Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Some writing stuff

So, I came downstairs at dawn this morning to two great surprises. First, there's an awesome review of Three Days in New York City appearing in today's Blue Iris Journal which has me really thrilled.

Second, and I'm pretty stoked about this, my short story "Dreaming of Flying" has been accepted at Flash Fiction, where it will end up, in the words of its publisher as follows: "If your flash is published here it will also embark upon a journey unlike any your words have before...once permanently imprinted to ceramic coffee mugs your story will be bubble-wrapped and boxed for a trip to perhaps Australia or China, or simply to a cafe on 52nd street in New York. In its new home your flash will bond with a homo sapien - that's right, with a homo, sapien, who will not only read the story on numerous occasions, but will mindfully wash and polish your story so it continues to shine for future drinking's and readings. There will be no tattered pages or dusty bookshelves for your story, although in the environs of some it may sit abandoned in a clumsy sink or dishwasher, awaiting human intervention. And I might as well tell you now, in the hands of some your story may be introduced to a shot of Kuluah in the coffee or perhaps in Russia a toss of vodka and cream with the above. In any case, your flash will maintain its integrity, remain intact for inspiration or entertainment, for the pure joy of reading to experience anthers' take on these journeys we call life. So the call for submissions comes to a conclusion this weekend. The deadline January 31, 2005 looms in the very near distance, like a ring of tawdry Mardi Gras beads in the hands of an overzealous masquerader."

So, that works for me. My story on a coffee cup distributed internationally. I dig that concept, especially as I drink eight cups of the stuff a day. Even better, I get paid for this. It occurs to me that I really can call myself a writer now - I earned enough money in 2004 via my addiction (yep, won some contests, got paid for some short stories, etc.) to have to declare it on my tax return.

Finally, Monkeybicycle lit mag will be running a series of one sentence stories which will be published any day and they took one of mine, only they haven't told me which one, because I sent two, and the editor told me he hadn't decided because he liked them both. Of course I was dying to bug him and say Why not take them both ha ha but I stayed quiet for once so as soon as I find out and it is published, I'll post a link. Or you could keep checking every five minutes via the link above like I do. (yes, yes, it's already been established I'm pathetic)

Anyway, that's the writing news for today. I'm so busy being obnoxious proud Mom I forget sometimes I have an identity of my own. (heh...just kidding. I'm so into being proud obnoxious Mom I may have a t-shirt printed up)