyle change decisions today. Let's see how long it takes me to break them. For one thing, I'm now on a "for life' diet. I'm through eating sugar and junk food. I feel like crap because I've been on the skids for weeks and I know it's my diet making me act so off kilter. I've been hiding from my blood pressure doctor but I have to face the music next week because my prescription is up and I need to make an appointment ASAP. He's going to freak if I don't get a grip on my eating habits. Actually, he's a really nice guy, which is worse. He looks at me with these sad eyes and says things like "Robin, you are a smart woman, do you want to die of a stroke or heart disease? Have you joined a gym yet?"

I will never join a gym. I despise gyms. But I do walk four miles a day to and from work, so that's got to account for something, right? But the diet thing -- that I can do. (Yeah, right. Well, I'm gonna try...and I've just walked past a box of Munchkins in the office five times without being tempted)

Secondly, for those of you who are members of my on line writing group, the fabulous Zoetrope, I've also decided to put myself on a strict diet from that as well. I'm determined to only sign on twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays. I picked those days because they were already designated days for the past two years where I meet up with one fellow writer for chatting, workshopping, etc. But the rest of the, it's really gotten out of hand. Instead of writing, I find myself fucking off there all the time for the social aspect. While I've met a lot of great people, I've also met one too many disturbed individuals. I guess the reason so many freaks flock to cyberworld is that they can't function in the real world so they hide behind a computer screen and then let it all fly. I'm guilty of the same...not in that way but I tend to be anti-social and reclusive in the real world and take on a much more extroverted, happy persona in cyberspace.

Anyway, a turning point came for me this weekend. A few things happened. First, my kids weren't home and I had two days to write and instead I screwed around on Zoetrope. Not good. I have two books I'm writing simultaneously and I can't be slacking. Secondly, and this was what really rattled me, I read two stories during an exercise on the site that affected me bigtime, though in opposite ways. The first story was so terrible, so poorly written, that I said to myself: This has got to be a joke; this person has to be putting us all on. She's got to be a troll. I had to sit on my hands to keep from typing something nasty about her story and asking her WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND HOW DEMENTED CAN YOU BE? Luckily, I refrained. But I had to ask myself, Why are you wasting your time with this shit? Then I read the second story, written by a guy who is actually a friend of mine, which was so good, so perfect, so beautiful, I got all teary. Worse, I was filled with a terrible depression (like, I will never be able to write like this in a million years) and an intangible sort of longing...I don't know, I can't describe it. I felt old, lonely, was really awful. I'm still shaken; I thought about it the entire two mile walk into work this morning. I can't be doing this to myself. I know it's probably hormonal; I know I have a lot of stuff going on right now like pressure at work (I'm swamped beyond belief with horrible paperwork), the pressure of writing the aforesaid two novels; the pressure of my kids suddenly being adults and getting ready to move on...but anyway, I need to make my mind a blank and concentrate on just my writing instead of wishing for things I'll never have and/or a youth I can't recapture.

So anyway - if you're a Zoetrope member and need to reach me other than a Wednesday or Friday, you can email me at
So that's today's news for now -- I do believe I'll just sit back and enjoy the photograph of Eddie Vedder (and doesn't he look like Eric Clapton in that photo? Sigh...) and try and have nice thoughts.