Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl Part IV - (oh well)

I really thought today's post was going to deal with the big party and parade we'd be having here in Philadelphia in celebration of the Eagles' Super Bowl win yesterday.

Oh well.

Instead I will post a picture of what Julie fed us during the meal - Indonesian chicken - skewers of boneless chicken breast which we dipped in the most incredible sauce I've ever eaten - a Julie Slick invention - coconut, peanuts, ginger, garlic, onion, and other interesting spices.

For dessert we had sliced fruit - these beautiful perfect ruby raspberries, banannas, apples, red pears - that we dipped in another Julie Slick creation - creme fraiche with cinnamon and vanilla.

And then we watched the game and got nauseous.

Well, the one good thing is, I have absolutely no appetite at all today.

Oh, in closing, let me add that much to my surprise, Sir Paul McCartney was awesome at the half time show - probably the best half time concert ever. And this is coming from a woman who has considered Paul and Ringo her least favorite Beatles...I'm the big Lennon and Harrison fan who thinks Paul was never even close to ever being in their league. But last night, his choice of songs, other than Live and Let Die (feh, feh, feh) were amazing and he executed them really well. I don't think he did any lip syncs but my daughter the bassist said no way was he playing that bass while he sang. I'm pretty sure he did really play the piano on Hey Jude and having the audience sing along with the chorus was a nice touch although at one point the camera panned in on this African American kid who looked like "What the fuck? I ain't singing along with this shit."

Hahahaha - I don't like sing-a-longs, either. I always hated, even when I was a teenager attending rock concerts, when bands tried to make the audience participate. Screw that. I just wanted to sit in my seat and enjoy the music, not fucking sing (and trust me, no one wants to hear me sing anyway) or even clap along. I needed my hands free for that beer, smoke, etc. etc.