Friday, February 04, 2005

Latest gossip...

So, today's news:

(1) If anyone is around the Philadelphia area tonight, try and make it to Indre Studios at 8th and Reed Streets for an awesome Steely Dan tribute. My son on drums; my daughter's boyfriend Matt on bass and for both of them, it's wind down time and their second or third to the last Rock School shows since they are of course both in college now.

(2) The Flash Fiction project which recently accepted my stories Last Supper and Dreaming of Flying for publication is looking better and better. Here's the latest on that: Cafe will feature two styles of coffee mugs : an 11 ounce white and an 11 ounce morph mug. The morph mug is either blue or black when cool, and turns white when hot to reveal the flash fiction story. Writers will receive a $1.00 royalty for each white mug sold and $2.00 royalty for each morph mug sold. The sale prices will be $10.00 and $15.00 (USD) respectively. Customers will be able to pay using Paypal, Visa or by check or money order. The Cafe is in progress, and should open this month. Thank you to everyone who submitted stories. A list of accepted stories will follow here soon.

(You know I'll be posting that link when it's up ha ha and also hawking coffee cups)

(3) A few more very well respected agents have expressed serious interest in my book, The Tour, via e-mail over the last few days. I'm going to be low key about that news for the moment because I don't want to jinx myself.

(4) Go Eagles! I can't believe Philadelphia has a team in the Super Bowl. We're having a party at our house - anyone who wants to come, just let Julie and Eric know because we'll be cooking insane goodies all day (Julie is in charge of the menu and that girl can really come up with some incredible food) and shooting off fireworks afterwards when they win!

But here's how oblivious I am -- I'm riding home in a cab yesterday past LOVE park (a small pretty former skate boarding park in downtown Philly, home of the famous LOVE statue) and I notice that all of the street lights in the park are lit up green with tiny white lights around the posts. I think to myself "Hmm..they're decorating really early for St. Patrick's Day this year, aren't they?"

Oy. I'm not even Irish. And I watch the Eagles every Sunday. (If you don't know from sports, the Eagles wear green). I'm even wearing that stupid Go Green Lance Armstrong rubber band around my wrist for the past couple of weeks for good luck.

So why I didn't put two and two together can only mean one thing: I am focused on my writing! Yay!

(though it's more likely because I still have a horrible head cold...)