Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Odds and Sods...

So I'm still depressed over this insane world and recent headlines -- who gives a fuck if Paris Hilton's address book is hacked and on the web and what Jesus looked like as a young boy (don't even get me started on that one). Or that Bush was a pothead in college (like we didn't know that - he should start smoking again if you ask me). Anyway, the word is that apparently Hunter Thompson took his life because he couldn't deal with getting old and being in pain.

I can relate.

But luckily, while I agonize over the above as well as my novels and a couple of short stories out there in "should we accept or reject" limbo land, I can live vicariously through my kids. There is a strong rumor that a MAJOR rock star is about to join them on both the soundtrack and in concert but again, I'm sworn to secrecy. All I can tell you is that this is someone I idolized -- have all the CDs/albums/even eight tracks dating back from the seventies...and well, I'd better not say anymore and jinx it. But of course more to follow...

Anyway, the poster above is about some upcoming shows in which my son is performing, and if they're anything like the one in Florida, I cannot wait.

Eric told me it was one of the most awesome shows ever. The sound man at the Broward Center worked for seven years for Pink Floyd among others and he was amazing. The kids opened with a Floyd song - Time - and they all had wireless mics. But of course here's my proud mom moment - they did a verson of the Band's The Weight -- which I have never heard them do; I didn't even know it was in their repertoire; and guess who did the vocals while he played the drums? Damn it! I love the way Eric sings but he rarely does it in concert. He told me he aced the song and had Stevie and Madison singing harmonies with him. They also did a killer version of Almost Cut My Hair and Fil did the vocals.

Another cute story was that Eric was doing the opening riffs to a Devo song and he's the only one on stage. So he keeps drumming, and he's looking around, like, where the hell is everyone? Suddenly, those maniacs - Joey, Mike, and Dan, came running down the aisles with their wireless mics screaming ARE WE NOT MEN? or something like that and the crowd went wild.

I hear the audience clapped and screamed throughout - it was completely sold out; they were all strangers -- no family or friends, and it was an amazing experience. I've of course been scouting all of the Florida newspapers to see if anyone reviewed them, and you know if I find something, I'll post it here.

Why, why, why did I miss what probably would have been my favorite classic rock All-Star show? But Eric tells me there will be more of that at the shows listed above in NJ and NY, so I really can't wait.

He also told me a hilarious story about getting lost in the van with Uber Lord Paul for three hours looking for fun and games in South Beach after the show...nuff said about that.

Another bizarre tale concerns the airport in Atlantic City where they boarded the plane for Florida. When Madison was asked to remove her shoes and she said "Aw, do I have to?", over the loudspeaker came "SHOE REFUSAL, SHOE REFUSAL". Then, when Eric put his duffel bag through the x-ray machine, alarms started ringing because he had his cowbell in it. The security crew removed it, held it up, and said WHAT IS THIS?

Yeah, he plans to bring down the plane and take over the world with a cowbell.

But anyway, Eric told them what it was, and they said "Oh, is this your instrument...you know, what you play?"


So he explained further, even though he really didn't want to, and they started asking the usual lame questions: Oh, you guys are musicians, do you like being musicians, etc. etc.

Get used to it, Eric. The world is stupid and they get even stupider when faced with "celebrities".

In Julie news, she's still really into her band with Teddi, Eric, and Dan -- they had rehearsal here last night and they're just awesome, but before their practice, she made us dinner. Holy cow - fresh tomato soup with cheddar accompanied by a small plate of home made ravioli (!) stuffed with wild mushrooms in a light cream sauce. I thought I was eating in one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. She's amazing! And woo hoo, I get to take the left overs for lunch today.

And yes, as soon as I'm "allowed", I will be posting more news on Julie's band as well as a separate project Eric has with some other Rock School kids - I'm going to have my first listen to the mixed version of their CD tonight. I hear it's incredible, but then again, why wouldn't it be.