Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Odds and Sods - Part 37

So, yesterday brought me all this great stuff in the mail. Dave Neidorf, who is not a professional cinematographer but a doctor who does this for a hobby though you'd never guess he's not a pro in a million years, sent me the February 29, 2004 Rock School All-Stars/Napoleon Murphy Brock DVD as well as DVDs for the fall Scottish Rite Auditorium show in Collingswood and the Project Object show in Downingtown. I can't wait to watch these tonight (last night no one was home) and am especially looking forward to the Napoleon concert because it was one of Julie's last shows before the tour and there's a really nice photo of her boyfriend Matt on the DVD cover.

Anyway, thank you so much, Dave! This was just totally awesome of you.

Also, I'd ordered a bunch of photos from when Eric, Lauren, Dom, C.J., and Mike Connor flew out to Vegas last month for ShoWest, the big theater convention where Penn Jilette was the Master of Ceremonies...and they are awesome! Beautiful 8x10 glossies taken by Image Pro, who does all of the celebrity events. I had to order them on line; they cost a fortune; and are worth every penny! I have a solo shot of Eric on a huge stage with a massive video screen behind him; one of Eric and Dom with a huge shot of Dom on the screen as well; two group shots of the whole band on stage, and an awesome group shot off-stage of all the kids, Paul, and Bob Berney, President of Newmarket Films.

(I'm still smiling over Eric telling me he had dinner at the Palm in Vegas and sat next to Bob Berney and his remark to me was "Mom, I had a $17.00 bowl of spaghetti")

Anyway, I'm not sure what our scanner status is (I don't know if our scanner works with our new computer or not) but trust me, I will find a way to post those pics here somehow. Even if it means a trip to...bleh...Kinkos.

Upcoming Rock School shows: April 23, 2005 at 12:30 p.m. - encore performance of Jesus Christ Superstar at B.B. Kings in NYC; All-Star shows: April 29, 2005 at the Funk Box in Baltimore, Maryland, April 30, 2005 at Harpers Ferry in Boston, MA, and May 1 at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont; as well as the whole spring performance schedule including Eric's last Rock School ensemble show - Led Zep; the final Best Of show for the current graduates which is going to be HUGE at the Electric Factory June 5, and the grand finale blow-out All-Star Pink Floyd show at the TLA August 14 a week after the kids get back from Germany. And of course there's the 12 city east coast tour immediately preceding Germany.

Not to mention the premier of Rock School, The Movie on June 3. Still waiting for news regarding a possible red carpet premier/party in Philadelphia.

In other news...

I sent the newly revised first 100 pages of The Tour to my agent yesterday and am a nervous wreck, but you know, that's all part of the writing thing and I'm a nervous wreck anyway...even crossing a busy street these days gives me a fucking heart attack. I thought one of the perks of being adult was confidence and wisdom. Yeah, right. I feel like I'm rapidly sliding in reverse and headed for a playpen. I just hope I don't have to share mine with Charleton Heston...he plays with real guns.

Julie's feeling much better and is back on a baking binge but luckily made me banana nut bread with soy flour and brown rice syrup and it's like the best healthy dessert I've ever had in my life. Of course I kept slicing away at it all night and even diet food stops being dietic when you eat a whole freaking loaf, but there you have it. I really should go to Overeaters Anonymous, but who the hell has the time. Luckily I'm vain and manage to stop the madness once my jeans stop feeling comfortable...i.e., once I have to flatten myself on the bed to zip them. But I've been walking to and from work now that the icy weather is over and I'm no longer afraid of falling on my head. (See what I mean about being a wreck?) That trek is around 4-5 miles and the way home is all up hill so I'm hoping for some damage control.

Anyway, I think that's it for now. Since I'm currently in limbo waiting to hear about the opening to the new version of The Tour before proceeding further, I've returned to the sequel to Three Days in New York and am trying to get that finished in time for the RT Convention at the end of the month. God. If only I could quit my day job and this house would run itself. My daugther gently reminded me I have to do her FAFSA forms for college, but before I can do that, I need to do my 2004 tax return, and oh my god, that's due in like 10 days. Ask me if I even know where my W2 form is. Arghhh.....