Tuesday, January 04, 2005

When feeling bored and depressed I go to Google...

While I wait for them to wake up and upload the pics of Marky Ramone from yesterday, I googled my kids and found these awesome pictures of them in concert:

Here's Julie:

Here's Eric, looking so young I can't believe it - this was only a year and a half ago but what a difference that makes when you are 17 (and you decide to grow your hair really long)

But of course here's how Eric looks now sitting behind the drums - just in concert with Napoleon Murphy Brock, Julie, C.J. on guitar, and Napoleon's friend Steve on keyboards:

Here's one of the crowd watching them perform in adoration and you can see my blonde head in there, in the front middle, next to Ric, the guy in the white hat and yellow press pass around his neck (and that would be C.J.'s dad, Ric, as formally introduced in The Tour archived here)

And here's one of my future son-in-law Matt looking even younger than my son last year though I suppose a year with Julie would age anyone (ha ha)...