Thursday, April 14, 2005

Just a little Rock School soundtrack gossip re Ian Gillan

Allen Farmello with Ian Gillan

Allen Farmello, who is Ian Gillan's engineer, keeps a daily blog and here's what he had to say about recording Highway Star for the Rock School soundtrack:

Monday, 2-7-05
Met Ian and his mates at Chameleon West's Studio A to track vocals for "Highway Star" for something related to School of Rock, which I thought was fitting for me, since I feels as if I've enterted a a kind of elite academy of rock myself. Ian laid down his vocals in one inspired take, and the doubles were dead on. My first impression: Holy $&!#, this guy can sing! Had fun running long delays on the killer screams that open the tune.


No, Allen, it's not related to "School of Rock", it's "Rock School", but as I keep saying, the rest of the world will know that soon enough.