Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Part III - more pre-game

Gina Randazzo

Gretchen Wilson

The Fox pre-game show continues to freak me out -- it's been non-stop on T.V. like the last 48 hours -- but c'mon, give me a break, I live in Philadelphia and we haven't had a team in the Superbowl in 24 years so I gotta watch it.

I just saw a pre-game performance by a Grammy nominated singer, Gretchen Wilson, and giggled because she looked like a less attractive and sounded like a less talented version of Rock School's former All-Star (now graduated) Gina Randazzo. Gretchen wore tight jeans and even stood like Gina and made Gina gestures. But oh my god, if this chick is nominated for a Grammy, wait until the world gets a load of Gina.

Man, she's gonna be such a star.

In less appetizing news, I also got to see Sir Paul McCartney do a duet with former Pittsburgh Steeler now loud obnoxious fuckwit Fox Announcer Terry Bradshaw. Oh my god, they butchered She Loves You. But worse, and even more embarrasing, was when they showed footage of Paul and Terry doing a duet the last time Paul played the Superbowl - they did A Hard Days Night, and Terry got all dyslexic and sang (loudly:

It's been a hard days night
and I've been working like a log
It's been a hard days night
I should be sleeping like a dog.



Okay, now Clinton and former President Bush and doing some kind of right before the game speech. Oh wait, it's for tsunami relief. Okay. I can deal with that.

Anyway, Julie's about to bring out our next course. All I know is, it's "Indonesian".