Saturday, January 01, 2005

Three Days in New York City

So here's the background on the publisher of Three Days in New York City:

About Phaze

We are a "Traditional Publisher." We select books based on the quality of writing, story entertainment value, and sales potential. We are open to first-time authors, as well as authors who have been previously published and want to put their books back into print. We are extremely selective about the books that we accept for publication. The quality of the story and the entertainment value are paramount! Our current acceptance rate is around 2%

Book Availability, Promotion, and Advertisement

We register your book with Books-in-Print US and Books-in-Print UK, along with registering it with the Library of Congress.

All of Phaze print titles are available through Ingram's, both US and UK. Your print book will appear in Ingram's catalogs, which are distributed to 20,000 bookstores and libraries throughout the US and Canada, and is always available in the Ingram's database.

All of the online booksellers, such as,, B&,, and many more purchase copies for resale through Ingram's. In addition, Baker & Taylor, the largest book wholesaler in the US distributes our print books.

Our print books are being sold at:

Amazon (US)
Amazon (UK)
Amazon (Canada)
Amazon (France)
Amazon (Germany)
Amazon (Japan)
Blackwells (UK)
Barnes & Noble
PickaBook (UK)
Joseph Beth Books
Collins Booksellers (Australia) (Canada)
FictionWise (coming soon)

Our print books are returnable, so they automatically qualify for ordering by any of the thousands of brick-and-mortar bookstores.

Readers can also purchase your print book directly through the Phaze website. We generally discount books purchased directly from us by about 10-20%. We reserve the right to offer any discount on any of our titles.

Phaze is brand new, and I am one of seven authors under contract. When we signed our respective contracts, we granted paperback, hardcover, and e-pub rights. Because Phaze is so new, they've made the decision to release their entire catalogue as e-books at first in hopes of having all titles in print in the near future.

I've had a long strange journey with this book but I'm glad it's reached a resolution and the people at Phaze are great. I'm currently working on the sequel, which is called Another Bite of the Apple but my publisher has already given it the nickname of "Another Bite" which is very cool.

Anyway, they've published the entire first chapter of the book on their website as a tease, and if you are so inclined...